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Tiburon homeowners don’t have to think twice about making energy-efficient upgrades in their homes. There are up to $27,000 in cash rebates and $8,000 in tax incentives available per household through various rebate programs and agencies in 2023. John Owens Services, Inc. is a participating contractor for all major California rebate programs.

We are here not only to provide Marin County’s plumbing, heating and air conditioning energy efficiency upgrades, but also to guide you through the application process for your household rebates. You can count on us to help get you all of the money saving rebates you deserve!

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BayrREN Rebates In Marin County:


BayREN offers a variety of tax incentives and rebates to homeowners in Tiburon for upgrading to energy-efficient or electric homes. With rebates available for replacing natural gas appliances, you can receive rebates on heat pumps for space heating and cooling, heat pump water heaters, thermostats, insulation, ducting and more! BayREN also offers additional rebates for combining different electrification and home energy upgrades.

These incentive programs offer several benefits for households:

    • Owners of eligible properties receive assistance to reduce their energy usage

    • Indoor air quality and comfort is improved in their homes

    • In addition to saving money, energy efficiency upgrades can increase property value

For homeowners with budget concerns, BayREN has additional financing available, so you can pay off the cost of your Tiburon home improvement project over time. If you would like to explore other payment plan options, John Owens Services, Inc. also partners with GreenSky and CaliforniaFirst. See all our financing options here!

Electrify Marin and Marin Clean Energy:

Join us in helping beautiful Tiburon in Marin County build a clean energy future! We have partnered with Electrify Marin and Marin Clean Energy in their mission to change the ways we source energy in our home. Replacing natural gas appliances with electric models will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve indoor air quality and make your home a safer environment. No more dangerous refrigeration lines running through your home!

Additional rebates are available in cases where installing a new electric appliance would require replacing the main electric service panel. Depending on household income, you may be eligible to receive additional rebates.

This program is available in all areas of Marin County and can be combined with BayREN and other energy upgrade rebates.

Learn more about all the rebate benefits in Marin County

Inflation Reduction Act:

The Inflation Reduction Act passed in 2022, and goes into effect in 2023. With this government funded energy upgrade rebate program, there will be more available home energy upgrade rebates than ever before. You will be able to qualify for both rebates and tax credits on the following services:

    • Heat Pump Water heater- up to $1750 in rebates and $2000 in tax credits

    • Mini-Split heating and cooling- up to $8000 in rebates & $2000 in tax credits

    • Central Heat Pump air conditioning and heating- up to $8000 in rebates & $2000 in tax credits

    • High efficiency air conditioning and furnaces- up to $600 in tax credits

    • Sealed ducts, duct replacement and insulation- up to $1600 in rebates

Tech Clean California:

TECH Clean California is a statewide initiative to accelerate the adoption of clean space and water heating technology across California homes, in order to meet its goal of being carbon-neutral by 2045. Tech Clean California provides market incentives for low-emissions heat pump heating and air conditioning and hot water heater technology for residential replacement projects. It was designed to support existing energy rebate programs through matched incentive funding, and to extend incentives statewide with an emphasis on access for low-income and disadvantaged communities.

California Energy-Smart Homes:

This program is for individuals looking to include their entire home in their electrification project. In 2023, California Energy-Smart Homes will provide incentives to households that are going fully electric.

As stated on their website:

“California Energy-Smart Homes Program is a residential new construction and alterations program that provides incentives to adopt advanced energy measures and transition to all-electric construction. The program is an all-in-one solution that offers incentives for single family, duplex, townhome, multifamily low-rise, additions, alterations, and accessory dwelling units.”

The Energy-Smart Homes Program is available to utility customers in the SoCalGas®, San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E®), Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E®), and Southern California Edison Company (SCE®) territories.

The program supports California’s focus on building electrification to meet its climate objectives.”

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