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Petaluma Boiler Services

It can be hard to find a home services company with people on staff who specialize in boilers. After all, these aren’t as common as they used to be and so some companies choose not to work on them. 

At John Owens Services, Inc, though, we believe that every customer deserves to have heat in the winter. We have boiler experts as part of our home heating staff and they would love to help you out!

Boiler Repair

When you need boiler repair in Petaluma, call us at John Owens Services, Inc. We’ll have an expert in boiler service out to you as soon as possible. Your expert will talk to you about what you’re experiencing with your boiler, then get to work assessing your system, diagnosing the problem, and fixing it so you can have the heat you need once again. 

We’ll do our best to communicate with you throughout the boiler repair process. We’ll let you know how the work is progressing, what needs to be done next and, if we have to order parts, when you can plan on seeing us again. We want you to feel perfectly comfortable having our staff in your home and doing your boiler repair in Petaluma. 

Boiler Installation

When it’s time to install a boiler, we’ll be there for you. Our boiler installation services are comprehensive, so we won’t hesitate to put in whatever boiler you want. We’ll always do the job according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and we are familiar with units from many different manufacturers. 

We test every boiler installation before we go so you can be sure that things are working. You’re welcome to test it, too, since you’re the one who has to use it!

Boiler Replacement

When you need a boiler replacement, we’ll make sure you get the right one for you. We’ll talk to you about whether you’ve been satisfied with your current boiler, what options are important to you in boilers, and more. When we’re done, we’ll recommend units we trust that come from manufacturers we know you can rely on. Choose your boiler replacement and we’ll help you get it ordered and installed, too. 

Boiler Maintenance

The final boiler service we offer is boiler maintenance. When you check periodically to make sure your boiler is in good working order, you’re more likely to catch problems before they become huge issues. 

Call us for regular boiler maintenance. We’ll inspect the system and test it out, then let you know what we find. If you need a boiler repair to keep it running well, we’ll arrange to get that done at a time that’s convenient for you. 

Stop worrying about your home heating repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance. Just call us at John Owens Services, Inc to start the process of getting you and your family the heat you need. We’ll work with you to make sure we get your boiler running the way you need it to so you can sit back and enjoy life this winter. 

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