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Nationwide, plumbing leaks are a major problem in residential buildings. In actuality, the problem is significantly more widespread than is often believed. In almost ten percent of US houses, leaking from drains and sewers causes at least ninety gallons of clean water to be lost daily. A 25-gallon washing machine could do more than 1,300 loads of laundry with the water wasted annually.

As a result, the United States wastes more than one trillion gallons of water annually, sufficient to support eleven million families. How much did those plumbing leakages cost? Unfortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates the amount to be in the billions of dollars, with hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the annual cleanup of water damage.

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Call Kentfield Local Plumbers for Leak Detection Services

The licensed local plumbers at John Owens Services will meet you with precise, timely, and reasonably priced leak detection services, including maintenance, repair, and renovation, with upfront pricing for homes and small businesses in Kentfield, California. There is a big difference between professional and DIY work when you need to address a leakage issue. Our goal is for the life of every customer’s house to be as long as possible and for them to not be among those with the highest percentage of costly water loss. In our industry, our team of experts will be putting the most cutting-edge tools, skills, and instruments to work during our leak searches. Call to schedule an appointment with our Kentfield, California, services for homes and small businesses today.

Signs a Plumbing Leak is Present

Your walls or floors may get wet from a slab leak, a leaky pipe, or a water heater, and could lead to the growth of mildew and water damage, which can be dangerous in enclosed spaces. Leaking can originate from many different places, including sewage systems, and is not often obvious until it has done a lot of harm and broken the function of your home. Our trustworthy local plumbers are committed to identifying and correcting any leak problems, whether they originate from a slab or a sewer, before they lead to major disrepair. We can assist with maintenance, repairing, and replacing advice and conduct in-depth searches for the source of the issue.

What are the signs of a plumbing leak?

  • Unexpectedly, your water bill has increased
  • Development of mildew and mold or an unpleasant odor
  • The sound of trickling water, even when there isn’t a running faucet
  • Water buildup in unforeseen areas of your home
  • Moist carpet
  • A few moist spots in the garden
  • Low water pressure

Homeowners should not wait to contact Kentfield, California, experts if they believe they may have a leak or, alternatively, have noticed a clear sign of one; doing so could save you from causing further harm, such as damage to a plumbing unit or a break in the windows, ceilings, or floors due to water damage. To help you prevent costly repairs, speak with a knowledgeable plumber like John Owens, who provides homeowners with excellent leak detection services at reasonable pricing.

How can leaks be detected by a professional plumber in Kentfield, California?

Tracer gas

Tracer gases are used to reach gas leakages. Adding helium to the water is a way to monitor the helium levels outside the house. Any identified high helium will be displayed in any regions above a leak. This is how we learn where the leak is located. A hydrogen/nitrogen mixture and a tool called a sniffer test, which uses a handheld probe filled with a tracer gas and moves it about an area to navigate whether the concentration of the gas is higher than usual, can also be used for this type of job.

Acoustic Sound

An acoustic detection device utilizes efficient sensors to navigate any audible sign of gas or liquid leakage. Tools for detecting acoustic leaks can find any sounds emanating from a system under pressure that may indicate a gas or plumbing leakage. Because it may identify leaking early on, this is quite advantageous. Using instruments that can recognize and assess the sound of a suspected leak, whether it is related to gas or water, will help ensure that you find any breaches before they completely escape your notice, since leaks cannot be detected by the human ear.

Water shut-off valve

One way and prevent disastrous leaks to preserve the life of your home is to install an automatic water shut-off valve. By keeping an eye on the water flow through your pipes and locating any region where water collects on the ground, a shut-off valve can find leakage. If the valve detects unusual water flow or moisture buildup on the floor, it will shut off the water supply to your home to halt the leaking before it gets out of control.

What Maintenance Upgrades Can Be Installed To Alert Of Leaks?

Most homes have one of two kinds of detection equipment upgrades. These systems communicate with smart gadgets to notify you when there is a sign of leak problems in your home. In addition to your water supply, you can also install a Moen Flo whole-home monitoring system. This keeps an eye on the water flow and shuts it off when it detects continuous or excessive consumption.

It might be a requirement to install a water shut-off valve or other leak detector before a house can be insured. It is also possible to integrate the moisture sensor with the whole-house flow system. These leak-detecting devices could save you money on insurance and repairs if you install them in your home.

What’s Involved in Leak Detection?

Our firm goes above and beyond to ensure that our local plumbing business meets the demands of every project because we maintain the importance of providing outstanding customer service and a job well done. Our state-of-the-art leak detection and repair plumbers in Kentfield, California, can swiftly locate and examine the leak’s source thanks to the thermal and radiant imaging cameras we use for every project. Sometimes you just need a fast fix, like a dye test, and other times it’s critical to test the air pressure in the pipes in your plumbing system so that you don’t prolong the issue.

Our local plumbing business can perform a job at any location, including:

  • Hot water lines
  • Wall water lines
  • Slab water lines
  • Attic lines
  • Faucet & fixture lines

Among the plumbing leaks our service can identify are:

  • Leaking through pipes for radiant heating
  • Seepage beneath slabs of concrete
  • Leaking yard piping
  • Water supply line leaking (water heater, toilet, bathtub installations, etc.)

Suspect plumbing or gas leaks in your home?

Schedule a leak detection job with John Owens to protect your home. Our business can help consumers save money on their water bills and prevent major damage to their home with our expert gas and water line detection and repairs. As soon as you discover a leak, contact the John Owens plumbers to prevent any significant water damage. Take advantage of our fantastic offers and arrange for our inspections of your systems to find and stop any leakage originating from your water heater, sewage lines, drains, or anywhere else. You can rely on our knowledgeable Kentfield leak detection specialists to look after you! Learn more by contacting us today.

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