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When rebate programs offer incentives like federal tax credits for energy-efficient upgrades, homeowners in Santa Rosa don’t need to second-guess their decision to make these HVAC equipment improvements. In addition to offering plumbing, heating, and air conditioner upgrades, John Owens Services, Inc. is a participating contractor for all significant California rebate programs for residential customers. We can also help you with the procedures necessary to receive your reimbursement for your plumbing or HVAC equipment, from heat pumps and smart thermostats to mini-split heating and cooling systems.

With the wide variety of rebate programs available to qualify for, homeowners can save money on an array of energy-efficient installation projects, such as an energy-efficient heater, air conditioner, and water heater, and even receive tax credits. This can reduce the cost of your installation project on top of the savings you will already have in monthly energy costs if you qualify for the program. You can even save on taxes when you have energy-efficient upgrades done.

We can assist you with any and all rebate options in the Santa Rosa area that you may be eligible for, whether for heat pump water heaters or plumbing installations. After we receive your completed and authorized rebate request, we will gather the necessary paperwork for you to receive your rebate. After the installation is finished and the equipment is confirmed to fulfill the necessary specifications, residential customers may save energy and money on the project cost!

Not sure where to begin to save money on your new plumbing or heating and cooling system? Give us a call or complete the online form!

Home Energy Utility Rebates Focus on Energy Efficiency and Heat Pump Heating

Living in Santa Rosa, you can now upgrade to a more energy-efficient home with less water wasted and more heating saved for much less money than you might imagine. Local governments are offering several rebates to help people pay for energy-efficient solutions. Customers with excessive water usage can save water by installing larger heat pump water heaters and receiving a rebate check. We are available to assist our residential clients in navigating this procedure.

Fuel Sources

Typically, propane-fueled equipment will have the lowest rebate or tax credit options, natural gas-powered equipment will have an average rebate amount, and electric-powered units will have the most incentives. Electrical options will usually give you lower daily energy costs. For example, a heat pump is daily operating costs are between $.50 and $.95, natural gas water heaters are between $1.00 and $1.70, and propane water heaters are between $2.00 and $2.70.

Energy costs are always rising, with the cost of propane and natural gas rising yearly. Electricity costs typically show the slowest increase, giving you an advantage when you purchase electrically powered HVAC systems. On top of that, electrically powered HVAC equipment with the highest rebates or tax credits means you can drastically save on overall costs, including the initial purchase and monthly running costs.

Who Provides These Great Incentives to Electrify?

Rebates can change quickly and are available for a limited time. Be sure to check the specific qualifications to claim savings for each program.


BayREN works with the local governments in the nine counties of the Bay Area to promote electrification and energy efficiency by reducing carbon emissions. If eligible, they offer rebates and funding to single—and multifamily homeowners, as well as small businesses, for energy-efficient equipment installed. Their rebate program offers incentives for insulation, air sealing, duct replacement, air conditioners, furnaces, home energy scores, and water efficiency upgrades (shower heads, toilets, etc.).

BayREN does not offer rebates for propane-fueled systems installed.

Sonoma Clean Power

Sonoma Clean Power offers utility rebates and incentives that homeowners in Sonoma and Mendocino counties who are looking to install energy-efficient equipment can save with. If eligible, their rebate program can cover installations such as a heat pump water heater, a mini-split heating and cooling system, and a central heat pump heating and cooling system. They even offer savings for solar-powered systems.

Manufacturers Rebate Program

A manufacturer’s rebate is an incentive offered to homeowners, specifically from the product manufacturer, for installing an energy-efficient option. Manufacturer rebates are offered directly from the manufacturer to promote greater savings on their efficient units and systems.

Tech Clean California

Tech Clean California is a rebate program that promotes heat pump water heater technology, particularly for energy savings. Its goal is to make heat pump installation more accessible to homeowners by providing various heat pump utility rebates to eligible customers.

Inflation Reduction Act (Federal Tax Credits)

The Inflation Reduction Act is an act of the federal government that offers federal tax credits on energy efficiency and electrification for homeowners. You can get federal tax credits on things like heat pump water heaters, mini-split heating and cooling systems, central heat pumps, air sealing, and high-efficiency air conditioning and furnaces at your principal residence. You claim these with your yearly federal income taxes. You can consult with a federal tax professional to see which HVAC systems can qualify you for a tax credit claim when you install or replace your equipment. These tax credits are available to new or existing homes only. Landlords and property owners who do not live in the home cannot claim a tax credit under this act.

Who applies for my rebate?

We always strive to increase the usage of electric appliances, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and provide the most cost-effective solutions for households to enhance indoor air quality and space heating. We will always check to see if there are any applicable rebates for the sort of installation you want done for any work you complete with John Owens Services. After deciding which equipment to install, our staff may assist you in gathering the necessary data and submitting it to the rebate program you wish to qualify for.

Will a rebate change the price of my install?

When you buy any appliance, you will still be responsible for the entire upfront cost of installation. The rebate program you applied for through a tax credit will then reimburse you for a percentage of the system or appliance’s purchase price that you had installed. In addition to saving money on monthly energy bills and having a more efficient system that won’t need to be replaced as frequently as older, less efficient systems, you will also get this money back. Installing a new electric appliance can help lower your natural gas consumption and carbon footprint (e.g., an electric heat pump or mini-split system).

How long until I receive my rebate?

It depends on which refund you have applied for and when, as each rebate program is unique. Homeowners should expect to receive refunds 8–12 weeks after purchase, while actual delivery periods may differ depending on the program in question and when you receive the installation.

Are there rebates for low-income families?

While not all of the programs above provide rebates to low-income families, some do. You can get in contact with John Owens Services, and we will help you compile the necessary data and submit it to the relevant program. We will also be able to identify which rebate programs you qualify for.

Will I have to upgrade my main electric service panel?

Confirming that your main electric service panel can sustain the capacity required for efficient operation when you install a new electric appliance or replace natural gas appliances with electricity-powered modifications is crucial. To ensure that your new electric appliance installation will work with your existing main electric service panel, John Owens Services may dispatch a representative to inspect it.

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