When temperatures plummet, your furnace plays an important role in keeping your home warm and cozy. Like other household appliances, furnaces can develop problems over time. A malfunctioning furnace is one of the most common causes of high energy bills. A bad furnace poses a safety hazard and can leak carbon monoxide or start a house fire.

Here are some common furnace problems.

Weird/Unusual Noises

Most furnaces make some noises when operating. A furnace, for example, makes a whooshing noise as the air travels through it and clicks when the thermostat reaches a certain temperature and sends a signal to the furnace to perform a particular activity.

These noises are normal. If you are hearing them, you do not have anything to worry about, however, weird noises may indicate a serious issue.

If you hear a knocking, whistling or screeching noise, there may be something amiss. A knocking noise could mean that a part has become loose or air has entered a part.

A whistling noise generally occurs when the air inside the furnace tries to get around the filters, whereas a screeching noise usually indicates misaligned or damaged belts.

Short Cycling

Does your furnace turn on and off frequently? Your filters might have become clogged or your electrical system might have developed a problem.

Other possible causes of short cycling include faulty flame sensors, overheating and a faulty thermostat. These are all serious issues that deserve your immediate attention.

Heating Problems

If your furnace is not producing enough heat, a filter might have become clogged. Heating problems could also be caused by a faulty fan or fan belt and an unclean or damaged igniter/flame sensor/draft inducer.

A furnace will not produce heat if the thermostat is not turned on to or set to heat. Make sure you haven’t turned your thermostat too low.

Do not ignore the problem or you might end up with a costly repair. Have a technician inspect your furnace immediately.

The Furnace Burns up Fuel Quickly

If your furnace is burning up fuel too quickly it is working harder than usual. This can be caused by a faulty component. There could be a clog in the system or the oil pressure pump might be developing too much pressure.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

Your heat exchanger plays an important role in keeping your furnace running safely. If you fail to keep up with regular maintenance, your heat exchanger can get damaged. A cracked heat exchanger is expensive to fix. Some signs of a cracked heat exchanger are soot build-up, weird noises and strange smells.

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