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A heat pump is an electric furnace that increases indoor air quality while transferring heat. These appliances work like reversible air conditioning. Air source heat pumps provide pleasant interior air throughout the summer by removing heat from your house and transferring it outdoors. They can then allow outdoor heat to enter through the ducts throughout the winter.

These HVAC systems can operate in one of two ways: heating or cooling. These two characteristics are combined to form a single heating and air conditioning system. Your home’s interior temperature can be controlled with a dependable heat pump system!

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What Types of Heat Pump Heater/Air Conditioner Systems Are There?


For heating, air-source heat pumps use ductwork to carry warm air from the outside into your house; the opposite is true for cooling. They can be connected to the existing duct system in your house for heating and air conditioning.


Similar to ducted heat pumps, ductless systems and ductless mini-splits provide heat and air conditioning throughout the house without the need for ductwork. Rather, a single outdoor heating/AC unit is connected to numerous internal units.


Warm air can be moved into and out of your home via air-to-air systems for both heating and cooling with this HVAC system. For this type of heat pump, our service uses the American Standard and Mitsubishi brands.


Air-to-water systems are used mostly for room heating and radiant floor heating. They convert solar energy into water, which can then be stored and used as a heat pump water heater system in plumbing fixtures or floor radiators to heat your house.

San Anselmo, CA, Heat Pump Heating and Air Conditioning System

Due to their lower energy consumption, these electric heating and cooling systems will soon take the place of conventional HVAC systems in residential San Anselmo and the surrounding area in Marin County. Even though they need energy to heat a house, they are more energy-efficient than a natural gas furnace and can save a ton on energy costs. In order to encourage the replacement of outdated models with this energy-saving equipment, the federal government and the state of California often grant tax credits and other incentives. You may save money by taking advantage of the hundreds of dollars in tax incentives and rebates available to qualified families for heat pump installations.

The following websites will lead you to some incredible rebates!

In San Anselmo and the surrounding area, John Owens Services, Inc. provides the best HVAC specialists. If you need any kind of professional service, you should contact our plumbing and HVAC install company, especially if you need help installing or maintaining your cost-effective heater/air conditioner in San Anselmo, CA. Help with heating and AC repairs is always accessible!

Heat Pump Installation Services, San Anselmo

Our San Anselmo business takes pleasure in providing a guarantee of a flawless heat pump installation done exactly as the manufacturer intended. Our team of technicians will test every component during all installations, and we won’t depart until we are certain that the job is finished and your heat pump is able to function at peak efficiency, from the coils to the thermostat. We’ll provide you with tips on how to use and care for your new heat pump for many years to come after we’ve completed the installation and made sure it’s operating properly. Our professional installation company will make sure that your new heat pump runs efficiently and doesn’t require expensive, regular repairs.

Heat Pump Repair Services, San Anselmo

The moment you schedule our service, repairs will begin. Our assistance will be centered on offering heat pump repair solutions rather than immediately suggesting a replacement. We’ll note the common issues you’re experiencing and dispatch a qualified HVAC specialist to your San Anselmo residence. We will start diagnosing the problem with your HVAC system as soon as we get there. Our team of experienced technicians can complete most HVAC maintenance and repairs in a single day, thanks to our well-equipped vehicles!

Will heat pumps work in the snow and winter?

The fact that our climate zone is so warm makes these heating and air conditioning units function well. This system can perform best at 37 degrees, although it also functions well in warmer climates. It functions better the more heat it can absorb from the surrounding air. Installing a hyper-heat unit can be a smart move if you live in a place with a lot of snowfall or extremely cold temperatures. High-heat output devices are a great technique to enhance the quality of your indoor air in below-freezing temperatures.

Why is there steam or smoke coming from my unit?

There are no parts that need to be replaced or repaired because the gadget is in good operating order. These heating and air conditioning units usually need to enter a defrost cycle when the weather gets colder. Freezing coils often lose some of their functionality. During this defrost cycle, the gadget appears to be emitting steam with a smoke-colored hue. Defrost cycles occur more frequently in extremely cold or snowy weather.

Why does my house's temperature take longer to rise?

Heat escapes through the registers during the procedure, which cools the house. Installing a heat pump takes advantage of an effective electric heat transfer technology. In colder months, there is less heat to transfer; therefore, it will take the system longer to cool the house to room temperature. These are very efficient devices, and you should be able to maintain a specific temperature for your HVAC system because they operate best when run slowly. A sluggish warm-up time does not always indicate that your device needs repair services.

The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

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