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In older buildings, larger homes, or areas that are particularly cold, boilers make popular heating systems. Boilers rely on water’s wonderful ability to contain a large amount of thermal energy in order to provide heat evenly and effectively throughout your building. Using a combination of radiators, in-floor heating systems, and other heating devices, boilers make it possible to enjoy warmth and comfort that’s quiet, efficient, and effective throughout even the coldest winter months. However, finding services for boilers can be difficult as many companies throughout California don’t service this type of equipment.

At John Owens Services, Inc., when we say we’re ready and equipped to handle all types of problems with all types of heating equipment, we mean exactly that. We offer a full range of boiler services in San Rafael, including boiler repairs, replacements, installations, inspections, tune-ups, and more! We know hydronic and radiative heating solutions inside and out, and we make sure we’re always prepared to deliver nothing short of an outstanding experience when you need our assistance with your system. We make it our mission to deliver world-class craftsmanship that will last and customer service that gives you complete confidence in our ability to service your home. It’s our goal to earn your trust to the point where you never need to find a new boiler services team again.

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Boiler Installation Services

Boilers are extremely popular types of heating equipment because they are particularly dependable through rather heavy operating conditions. They are also extremely versatile in that they can be set up to provide your home with hot water in addition to heating. If your boiler is starting to show signs of age or you’re frequently repairing your boiler due to breakdowns, it’s time to replace it with a brand new unit. A boiler replacement service is a big investment in your comfort, however these systems will generally last 20 years or more, and can often more than pay for themselves in energy savings over their lengthy lifespan.

You may need a new boiler if:

  • Your boiler doesn’t produce the hot water you need
  • Your boiler uses a ton of energy
  • Your radiators take ages to get hot
  • You deal with “cold water sandwich” or inconsistent water temperatures

Boiler Repairs

In some cases, the problems you’re having with your boiler can be repaired instead of replacing the system outright. At John Owens Services, Inc. we offer repair services for all different makes and models of boiler systems. Whether your system is brand-new with the latest technology or older and approaching the end of its lifespan, we can help you get the most from it with a quality fix. Every technician makes sure they get to the root of your problem rather than just treating the symptoms because we believe you deserve the best repair when you have an issue. We always use premium components and genuine parts as well because we believe this helps avoid the issue returning due to a part failure.

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