Kentfield Heat Pumps: Heating and Air Conditioning Basics

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Heat pumps are electrical furnaces that increase indoor air quality and transmit heat. They use both external and internal components to let heat come into or leave your house. The equipment used for air conditioning and refrigeration is not new. Heat pumps are also a specialty of our heating and cooling service.

Reversible air conditioners and these heating/ventilation systems operate similarly. Air source heat pumps provide cool interior air throughout the summer by extracting heat from your Kentfield house and transferring it outside. In the winter, they improve the quality of the air in your home by allowing heat from outdoors to enter the house through the ducts. They can get as low as five degrees Fahrenheit in temperature.

These air conditioning and heating systems have two possible modes of operation: cooling and heating. These two characteristics are combined into one system. You have complete control over the temperature in your house when you have a reliable heat pump in Kentfield, California!

A mini-split system doesn’t require ducting for the heating and AC process. These installations ensure you are comfortable in every part of your house year-round by distributing the outside heat or cool air into numerous units in the living space’s separate rooms. The most economical choice for a system such as this is often a mini-split. They are also made to consume less electricity, which means you can save significant money on energy bills.

Do you wonder if your house is a good fit for a heat pump? Homeowners may contact John Owens to arrange for a Kentfield HVAC specialist to visit their home and get a free estimate for any necessary repair services. We supply all our customers with the best repair, installation, and maintenance service.

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What Types of Heat Pump Are There?

Ducted Systems

Warm air from outside is brought into your home for heating with air-source heat pumps using ducting; the opposite is true for cooling. They can be connected to the existing ductwork in your house.

Ductless Systems

Similar to ducted heat pumps, ductless systems use several inside units coupled to one exterior unit to distribute heat and air conditioning throughout the house, though without the use of ducts.


Warm air is moved into and out of your home via air-to-air systems for both heating and cooling. Our service uses the American Standard and Mitsubishi heat pump brands for this type of installation.


Air-to-water systems are usually used for two primary purposes: radiant floor heating and space heating. They convert solar energy into water, which can subsequently be saved for use in plumbing fittings as heat pump water heaters or utilized to heat your house via floor radiators.

Heat Pump Services Kentfield

California will get AC and space heating from heat pumps in the future. Since these electric systems use less energy for heating and cooling processes, they will eventually replace conventional HVAC systems in residential settings. Even though they need energy to heat your home, they are more efficient than natural gas heaters. Tax credits and other incentives are often provided by the federal government and the state of California to encourage these energy-saving devices. You can cut costs by taking advantage of the hundreds of dollars in tax benefits and rebates available to qualified families to install heat pumps.

The following websites will take you to some fantastic rebates!

John Owens Services, Inc. offers the top HVAC technicians in Kentfield, California, and the surrounding region to install, maintain, or replace furnace and air conditioning systems. We are the organization that can call if you require any service. If you need assistance installing or maintaining your Kentfield heater/air conditioner, please get in touch with us immediately. There is always repair assistance available!

Heat Pump Installation, Kentfield, CA

Our service takes pride in guaranteeing a flawless installation precisely as the manufacturer intended for indoor and outdoor systems. We will test every component through the installation process, including the interior coils, valves, and thermostat. Until we are confident that the job is finished to the highest standard, we won’t depart. We’ll provide you with instructions on how to operate and maintain your new unit for many years after we’ve completed the installation job and ensured it’s operating correctly. We will provide frequent and expensive repairs on your new heat pump!

Heat Pump Repair, Kentfield, CA

Annual preventive maintenance is necessary to maintain the optimal performance of your heating and air conditioning and to stave off premature wear and tear that will cost a significant amount to repair. A malfunctioning thermostat, filthy filters, electrical connection issues, or air leaks could eventually require repairs in addition to our standard upkeep and enhancements. If you want the best HVAC repair service in Marin County or Sonoma County, call John Owens Services.

Our team will begin to work on repairs as soon as you get in touch. Our service will focus on giving repair solutions rather than replacing them immediately. We’ll take note of the problems you’re experiencing with your air conditioning and heating and dispatch a qualified HVAC specialist to your house. They will start diagnosing the problem with your system as soon as they arrive. They will inspect every component, from the air filters to the compressor, before trying a top-speed repair to identify the source of your problem. Our fully stocked vehicles allow our skilled HVAC experts to complete most repair services daily!

Heat Pump Replacement, Kentfield, CA

Sometimes, buying a new device makes more sense than attempting to fix an outdated or malfunctioning one. Repair can often be more costly than installing a new heat pump. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each option, we will determine which is ideal for you and provide a free replacement estimate. Installing Mitsubishi and American Standard models makes us very proud. Do you have any interest in any other brands? If you ask, our HVAC specialists will look for that particular piece of equipment on your behalf.

We’ll ensure that you have a superior replacement appliance that you can rely on for many years to come if you decide to replace your heating/AC unit. Our service will also ensure that your new heat pump fits your HVAC system and that all of the valve and thermostat parts are functioning properly.

If you are a homeowner in Kentfield, CA, or the nearby region, please get in touch with us with any more queries or worries about system maintenance! Our HVAC company offers excellent furnace repair services at a fair price. To ensure that you have a dependable solution for your heater and air conditioning servicing needs, we would love to help you better understand your installation and have it operating as you need it to. Our team can solve any problem so that you can have warmth in your home during the cold season.

Any heat pump repair you want, including installs and regular HVAC maintenance in Kentfield, CA, and the nearby communities of Santa Rosa and San Rafael, may be handled by the HVAC technicians at John Owens Services, Inc. Our business aims to provide clients with these energy-efficient furnace systems through our professional service so they may enjoy pleasant living conditions all year round, regardless of the weather, and save money on their energy bills. When it comes to energy efficiency, we’ve got you covered!

Will my heat pump work in the snow and winter?

The warmth of our climate zone makes these heaters quite effective. Although they are most effective at 37 degrees, they perform best in warmer climates. It functions better the more heat it can pull out of the surrounding air. Installing a hyper-heat unit could be a good choice if you live somewhere that has a lot of snowfall or extremely cold temperatures. High heat output devices work effectively to enhance indoor air quality in below-freezing temperatures.

Why is there steam or smoke coming from my unit?

Do not fret! The gadget is performing as it should and does not need repair. These heaters usually need to enter a defrost cycle when the weather gets colder. Frequently freezing coils reduces the device’s functionality. During this defrost cycle, the device releases steam that seems to be smoke. Defrost cycles occur more frequently in extremely cold or snowy weather.

Why does my house's temperature take longer to rise?

The most basic reason is that the house cools when heat escapes through the registers. When a heat pump is installed, an effective electric heating and air conditioning system that transfers heat is put to work. Unlike conventional gas or propane furnaces, which produce heat by burning fuel. Because there is less heat to move in colder weather, the system will take longer to achieve room temperature for the building. Because these are very efficient devices, you should maintain a specific temperature for your system because they operate best when run slowly.

The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

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Regular maintenance keeps your home’s systems running well all year long. We’ll help you gain efficiency and save money.



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