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Are you looking for a San Rafael leak detector? In homes across the nation, plumbing leaks are a major problem. The problem is, in actuality, far more widespread than most people realize. Approximately 10% of American homes have a plumbing leak of some kind that wastes at least 90 gallons of water each day. That adds up to enough water in a year to fill a modern 25-gallon washing machine with more than 1,300 loads of laundry. Over one trillion gallons of water are sadly wasted annually as a result of all those plumbing leaks across the nation—enough water to supply 11 million households. How much does that leak cost? Unfortunately, the EPA calculates that number to be in the billions of dollars, with hundreds of millions of dollars in water damage repair costs annually as a result. For this reason, hiring a professional leak detector is essential to averting costly future repair bills.

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John Owens Services, Inc. provides quick, reasonably priced, and precise water leak detection in San Rafael, CA, to ensure we locate and resolve your hidden problems correctly and promptly because we do not want your home to be included in these statistics. Nobody has more advanced tools, equipment, or thorough training than our San Rafael leak detection specialists in Santa Rosa and San Rafael plumbing leak detection. Our plumbers are fully equipped. We make it our mission to stop your leak by locating it quickly and creating a fast and effective plan for solving the problem with as little impact on your home as possible once we have explained the situation. Contact us by phone or message us through our online form to access our professional water leak detection in San Rafael!

Signs Of A Leak

You do not always realize there is a plumbing issue because most plumbing water leaks start small. However, there are some signs that you should never ignore. The best defense against water damage and excessive water bills is the early detection of a water leak in the system.

What Are The Signs Of A Plumbing Leak?

  • An unexplainable surge in your water bill
  • Mold and mildew growth or the smell of mold
  • The sound of trickling water, even when there’s no running faucet
  • Pooling water in unexpected areas of your property
  • Damp carpet
  • Soggy spots in the yard
  • Low water pressure

Do not wait to contact a San Rafael, California, water leak detection specialist if you see clear indications of a leak or suspect you may have more damage than you already have. If left unchecked, water from a leak can pool around your floors, walls, windows, and more. Contacting a plumber like John Owens Services, who provides excellent leak detection for homeowners, can help you avoid undertaking a significant and costly repair job.

How can leaks be detected?

Tracer gas leak

Gas leaks can be located using tracer gases. One way to monitor the helium levels outside the home is to add helium to the water. Any regions above a leak will indicate that high helium is detected. This shows where the gas leak is. This kind of leak detection can also be accomplished with a hydrogen/nitrogen mixture and a device known as a sniffer test, which is a job that uses a handheld probe filled with tracer gas and moved around an area to determine whether the concentration of the gas is higher than usual.

Acoustic Sound

Utilizing sophisticated sensors, acoustic leak detection services seek to identify aural indicators of liquid or gas leaks. When gas or water escapes from a pressured system, acoustic leak detection equipment will produce a noise that can be heard. This type of leak detection is quite advantageous since it can find a leak very early. Since a leak cannot be heard by human hearing, having equipment that can identify and evaluate the sound of a possible leak helps ensure that you discover any leaks, whether they be gas or water, before they fully escape your knowledge.

Water shut-off valve

Installing an automatic water shut-off valve in your house can help ensure that no disastrous leaks occur. A shut-off valve can identify leaks by monitoring the water flow through your pipes or by detecting any instances in which water begins to pool on the ground. The valve will cut off the water supply to your home to stop a leak before it gets out of control if there is uneven movement in the pipes or moisture accumulates on the floor.

Where Do Leaks Commonly Occur In Homes?

Leaks can occur anywhere along the water line in the home. Places like bathrooms and kitchens are more likely to have a leak in your home. Hose bibs, dishwashers, faucets, and laundry machines can also be common culprits. Allowing these units to leak can cause massive damage to the house. For instance, if a bathroom toilet upstairs leaks into the first floor, you can typically see signs of leakage on the wall when looking at the ceiling on the first floor.

What Can Be Installed To Alert Of Leaks?

One of two types of leak-detecting devices is present in most homes. Both of these more contemporary kinds of leak-detecting systems connect to smart devices to alert you when there is a leak in your home. You can install a Moen Flo whole-home monitoring system and your water supply. This monitors water flow and turns it off if it notices prolonged, excessive use. Another thing that can be strewn all over the house is pucks. Despite the lower cost, it might require ten or more pucks to defend your home thoroughly.

A home must have a leak detector or a water shut-off valve to be insured by certain insurance carriers. The whole-house flow system and the moisture sensor can also be combined. Installing these leak detection systems in your house might also save your insurance provider money.

What's In Leak Detection Plumbing Services?

Leak detection leader John Owens Services, Inc. did not accidentally become that way. We ensure every facet of our business meets your expectations because maintaining your satisfaction depends on quality work and excellent customer service. Our San Rafael, CA, water leak detection experts use sophisticated leak detection technology to locate your leaks quickly. In some cases, this may be an air pressure test in your plumbing lines, while in others, we may use other techniques like dye tests that yield fast results. Our mission is to find your leak quickly so we can fix it quickly and prevent your property and wallet from suffering from wasted water.

What Causes Leaks?

There can be multiple factors that lead to pipes leaking in your home. This can be wear and tear over time, like cracks and corrosion. If there is too much pressure buildup in the line, it could cause it to burst into a leak. Frozen pipes can also cause a pipe to expand and create a leak. There could also be a bad connection with the brazing or the press of your copper fittings in the water line.

Breaks in your irrigation lines or hose bib can also cause a constant drip. Toilets with leaky flappers are another common culprit in the home. Nationally, homes can waste up to 1 trillion gallons of water annually. Do your part and repair the leaks in the house.

We Can Perform Leak Detection Anywhere In Your Home

  • Hot water lines
  • Wall water lines
  • Slab water lines
  • Attic lines
  • Faucet & fixture lines

You can rely on us to locate any leak or pipe, whether it is in your walls, your faucet, your toilet, or the slab under your house, before it gets worse and causes serious damage. We make every effort to ensure that, when you call us for your service, we live up to your high standards because a precise leak detection service is essential to the wellbeing of your plumbing system and your property overall.

To find pipe leaks underground, beneath the slab, or in the walls and floors, we employ cutting-edge tools and methods. Until we are certain that we have located the leak precisely, we will not open a wall or slab. In addition, we are able to restore the original paint finish to walls, slabs, and ceilings.

Since 1986, San Rafael, California, and the whole of Marin and Sonoma counties have benefited from the prompt, professional, and efficient plumbing services offered by John Owens Services, Inc. We are knowledgeable and well-trained to handle your needs.

Some of the leaks we can accurately detect include:

  • Radiant heating piping leaks in concrete
  • Under-concrete slab leaks
  • Leaking yard piping
  • Water line leaks

Suspect You Have Pipe Leaks Or Other Plumbing Leaks?

If you are looking for leak detection in San Rafael, call John Owens Services right now for prompt, expert service on every project—do not wait around. We are leak detection pros!

Calling our business can also help you locate leaks in your gas system. Though a small leak can have significant health effects on your home, gas lines do not carry liquid, and gas does not physically show signs of damage.

To ensure your safety and that of your loved ones, our team can assist you in locating and fixing any gas leaks. You should contact us for any leak detection needs in your home. We are the experts in our field. We are optimistic that our plumbers can pinpoint the cause of every leak in every location and work to resolve the problem so that you don’t become stuck in a pattern of costly repairs on your property.

The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

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