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Are you working with a professional to find and repair hidden leaks in Petaluma? Nationwide, plumbing leaks are a major problem in residential buildings. The problem is actually considerably more widespread than most people realize. More than ten percent of American homes leak in some way, wasting at least ninety gallons of water every day. A contemporary 25-gallon washing machine could wash more than 1,300 loads of clothes with the water that is wasted every year.

Over a trillion gallons of water are wasted annually in the United States as a result of all those leaks—enough water to support eleven million households. How much did those leaks cost? Unfortunately, the EPA puts that number in the billions of dollars, with ensuing yearly costs for remediating water damage reaching the hundreds of millions of dollars. This is why it’s critical to resolve a leak as soon as you notice symptoms by working with a leak detection company with industry experience to pinpoint difficult leaks.

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The knowledgeable and experienced specialists at John Owens Services provide prompt, reasonably priced, and precise leak detection. We do not want the homeowners of our Petaluma clients to be among the high water loss numbers. No one has more advanced equipment, knowledge, or resources than our experienced team of Petaluma leak detection pros when it comes to leak detection in Petaluma, Santa Rosa, and San Rafael.

Our tools and expertise can discover leaks in any toilet pipe or underground sewer and provide a workable remedy without destroying our customers’ floors, walls, ceilings, or any other area where the leak originates. Make an appointment for our professional Petaluma leak detection service over the phone or online to protect your floor, ceiling, and home!

Signs of a Water Leak in a Petaluma, CA, Plumbing System

Water leaks from slab breaches, toilet flappers, and underground pipes can pool on your floor, causing mold development and water damage. Early leak identification in the water system is the best defense against high water bills and water waste. Whether the leak originates from the sewage system or a slab leak, our competent and trustworthy team can locate it and fix it before it causes significant damage.

What are the signs of a plumbing leak?

  • Your water bill has increased unexpectedly
  • Development of mildew and mold or a rotten smell
  • You hear the sound of trickling water even when there isn’t a running faucet.
  • Water buildup in unforeseen areas of your home
  • Moist carpet
  • Moist sections of the garden
  • Low water pressure

Don’t wait to reach out to access a slab leak detection service in Petaluma, California, if you believe or have observed clear indications of a leak in your home. If you do, you could do further harm. If slab leaks are not located and fixed, water may pool around windows, walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces. You can avoid dealing with costly repairs by contacting a plumber with expertise in the field, such as John Owens, who provides homes with excellent leak detection services.

How can leaks be detected?

Tracer gas leak

Tracer gases are used to discover gas leaks. Adding helium to the water is one way to monitor the helium levels outside the house. If high helium should be identified, it will be in the region above a leak. Here’s where the gas leak is located. A hydrogen/nitrogen mixture and a tool called a sniffer test, which employs a handheld probe filled with tracer gas and moved around an area to assess whether the gas concentration is higher than usual, can also be used for this type of leak detection.

Acoustic Sound

Acoustic leak detection services use advanced sensors to find audible gas or liquid leakage signs. An acoustic leak detection device can detect noises made by gas or water escaping from a pressurized system. This kind of leak detection is highly advantageous because it can detect leaks at an extremely early level. Having technology that can detect and assess the sound of a potential leak helps ensure you find any leaks, whether gas or water, before they completely escape your notice. This is because a leak cannot be heard with the human ear.

Water shut-off valve

Installing an automatic water shut-off valve is one way to prevent catastrophic leaks in your home. By monitoring the water flow through your pipes or spotting areas where water collects on the ground, a shut-off valve can locate leaks. If the valve detects uneven movement in the pipes or moisture buildup on the floor, it will shut off the water supply to your home to stop a leak before it gets out of control.

What Can Be Installed To Alert Of Leaks?

Most homes have one of two kinds of leak detection equipment. These two more modern varieties of leak detection systems communicate with smart gadgets to notify you when a leak occurs in your house. In addition to your water supply, you can install a Moen Flo whole-home monitoring system. This keeps an eye on the water flow and cuts it off if it detects prolonged or excessive consumption. Pucks are another item that may be scattered throughout the property. Even with the reduced price, you might need ten or more pucks to protect your house.

Certain insurance companies require a home to have a water shut-off valve or leak detector to insure it. Combining the moisture sensor with the whole-house flow system is also possible. By installing these leak detection systems in your home, you may also save money on insurance.

What’s in Petaluma Plumbing Leak Detection?

We go above and beyond to ensure that every facet of our business satisfies your needs because we understand how crucial it is to provide outstanding customer service and a job well done to earn your pleasure. Our Petaluma, CA, leak detection experts can determine your leaks quickly because we use cutting-edge leak-detecting equipment. Your plumbing system’s pipes may need to undergo an air pressure test in some situations, while fast-acting methods like dye tests may be used in others.

Our Petaluma Plumbing Company Can Perform Water Leak Detection at Any Location in Your Property, Including:

  • Hot water lines/pipes
  • Wall water lines/pipes
  • Slab water lines/pipes
  • Attic lines
  • Faucet & fixture lines

You can rely on our company to locate and assess any gas or water leaks, whether they originate from walls, slabs under your property, leaking toilets, or leaky faucets before they worsen and cause further harm. When you hire us for leak detection, we make sure to live up to your high standards because a precise water leak detection service is essential to the well-being of your plumbing system and your home.

Modern instruments and methods are employed to reach leaks in floors, walls, or under the slab. Before we open a wall or slab to fix a leak, we make sure we have correctly identified the source of the leak. Furthermore, to replicate the original finishes, our service can repaint ceilings, walls, and slabs.

Since 1986, John Owens, a licensed plumber with a locally operated business, has offered Petaluma, California, timely, professional, and effective water and gas leak detection. We can meet your gas and water leak detection needs since our personnel are skilled and educated in various water leak detection and repair techniques.

Among the plumbing leaks our service can identify are:

  • Pipes for radiant heating with concrete leaks
  • Seepage beneath slabs of concrete
  • Leaking yard piping
  • Water supply line leaks

Suspect Water or Gas Leaks in Your Petaluma Home?

Never wait for assistance locating a possible leak, whether it originates from underground pipes or plumbing appliances, by contacting John Owens, the leak detection pros in Petaluma. Our technicians can assist customers in reducing their water expenses and prevent significant property damage. Leaks in water and gas can cause water stains on the ceiling, plumbing issues, and even harmful environmental repercussions. To stop any considerable water damage from occurring, contact the knowledgeable plumbers at our company for leak detection and repair as soon as you see a leak.

Our service can determine the source of any gas or water leak in any area, protecting you from the risk of concealed leaks. We can also handle the situation on your behalf, offering transparent pricing that fits your budget. Reach out to us via phone or our website. You can rely on our knowledgeable leak-detection experts!

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