Single socks are a reality for many American households. Somewhere, in every American home there is a pile of mismatched single socks waiting to be reunited with their better half. What happens to these socks has been an unsolved mystery for years! So, what happens to these socks? Will they ever be heard from again? Let’s delve into this unsolved mystery that has been eluding launder doers for decades. Why do socks get lost in the wash?


First things first, we have to address the fact that there is a good chance the pair did not make it into the wash together. During sorting and transferring, it is quite possible that one sock got left behind. Maybe it got shoved under the bed or fell next to the washing machine. You only become aware that one sock has gone missing when it is time to reunite them during folding. This revelation could be huge in determining why socks get lost in the wash.

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Now that we got that out of the way lets talk about what happens during the wash. Dirty clothes go in, including socks and other small garments that could be susceptible to disappearance. Water fills up, the drum starts swishing and swirling your laundry about. During this process is where there is potential for socks to get separated from their partners. At the top of the washing machine there is a rubber lip that forms a seal. Wear and tear and age can break down the seal and allow for socks to get trapped in there. Sometimes socks can fall through a crack in the seal and get stuck between the drum and the tub. There is even the possibility that the sock eventually works its way down to the drain pipe and gets sucked out with the rest of the waste water. These are the reason why socks get lost in the wash, however they can also disappear in the dryer.


Another reason why socks get lost is that once they go from the washing machine to the dryer, the dryer eats them. Not really, but there is a chance that they could be sucks out the dryer filter or dryer vent. Stranger things have happened.


Sometimes successful relationships need a little divine intervention. It’s up to you, yes you to help you socks lead a happy and successful life together. To help socks not get lost in the wash, you can try putting your socks in a laundry bag. Do a head count, make sure everyone is in there, then toss the bad in the wash. These bags are designed to go in the wash and can also be useful in washing delicate items. You may also want to invest in some sock clips. These are designed to keep socks together during the wash.

If you have a serious case of socks that get lost in the wash, you may want to have your washing machine checked by a professional. And remember any time foreign items go down the drain, there is a chance of clogs. Contact John Owens Services to learn more.


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