Mill Valley Heat Pumps: Heating and Air Conditioning Basics

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Heat pumps are electrical furnaces that transfer heat and improve indoor air quality. They use internal and external components to allow heat to enter or exit your home. These are not new technologies; the refrigeration and air conditioning equipment are similar.

These heating/ventilation systems and reversible air conditioners function similarly. By removing heat from your Mill Valley home and releasing it outside, air-source heat pumps give you cool indoor air all summer. Throughout the winter, it allows heat from the outside air to enter the house through the ducts, heating the outside air and enhancing the air quality within your home. They can heat down to five degrees Fahrenheit.

There are two ways that these heating and air conditioning systems can function: heating and cooling. One system incorporates these two properties. With a trustworthy Mill Valley, CA, heat pump, you have complete control over the temperature in your home! You will always have the ideal hot or cold air temperature in the summer and winter, and heating your home with less energy will save you money year-round.

A mini-split system requires no ductwork to function. These installations deliver the outside heat or cool air into multiple units placed throughout individual rooms in the living space so that you are comfortable year-round in all areas of your home. Mini-splits are often the most affordable option for a system like this. Additionally, they are designed to use less electricity so that you can save a lot on energy costs.

Do you question if a heat pump will work well in your home? Homeowners can schedule a consultation with the HVAC contractors at John Owens Services to have a Mill Valley HVAC technician visit and offer a free quote for any necessary repairs.

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What Types of Heat Pump Are There?

Ducted Systems

Air-source heat pumps with ductwork bring warm air from the outside into your home for heating or the opposite for cooling. They are possible to connect to your home’s existing ductwork.

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems function similarly to ducted heat pumps. However, they use multiple inside units connected to a single external unit to provide warmth and coolness to different rooms around the house.


Air-to-air systems transfer warm air into and out of your house to provide heating and cooling. We work with American Standard and Mitsubishi heat pump brands for this installation.


Radiant floor heating and space heating are two different applications of air-to-water systems. They transform the sun’s energy into water, which may then be used to heat your home through plumbing floor radiators or stored for plumbing fixtures.

Heat Pump Services Mill Valley

Heat pumps will supply space heating and air conditioning in California. These electric HVAC systems will eventually replace conventional ones in residential settings since they utilize less energy for heating and cooling. They are more efficient than natural gas water heaters despite requiring energy to heat the air in your home. The federal government and the state of California offer tax credits and incentives for installing these energy-saving technologies. You can reduce expenses by utilizing the thousands of dollars in rebates and tax advantages offered to eligible families for the installation.

The following websites will take you to some amazing rebates!

The best HVAC contractors in Mill Valley, California, and the surrounding area for installing, repairing, or replacing furnace and air conditioner systems are at John Owens Services, Inc. If you need any kind of HVAC service, including maintenance for heat pump water heaters that depend on external compressors, we are the company you should contact. Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible if you need help installing or servicing your heater/air conditioner system in Mill Valley.

Heat Pump Installation, Mill Valley, CA

We can ensure a faultless installation is performed just as the manufacturer intended for indoor and outdoor systems. As we work, we’ll test every part of your installation, including the thermostat, valves, and inside coils. We will extensively test the system in the end. We won’t leave until we are positive that the installation is completed excellently. After we’ve finished the installation and verified that your new HVAC system is functioning properly, we’ll provide instructions on how to use and care for it for many years.

Heat Pump Repair, Mill Valley, CA

You must execute yearly preventative maintenance to keep your air conditioning and heating system operating at peak efficiency and avoid premature wear and tear. In addition to our routine maintenance and upgrades, it may eventually need repairs because of problems with electrical connections, dirty filters, a faulty thermostat, or air leaks. Give the local HVAC company John Owens Services a call if you’re searching for the best HVAC system repair service in Marin or Sonoma counties.

As soon as you contact us, our staff will start working on repairs. We’ll take note of the issues you’re having with your heating/AC unit and send an HVAC technician who is competent to work on your home. They will diagnose the issue with your system as soon as they arrive. Before attempting a top-speed repair, they will examine every part of the apparatus, from the air filters to the compressor, to determine the root of your issue. Our professional HVAC contractors can finish most repairs in a single day because our vehicles are fully loaded!

Heat Pump Replacement, Mill Valley, CA

Sometimes, purchasing a new unit makes more sense than trying to repair an old or broken one. We will evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each choice and provide you with a free replacement price if we decide this is the best course of action for you. We take great pride in installing American Standard and Mitsubishi brands. Are there any other brands that catch your attention? If you ask, our HVAC technicians will search for that specific piece of equipment on your behalf.

If you decide to replace your heating/AC unit, we’ll ensure you have a brand-new, better replacement appliance that you can rely on for many years. Together, we’ll ensure that your new heat pump fits your whole HVAC system and that all the thermostat and valve components operate as they should.

Homeowners in Mill Valley, California, or the surrounding area, please contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns about the upkeep of your system! Our HVAC firm provides excellent furnace repair services at a reasonable cost. We would love to help you better understand your installation and have it running as you need it to have a reliable solution for your heater and air conditioning service needs and be able to stay warm or cool when needed. Whatever the task, our group can offer the answer.

The HVAC contractors at John Owens Services, Inc. may take care of any heat pump service you need, including installations and routine HVAC maintenance in Mill Valley and the surrounding areas of Santa Rosa and San Rafael. Our mission with our expert services is to equip households with these energy-saving furnace systems so they can save on every energy bill and take advantage of comfortable living environments all year long, regardless of the temperature outside. Make an appointment right away!

Will my system work in the snow and winter?

These heaters work very well because of our climate zone’s mild weather. They work best in warmer areas, but at 37 degrees, they are still very effective. The more heat it can extract from the surrounding air, the better it works. Installing a hyper-heat unit might be smart if you reside in an area with a lot of snowfall or bitterly cold weather. Devices with a high heat output perform well in subfreezing temperatures to improve indoor air quality.

Why does my house's temperature take longer to rise?

The most straightforward explanation is that when heat exits the registers, the home cools down. An extremely efficient electric heating and air conditioning system that transfers heat is installed when a heat pump is installed. This differs from traditional gas or propane furnaces, which generate heat through fuel combustion. When operating in colder weather, the system will take longer to reach room temperature since there is less heat to transfer. These are incredibly efficient devices that work best when run slowly. Thus, it’s recommended that you keep your system running at a certain temperature.

John Owens Services is the heating and AC company to call for any and all HVAC repair, installations, or any other heating and AC services you may need. Don’t wait. Call now for a free estimate and get started with making sure your new, energy-efficiency heating system is the best it can be for your household!

Why is there steam or smoke coming from my unit?

Not to worry! The device is operating as it ought to. When the temperature gets colder, these heaters/air conditioners typically need to go into a defrost cycle. Coils frequently freeze, making the device less functional. When steam comes out of the device during this defrost cycle, it seems to be smoke. Defrost cycles happen more often when it’s freezing outside or snowy.

The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

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