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Drain Cleaning Services in Santa Rosa

The best drain cleaning company serving the Santa Rosa region is right here in Sonoma County, near Rohnert Park. Look no further for the best plumber: it’s John Owens Services, a professional plumbing business with all drain cleaning services. We have been serving Santa Rosa since 1986. Being a family-run business with local operations makes us extremely proud.

Drain Cleaning Is Vital To The Health Of Your Home

If you’re experiencing an emergency plumbing issue with your home’s drains or sewers, we’ll dispatch a plumbing services specialist right away to inspect and provide reliable solutions. We are aware that a plumbing issue cannot wait! In a house, drains are just as essential as air conditioning or a water heater.

Functional drains are vital; a clogged drain or malfunctioning hot water are the last things you need. Make an appointment for dependable service and expert guidance by calling drain specialists in Santa Rosa, California. Our excellent customer service will be sure to meet your drain cleaning needs.

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Clogged Drain and Sewer Emergency Services in Santa Rosa, CA:

Our team has years of experience serving Santa Rosa with sewer drain solutions. They are equipped with all the tools necessary to find leaks and any blockages in your plumbing system, so they can handle any job that comes their way. They are equipped with a variety of plumbing tools and methods to handle any drain or sewer line, such as:

Hydro jetting: Our hydro jetting services are guaranteed to clear any and all drain pipes. This extremely concentrated water stream is the ideal instrument for the job. In addition to cleaning your plumbing, it can remove practically any obstruction. It’s a win-win scenario. There’s also a no-clog guarantee included.

Snaking the drain: To remove or fragment debris in a clogged drain, we’ll employ a flexible cable. A drain snake is not one of the long-term fixes for a drain issue in plumbing.

Flex-shaft sewer machines: Utilize a rapidly spinning coil that is securely shielded by a sheath. Compared to conventional drain cleaning methods, this revolutionary technology completes the job more efficiently.

And more! We can clear the obstruction in your plumbing system using anything from chemical solvents to just replacing the affected pipe. We’ll go above and beyond to clear any obstruction and restore the original quality of your plumbing in your Santa Rosa, CA, home!

Do I Need Emergency Drain Cleaning Services For My Santa Rosa Home's Pipes?

As you wait, the worse the plumbing problems may get, possibly causing damage to your sewage or plumbing systems and demanding ongoing drain cleaning. For a reliable and effective solution to your plumbing problem, don’t hesitate to call up John Owens Services’ Santa Rosa drain cleaning experts to get the job done.

Get Santa Rosa drain service scheduled right now with our professional business!

Understanding The Root Of The Problem

Drains do not clog themselves! In addition to having video inspections and pipe tracing equipment on their vehicles to find buildups, John Owens Services’ drain and sewer cleaning team is knowledgeable and equipped to help you with solutions with our quality work. In addition to rootering or clearing the clog, we assist you in understanding the cause of the plumbing problems so that you may avoid repeating the mistake and the possibility of needing emergency plumbing services in your Sonoma County home.

If I wait will the clog fix itself?

Modern technology allows us to video inspect and locate drain and sewer problems. These problems can often be remedied by a localized spot repair. The problem could be one broken or offset sewer fitting or a corroded elbow on a kitchen sink drain. If the location of the problem is under a slab, rest assured we always leave your home the way we found it. We can easily restore your property without requiring subcontractors to repair walls, floors, or driveways that we cut open to carry out spot repairs. In addition to our plumbing license, we also have a general contractor license to carry out home repairs.

There will always be situations after a video inspection or continued drain problems that we will recommend replacements. Most Sanitary Districts offer loans or rebates towards sewer lateral replacements. If we get to this point, we will steer you in the right direction towards an economic sewer replacement in Santa Rosa or anywhere in Marin and Sonoma counties.

What Kind of Service Do I Need?

Our Santa Rosa plumbers are equipped to handle any associated drain issues that may arise.

  • Blockages in the sewer line
  • Clogs
  • A collapsed or broken sewer line which can cause water damage.
  • Tree root invasion or other problems requiring the use of a rooter service.
  • Showers, toilets, bathtubs, and sinks that drain slowly

Can I Avoid clogged drains and Frequent Cleaning to my plumbing?

Getting routine drain cleaning services for your Santa Rosa plumbing system is the best approach to preventing the need for frequent drain cleaning. Drain maintenance services are provided by John Owens Services, Inc. and include:

Hair buildup removal: Gradually, hair accumulation occurs, leading to significant plumbing issues. In a single visit, our plumbers thoroughly inspect and diagnose your whole plumbing system.

Grease buildup removal: Every time you cook, homeowners gradually add grease or food waste to their systems. This buildup may be aggravated by using garbage disposal. Only a portion of this buildup will be removed by using traditional cleaners. Hire a qualified plumber to hydro-jet your home’s plumbing to remove buildup, break down the toughest clogs, and restore the pipes’ original flow.

Rooter: Is the chemical cleaner ineffective? Your sewers may contain roots. To prevent further root infiltration and maintain the safety of your sewers, our business provides professional rooter services such as hydro jetting.

Signs of Common plumbing Issues

  • If you detect a foul odor coming from your sink, shower, bathtub, or toilet
  • The toilet starts to bubble
  • Water is dripping from the bottom of the toilet
  • Kitchen or bathroom fixtures start to flow more slowly

What Are The Benefits Of Santa Rosa Cleaning to my plumbing system?

  • It fixes a persistent problem and offers a long-term repair for a domestic plumbing situation that is beyond the reach of chemicals and a plunger.
  • Removes foul odors that shouldn’t be there.
  • Before more expensive repairs are necessary, blockages, leaks, and breakages can be found using video examination. This makes it easier for us to fix your plumbing quickly or determine whether a replacement is necessary.

What Causes Plumbing Blockages and clogged drains?

Grease buildup: Every time you clean your pots and pans after cooking, a small amount of grease or food waste buildup is added to your drains and sewers. Using a garbage disposal may worsen the problem. While conventional cleaners can remove some of this, they cannot offer the same long-term solution as professional drain cleaning services. Hire a licensed plumber from John Owens Services to hydro-jet your Santa Rosa drains, dig out any buildup, and clean your system all at once!

Roots: Do home remedies not seem to be working? It’s possible that roots got into your pipes. Expert rooter service specialists from John Owens eradicate the intrusion of roots through our fantastic rooter services. Repairing the line can be necessary if the intrusion results in leaks.

Hair Clogs: Over time, hair accumulates, particularly in areas like the shower, and can cause several clogged drains and significant problems in your home and sewer. In only one visit, our plumbers will remove the hair clogging your shower, bathtub, and sink.

Paper Goods, Wipes and Feminine Products: Everyday objects can readily lodge in toilets, sinks, and tubs, clogging drains. Numerous products claim to be “flushable,” but they are not. Wipes have the potential to seriously backup, creating a plumbing catastrophe. Discard any feminine products rather than flushing them to avoid clogged drains.

The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

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Regular maintenance keeps your home’s systems running well all year long. We’ll help you gain efficiency and save money.



When something breaks down, our team will get to you fast. We’ll find the problem and fix it to get you back to normal.



When it’s time to replace something in your home, we’ll help you get a top quality product that matches your specific needs.
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