Common AC Installation Mistakes to Avoid

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Many enthusiastic DIYers install their own AC units. This can be a costly mistake. Some jobs are best left to the experts. AC installation is one of them.

One of the many things that impact the performance and lifespan of an air conditioning system is how it is installed. Many common AC problems result from faulty installation.

The Importance of Correct AC Installation

Reduced Maintenance Cost and Extended Equipment Life

Your AC must be adjusted and tuned according to the manufacturer’s specifications and your cooling needs during installation. An HVAC expert who understands both your cooling needs and how different types of ACs function will take care to ensure all instructions are followed.

An AC professional will take various steps to ensure a flawless installation. A properly installed air conditioner will run more reliably. You’ll have fewer breakdowns, and your AC will last longer.

Reduced Noise

When installing your AC, our HVAC experts will check whether the ventilation is properly designed. Our professionals will ensure the ventilation is properly connected to the HVAC unit to minimize noise.

Improved Comfort and Safety

You do not want to take the DIY path or rely on an inexperienced technician for an AC installation. Only an installation professional can make sure the settings on your unit are accurate.

Our professionals will inspect and make sure the drainage is working properly. They will also check the design and size of your ductwork and ventilation.

If you take the DIY route, you may make mistakes. Installation mistakes can lead to humidity problems, temperature variance issues, and even carbon monoxide leaks.

Improper AC installation can also void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Common AC Installation Mistakes to Watch Out For

Using a Wrong Sized Unit

Using an incorrectly sized unit is one of the most common AC installation mistakes. An AC with a lower than required capacity will fail to cool adequately. On the other hand, a larger unit will draw more energy and your energy bills can shoot up.

Before buying an air conditioning system, you can ask our HVAC experts to conduct a load calculation. The technician will take measurements of your windows, ceilings and walls, and inspect your premises. He or she will consider every factor at play when determining your building’s overall cooling needs.

Wrong Placement

The importance of choosing the right location for an AC unit cannot be emphasized enough. Place your AC in a shaded area. Installing your AC in an area that receives less direct sunlight will help ensure that it is not forced to go into overdrive to cool your home.

The indoor unit of an AC should be placed 7 or 8 feet above the ground. When installing a new unit, make sure it is somewhat tilted backward, allowing proper drainage. Make sure there is adequate ventilation.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring can not only affect the performance of your AC, but also pose a safety hazard. When installing an AC, our installation experts make sure there are no exposed wires. To prevent rodents from chewing up wires, we cover them properly.

Wrong Thermostat Placement

The AC thermostat is one of the most important parts of an air conditioning system. Your thermostat plays a vital role in determining how much work your AC has to do to cool your home.

If you install your thermostat close to heat-generating appliances, it will get warmer readings than the rest of your home. This will force your AC to work harder and longer.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to place your thermostat in a cool spot away from areas that receive direct sunlight, and your kitchen, windows, doors, and hallways.

Inadequate Insulation

When installing a window AC, we fill the gaps between the top and bottom window panes with insulating foam. If you are installing a split AC system, make sure ducts are of the right size (calculated based on load circulation).

The refrigerant on the suction line should also be insulated. Improper or inadequate insulation can lead to frequent equipment failure and performance issues. Insulating the refrigerant on the suction line will help ensure that your AC does not leak the conditioned air.

Failing to Notice Possible Leaks

Before installing a system, the refrigerant level in it needs to be checked. If this step is skipped, even new systems can have leaks. A coolant leak, apart from affecting the performance of your air conditioning system, can pose a health hazard.

Using a Poorly Designed Drain System

Air conditioners produce a significant amount of wastewater. A poorly designed drainage system is unable to drain water safely away from the system. Accumulating water in your system can lead to mold and air quality issues.

Faulty Duct Installation Technique

Ducts must be assembled correctly. We make sure there are no leaks and/or gaps. We use high-quality materials and a permanent sealer. If tape is used as a sealer, you will have leaky ducts in no time. Here are some common problems caused by leaky ducts:

  • Higher energy bills
  • Air quality problems
  • An increased need for repairs
  • Creating hot and cold spots in your home

Relying on a Poorly Designed Duct System

If your duct system is not designed properly for your system and space, the conditioned air won’t reach where it is needed. In most cases, the ductwork should be changed when installing a new system. Make sure the duct size matches the output capacity of your unit.

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