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Heat Pump Experts in Petaluma

In California, space heating and air conditioning will be provided by heat pumps in the future. Because these electric HVAC systems consume less energy for both heating and cooling, they will eventually replace conventional HVAC systems in residential settings. Although heat pumps use energy to heat the air in your house, they operate more efficiently than natural gas water heaters. The installation of these energy-efficient systems is eligible for tax credits and subsidies from both the federal and Californian governments. You can save costs by taking advantage of the over $10,000 in rebates and incentives available to qualified families for the installation of heat pumps.

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John Owens Services, Inc. is the greatest HVAC contractor in Petaluma, California, and the surrounding region for anything related to setting up, maintaining, fixing, or replacing heat pump installations. We are the contractor to call if you require any type of HVAC service, including upkeep for heat pump water heaters that rely on external compressors. If you require assistance installing or maintaining a heat pump water heater in Petaluma, please get in touch with us right away.

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Heat Pumps – Basics

To put it simply, heat pumps are electrical furnaces that move heat around. To let heat come into or go out of your house, they employ units that are both internal and outdoor—think of them as little splits. These are not new technology; in fact, the gear used in air conditioners and refrigeration units is comparable.

Reversible air conditioners and heat pumps operate similarly. Air source heat pumps provide you with cool interior air throughout the summer by taking heat from the house and releasing it outdoors. It lets heat from the outside air into the house and move through the ducts throughout the winter, heating the outside air and improving the quality of the air within your home. Heat pumps can operate as low as five degrees Fahrenheit.

They serve as water heaters in addition to air conditioning and heating units all in one system. The reverse-refrigerant process used to heat your water is the same as the technology used to create hot or cool air. It causes the water in the tank to warm up.

Heat pumps have two operating modes: heating and cooling. You are in total control of the temperature in your house when you have a dependable Petaluma heat pump! In the summer and winter, you will always have just the perfect amount of hot and cold air, and you will use less energy to heat the air in your home.

Do you have doubts about a heat pump’s compatibility with your home? Make an appointment with John Owens to have a Petaluma HVAC expert come out and provide a free estimate for any service that may be needed.


Heat Pump Installation, Petaluma, CA

We can guarantee a flawless installation for both indoor and outdoor systems, installed just as the manufacturer intended. Every component of your heat pump installation, including the thermostat, valves, and interior coils, will be tested as we proceed. At the conclusion, we will thoroughly test the system. Until we are certain that your Petaluma heat pump installation is going without a hitch, we won’t depart. We’ll show you how to operate and maintain your new unit for many years after we’ve completed the installation and made sure it’s operating correctly.

Heat Pump Repair, Petaluma, CA

To maintain the long-term health of your heating and air conditioning, you must perform annual preventative heat pump maintenance so it does not begin to wear down quickly. In addition to the regular maintenance we offer, your unit can eventually require repairs due to issues with electrical connections, a broken thermostat, or air leaks. If you’re looking for the best heat pump water heater repair service in Marin or Sonoma counties, give the local HVAC company John Owens a call.

Our staff will begin working on your heat pump repairs as soon as you get in touch. We’ll note the problems you’re experiencing with your unit and dispatch a qualified HVAC technician to your home. They will start diagnosing the problem with your system as soon as they get there. They will inspect every component of the machine, from the filters to the compressor, to identify the cause of your problem before trying a top-speed repair. Most water heater repairs can be completed in a single day by our technicians because our trucks are fully stocked!

Heat Pump Replacement, Petaluma, CA

Occasionally, it makes more sense to buy a replacement heat pump rather than attempting to fix an outdated or malfunctioning one. If we determine that this is the best course of action for you, we will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option and give you a free price for a replacement. Installing Mitsubishi, American Standard, and Fujistu brands brings us immense satisfaction. Are there any additional heat pump brands that pique your interest? If you ask our HVAC specialist, we will look for that particular piece of equipment on your behalf.

We’ll make sure you have a brand-new, better appliance that you can rely on for many years to come in the event that you decide to replace your heat pump water heater. We’ll work together to make sure your new heat pump fits your entire HVAC system and that all of the thermostat and valve parts are functioning properly. We will order and install your new unit once you’ve made your decision.

Will my system function during the winter and in the snow?

Because of the mild weather in our climate zone, heat pumps perform incredibly effectively. Although they perform best in warmer climates, they are still highly effective around 37 degrees. It functions better the more heat it can pull out of the surrounding air. Installing a hyper-heat unit can be a good idea if you live somewhere that has a lot of snowfall or extremely cold temperatures. Hyper-heated devices work well in below-freezing temperatures.

Why is my unit emitting smoke or steam?

No worries! The unit is functioning as it should. Heat pumps usually need to enter a defrost cycle when the weather turns colder. Coils often freeze, reducing the usefulness of the apparatus. Steam seems to be smoke as it emerges from the device during this defrost cycle. Defrost cycles occur more frequently in extremely cold or snowy weather.

Why does it take longer for the temperature in my house to rise?

The simplest explanation is that the house cools down when a heat pump leaves the registers. When a heat pump is installed, an incredibly effective electric heating and cooling system that transfers heat is installed. This is not like conventional gas or propane furnaces, which produce heat by burning fuel. In colder weather, the system will take longer to heat the house when using a heat pump since there is less heat to flow. It is advised that you maintain your system at a set temperature and run the heat pump gently because these devices are very efficient.

How often do heat pumps need to be cleaned?

The cleaning frequency for heat pumps depends on several factors, but here’s a general guideline:


General rule: Clean or change filters every month during peak usage seasons (heating or cooling).
More frequent cleaning may be needed:
If you live in a dusty or polluted area.
If you have pets that shed a lot.
If someone in your household smokes.
If you use the heat pump frequently.
Other components:

Deep cleaning: Most manufacturers recommend having a professional clean the coils and other internal components at least once a year.
Visual inspection: Check the unit regularly for any visible dirt, debris, or damage.



The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

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Regular maintenance keeps your home’s systems running well all year long. We’ll help you gain efficiency and save money.



When something breaks down, our team will get to you fast. We’ll find the problem and fix it to get you back to normal.



When it’s time to replace something in your home, we’ll help you get a top quality product that matches your specific needs.
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