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Plumbing leaks are a big issue in residential buildings around the country. Over ten percent of American homes leak in some way, wasting at least ninety gallons of water daily. With the water wasted annually, a modern 25-gallon washing machine could do more than 1,300 loads of laundry.

Because of this, over a trillion gallons of water—enough to sustain eleven million households—are wasted each year in the United States. What was the cost of those water leaks? Regretfully, the EPA estimates that figure to be in the billions of dollars, with cleanup expenses for water damage annually reaching hundreds of millions. For this reason, it’s essential to deal with a plumbing leak as soon as symptoms appear by collaborating with a reliable leak detection business in Mill Valley, CA, and Marin County to identify complex problems.

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The skilled and experienced local plumbing experts at John Owens Services offer precise, timely, and cost-effective leak detection in Mill Valley, CA, with upfront pricing. Our goal is for our Mill Valley clients’ houses to be excluded from the high percentage of costly water loss. Our team of leak detection professionals in Mill Valley, Santa Rosa, and San Rafael possesses the most sophisticated equipment, expertise, and tools in our industry for leak inspection.

With our tools and knowledge, we can pinpoint hidden leaks in any underground sewer or toilet line and find a remedy that won’t require homeowners to deal with damage to their floors, ceilings, or any other area where the leak is coming from. To schedule our professional Mill Valley leak detection services and protect your floor, roof, and home from damage, contact us by phone or online with your request and even get a free estimate!

Signs of a Water Leak in Mill Valley, CA, Plumbing Systems

A slab leak or leaky pipe might collect on your walls or floorboards, causing mildew to grow and water damage. Leaks can come from places like sewer systems and can be challenging to locate immediately after they have caused significant damage. Early leak identification in the water system is the best defense against high water bills and waste. Our competent and trustworthy local plumbing personnel can locate water leaks, whether water heater leaks, slab leaks, or sewer leaks, and fix them accurately before they cause significant harm.

What are the signs of a plumbing leak?

  • Unexpectedly, your water bill has increased.
  • Mold and mildew growth or an unpleasant smell
  • You might hear the sound of trickling water even if there isn’t a running faucet.
  • Water buildup in unforeseen areas of your house
  • Moist carpet
  • Sections of the garden with moisture
  • Low water pressure

If you think you have a leak or have seen obvious signs of one, don’t wait to call Mill Valley, California, slab leak detection services; waiting could put you at risk of doing more damage. Water may pool around windows, walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces if a leak is not found and remedied. Speak with an experienced plumber, like John Owens, who offers homeowners high-quality leak detection services at competitive prices to prevent expensive repairs.

What’s in Slab Leak Detection?

Our company knows how vital it is to deliver exceptional customer service and a job well done to earn your delight; therefore, we go above and beyond to guarantee that every aspect of our business meets your demands. With the cutting-edge equipment our business possesses, such as radiant and thermal imaging cameras, our Mill Valley, CA, leak detection and repair plumbers can locate the source of your leak rapidly. In certain circumstances, the pipes in your plumbing system might need to be tested for air pressure, while in other scenarios, quick fixes like dye tests might be necessary.

Our Local Plumbing Company Can Perform Water Leak Detection at Any Location, Including:

  • Hot water lines
  • Wall water lines
  • Slab water lines
  • Attic lines
  • Faucet & fixture lines

No matter where the leak is, how big or small, or whether it comes from a slab leak beneath your house, dripping toilets, or dripping faucets, you can count on our leak detection in Mill Valley to find and evaluate it before it worsens and does more damage. Because a precise water leak detection service is critical to the health of your plumbing system and your property, our business ensures to live up to your high requirements when you engage us for leak detection and repair. Building customer relationships and giving every client a great experience with our service is the foundation of our success!

Contemporary tools and techniques are used to detect any pipe or slab leak. Our company ensures that the leak source has been accurately identified before breaking through a wall or slab to repair a leak or install a new appliance. Additionally, our maintenance services can repaint walls, slabs, and ceilings to match the original finishes at the best pricing that works for you.

Along with our other outstanding services, such as drain cleaning and water heater repair, licensed plumber John Owens has been providing water leak detection in Sonoma and Marin County with prompt, efficient, and professional service since 1986. Because our staff members are knowledgeable and experienced in various water leak detection and repair methods, our business is equipped to handle any leak detection job.

Regular maintenance of your plumbing fixtures is the foundation for preventing system leaks. We always value maintenance and repair over replacement, so we will always try to find the best solutions for repairing and maintaining your current appliances rather than installing new ones. But when the problem does require a new piece of plumbing equipment, we offer flawless new installations at reasonable pricing. You can get a free estimate by calling or sending us a message through our online form right now!

Among the plumbing leaks our service can identify are:

  • Pipes for radiant heating with concrete leaks
  • Seepage beneath slabs of concrete
  • The leaking yard piping
  • The water supply line has leaks

Suspect Water or Gas Leaks in Your Home?

Never wait to fix a potential leak, whether from plumbing appliances, underground pipelines, or drains. Contact Mill Valley’s leak detection and repair plumber, John Owens, to stay informed about the source of any leaks in your house. With our professional detection and repairs, our company can help clients save money on their water bills and avoid severe damage to their property. Water leaking in your home can result in plumbing problems, hazardous environmental effects, and even water stains on the ceiling. Call the plumbers at John Owens for leak detection and repair as soon as you notice a leak to avoid severe water damage.

John Owens uses helium leak detection services to detect gas leaks. One method to keep an eye on the helium levels outside the house is to add helium to the water. Any area above the leak will show a high helium detection level. The location of the gas leak is therefore located.

At a reasonable cost for each project, our service team can locate the source of any gas or water leak in any location, shielding you from the possibility of hidden leaks. Contact us on our website or by phone to schedule our expert inspections of your systems to find and stop any leaks from your drains, water heater, sewer pipes, or anywhere else. You can trust our experienced Mill Valley leak detection professionals to have you covered!

Suspect you have a plumbing leak?

There’s no time to waste: contact John Owens Services for quality service today.

We can also help you by locating leaks in your gas system. Gas lines don’t carry liquid; likewise, gas doesn’t leave physical signs of damage, yet a small leak can have severe consequences for your home. If you have a gas leak, our team can help you locate it and get it fixed to keep you and your loved ones protected.

The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

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