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Heat pumps are electrical furnaces that transfer heat and improve interior air quality. They use internal and external components to allow heat to enter or exit your home. The refrigeration and air conditioning equipment is not brand new. Our Sebastopol, CA, business has been in the heat pump install and repair field for some time.

These devices function similarly to reversible air conditioners. By taking heat from your Sebastopol, CA, home and distributing it outside, air source heat pumps give you cool indoor air all summer. Allowing heat to enter the house from outside through the ducts during the winter enhances the air quality within your house. Their temperature can drop to as low as five degrees Fahrenheit.

There are two conceivable operating modes for these systems: heating and cooling. By combining these two features, a single system is created. If your home has a dependable heat pump in Sebastopol, CA, you can completely regulate the temperature inside it!

A mini-split system functions without the need for ductwork. These installations disperse the outside heat or cool air into multiple units placed throughout the living space’s distinct rooms, ensuring you’re comfortable in every part of your home all year. Usually, a mini-split is the most cost-effective option to install for a system like this one. They are also designed to use less electricity, which translates into substantial energy bill savings.

Are you concerned about whether a heat pump will work well in your Sebastopol, CA, home? Homeowners can contact John Owens to schedule an HVAC technician to visit their property and evaluate what heat pump will be best. They can also receive free estimates for any required repairs. Our business will provide the greatest installation, maintenance, and repair services to every one of our customers at reasonable pricing.

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What Types of Heat Pump Heating/Cooling Systems Are There in Sebastopol, CA?

Ducted Systems

Air-source heat pumps use ductwork to bring warm air from outside into your home for heat, and the opposite is true for cooling. They can be linked to your home’s current duct system.

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems and ductless mini-splits function similarly to ducted heat pumps, but they don’t require ductwork to deliver heat and air conditioning throughout the house. Instead, many indoor units are connected to a single outdoor unit.


Air-to-air systems transfer warm air into and outside your house for heating and cooling. Our company uses the American Standard and Mitsubishi heat pump brands for this kind of heat pump.


Radiant floor heating and space heating are the two primary uses for air-to-water systems. They transform solar energy into water, which can then be stored and used to heat your home via floor radiators or plumbing fixtures as heat pump water heaters.

Sebastopol, CA, Heat Pump HVAC System

Heat pumps will provide space heating and air conditioning in the future. These electric HVAC systems will soon replace traditional ones in residential settings in Sebastopol, CA since they consume less energy. They are more energy-efficient than natural gas heaters, even though they require energy to heat a house. The federal government and the state of California frequently offer tax credits and other incentives to promote replacing older models with this energy-saving equipment. By utilizing the hundreds of dollars in tax breaks and rebates that are provided to eligible households for the installation of heat pump units, you may reduce expenses.

The websites listed below will lead to some fantastic rebates!

John Owens Services, Inc. offers the top HVAC technicians in Sebastopol, CA. We are the business that can call if you require any service. If you need assistance installing or maintaining your Sebastopol, CA, heater/air conditioner, please get in touch with our company immediately. There is always repair assistance available!

Heat Pump Installation, Sebastopol, CA

For both indoor and outdoor systems, our Sebastopol, CA, service takes pride in offering a guarantee of a faultless installation carried out just as the manufacturer intended. Throughout the installation, we will test every part, including the thermostat, valves, and inside coils, and repair and replace whatever needs work. We won’t leave until we’re optimistic the work is completed and your heat pump can operate efficiently. After we’ve finished the installation and ensured your new heat pump is running correctly, we’ll advise you on how to use and maintain it for many years. Our Sebastopol, CA, install business will ensure your new heat pump doesn’t need frequent, costly repairs!

Heat Pump Repair, Sebastopol, CA

Preventive maintenance should be performed annually to keep your system operating at peak efficiency and to avoid premature wear and tear that would require expensive repairs. In addition to the routine maintenance our company provides, a broken thermostat, clogged filters, bad electrical connections, or air leaks may eventually need repairs. You may also need to replace one or multiple parts. Call John Owens Services if you’re looking for the best HVAC repair service in Sebastopol, CA, or Marin or Sonoma counties.

