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Heat pumps are electrical machines that transport heated air in their most basic form. They use outdoor and indoor units to get airflow inside your home. These are not novel technologies; most air conditioners and refrigeration machines employ comparable parts. Similar to reversible refrigerators, heat pumps function.

During the summer, air-source heat pumps extract warmth from the house and release it outdoors, giving you cool air inside. They also transfer heat from the outside air to the home’s interior throughout the winter. Heat pumps have a five-degree Fahrenheit operating range.

Heat pumps have two operating modes: heating and cooling. With an effective Santa Rosa heat pump system, you can control every aspect of the climate in your home! You will always have the right amount of hot and cool air during the summer and winter.

Do you have other issues regarding a heat pump’s compatibility with your home’s electrical system? Call John Owens Services Inc. to make an appointment for a Santa Rosa HVAC specialist to visit your home and provide free estimates for potential upgrades.

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What Types of Heat Pump Are There?

Ducted Systems

Air-source heat pumps with ductwork transfer hot air outside to the inside or outside of your home for cooling. They can connect to the ductwork already installed in your home.

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems work similarly to ducted heat pumps but with one outdoor unit connected to individual indoor units that can provide heating and cooling to different rooms in the home.


Air-to-air heating and cooling systems can move hot air inside or outside your home to provide heating or cooling. Among the brands of heat pumps we work with for this type of system are Mitsubishi and American Standard.


Air-to-water systems can be used for radiant heating on floors and space heating. They transfer the heat from outside into water that can warm your home through the radiators on your floor or store hot water for use in plumbing fixtures.

Heat Pump Services In Santa Rosa

In California, heat pumps are the way of the future for air conditioning and heating. These devices will replace conventional furnaces and air conditioners in Sonoma County and Marin County. Residential HVAC systems are switching to electric ones as fossil fuels become less abundant. Santa Rosa heat pumps are significantly more efficient than natural gas ones.

For installing a new heat pump, qualifying homes can get thousands of dollars in rebates and incentives from California and the federal government, which will help you save money on a new installation. All rebates and incentives can be applied for or assisted with by the committed personnel at John Owens Services.

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John Owens Services, Inc. is the most excellent HVAC provider in Santa Rosa and San Rafael for heat pump installation, replacement, or preventative maintenance. For assistance with heating pump installation or repair in Marin County, call us now.

Heat Pump Installation, Santa Rosa, CA

We take great pride in our meticulous heat pump installation process. We can guarantee that your new heat pump in Santa Rosa is installed just as the manufacturer intended for indoor and outdoor units. As we work, we will test every component of your heat pump install; at the conclusion, we will perform a comprehensive test of the entire system, including the thermostat, every valve, and the indoor coil. Following installation and verification of appropriate operation, we will demonstrate how to operate your new system and the best ways to maintain its cleanliness and long-term efficiency.

Heat Pump Repair Service, Santa Rosa, CA

Annual preventative maintenance is vital to maintaining the long-term health of the unit. Eventually, it may need repairs in addition to our routine maintenance. This could be from faulty coils, a broken thermostat, or air leaks.

The moment you call our office for assistance, your Santa Rosa, California, heat pump repair begins. We note the problems and dispatch a qualified specialist to your house. The specialist will diagnose the problem with your heating and cooling system as soon as they arrive. They will test every component until they identify the source of your problem. Our professionals can fix most issues in the same visit thanks to our fully stocked vehicles!

Heat Pump Replacement, Santa Rosa, CA

Occasionally, replacing a heat pump with a new install is a better option than attempting to fix outdated or malfunctioning equipment. We will give you estimates for heat pump replacement along with the benefits and drawbacks of each option if we determine that replacing is the best course of action for you. We take great pride in installing and maintaining Mitsubishi heat pump systems as Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers. Are you interested in any other brands? Our service can see if we can obtain that particular equipment for you.

If replacement is the best course of action, our service will ensure you receive a brand-new, high-quality heat pump that you can depend on for many years. Before we leave, we check that the thermostat and every valve or part in your HVAC system are operating correctly.

The heating experts at John Owens Services, Inc. can handle any service you require, whether it’s an installation, routine maintenance, or anything else. We’ll ensure your house is never too hot or cold throughout the year. Today, replace your outdated air conditioner and furnace!

Will my system work in snow and cold weather?

In our climate zone, heat pumps work very well because we have a pretty mild climate with few extreme temperatures. They work most efficiently when operating in warmer weather, but they are 100% efficient down to 37 degrees. The more warmth it can extract from the surrounding air, the more efficiently it operates. If you are in a region that has snow or extremely cold weather, look into installing a hyper-heat unit. Hyper-heat units are efficient in single-digit weather.

Why is this steam or smoke coming off of my unit?

Do not worry! This is normal behavior for the unit. Typically, when the weather gets colder, heat pumps have to go into a defrost cycle. Coils tend to frost up, causing the unit to lose efficiency. This defrost cycle creates steam that rises from the unit and can be mistaken for smoke. Defrost cycles happen more frequently in snowy or extremely cold weather.

Why does my house take longer to reach the desired temperature?

The short answer is that a heat pump does not have as hot a temperature when leaving the registers in the home. When you install a heat pump, you are installing a high-efficiency electric heating and cooling unit that moves heat from one place to another. This differs from standard gas or propane furnaces, which burn fuel to create heat. With a heat pump, the colder the weather, the longer the system will take to warm the home because there is less heat to transfer. Since these units are highly efficient, keeping your system at a set temperature is recommended and letting the heat pump maintain a low and slow pace.

The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

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Regular maintenance keeps your home’s systems running well all year long. We’ll help you gain efficiency and save money.



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