As soon as you contact our dedicated team, repairs will get underway. Providing repair solutions will be the main focus of our service instead of recommending a replacement right away. We’ll record your issues and send a trained HVAC technician to your home in Sebastopol, CA. They will diagnose the problem with your system as soon as they arrive. Before attempting a repair, they will examine every part, from the compressor to the air filters, to determine the issue’s root and repair or replace the parts that are giving your heat pump trouble. Our well-equipped cars enable our knowledgeable HVAC professionals to finish most repairs in a single day at a reasonable price!

Heat Pump Replacement, Sebastopol, CA

Occasionally, replacing it with a new install makes more sense than attempting to repair an old or broken one. Repairing a heat pump can be more expensive than buying a new one. We will assess the benefits and drawbacks of each choice, decide which is best for you, and provide a free replacement quote. Our company takes great pride in installing Mitsubishi and American Standard models. Are you considering any other brands? Our HVAC experts will search for that specific piece of heat pump equipment to replace for you if you request it.

If repair won’t work and you need a replacement heat pump unit, we’ll ensure you have a high-quality replacement appliance you can rely on for many years to come. Our install team will ensure that the new heat pump replacement fits your HVAC system and that the thermostat and valve components operate as intended. We can also replace any singular parts that are faulty.

Because you do not want to have to replace your heat pump before you should have to, preventative maintenance is very important. Things like cleaning the ducts and vents, as well as checking the components before you prepare to run your unit a lot after a period of non-use, are very important to maintaining your Sebastopol, CA, system so you do not have to replace anything prematurely.

If you own a house in Sebastopol, CA, or the surrounding area, such as San Rafael or Santa Rosa, CA, please get in touch with our service with any additional questions or concerns regarding system upkeep! Our HVAC company provides reasonable prices for excellent installation, replacement, and repair services. We would be happy to help you better grasp your installation and have it functioning as needed to guarantee a dependable answer to your heater and air conditioning service demands. Our installation service in Sebastopol, CA, can resolve any issue and provide warmth in your house during the winter.

The HVAC technicians at John Owens Services, Inc. may handle any heat pump repair job you require and install and do routine HVAC maintenance in Sebastopol, CA, and the neighboring San Rafael and Santa Rosa, CA. Our company aims to offer these energy-efficient furnace systems to customers through our expert service so they may save money on their energy bills and have comfortable living conditions year-round, regardless of the weather. Our company has you covered when it comes to energy efficiency!

Will heat pumps work in the snow and winter?

These heaters work well because of how warm our climate zone is. They work well in warmer areas, although they will be most effective at 37 degrees. The more heat it can take from the surrounding air, the better it works. If you live somewhere with a lot of snowfall or frigid temperatures, installing a hyper-heat unit can be wise. High heat output devices are an efficient way to improve indoor air quality in below-freezing temperatures.

Why is there steam or smoke coming from my unit?

Don’t worry! The device is in good working order and doesn’t require you to repair or replace anything. When the temperature turns more extraordinary, these heaters must go into a defrost cycle. Coils that freeze frequently lose some of their functionality. The device is producing what seems to be smoke-colored steam during this defrost cycle. Defrost cycles happen more often when it’s freezing outside or snowy.

Why does my house's temperature take longer to rise?

The simplest explanation is that heat escapes through the registers as a part of the process, causing the home to chill. An efficient electric system that transfers heat is used when a heat pump is installed. This differs from traditional gas or propane furnaces, which generate heat through fuel combustion. The system will take longer to bring the home’s temperature down to room temperature in colder months since there is less heat to transfer. These are incredibly efficient devices, and since they work best when operated slowly, you should keep your system at a specified temperature. However, a slow warm-up time does not necessarily mean you need to repair or replace your unit.

The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

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Regular maintenance keeps your home’s systems running well all year long. We’ll help you gain efficiency and save money.



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