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Petaluma and Sonoma County residents don’t need to second-guess their decision to upgrade their HVAC systems because rebate programs offer federal tax credits and other incentives for high-efficiency renovations that lessen our carbon footprint. John Owens Services, Inc. is a contractor offering plumbing, HVAC, and heating upgrades and qualifies for all major California rebate programs for residential clients.

We respond to inquiries and assist you with any and all rebate opportunities in the Petaluma region. We will gather your current information as soon as we receive your completed and authorized rebate request so you may earn your return. After the equipment has been installed and certified to fulfill all standards, you can start to save money!

Have no idea what the next steps to cut costs on a new plumbing or HVAC system are? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phone or by completing the online form!

Utility Rebate Programs Focus on Home Energy Upgrades and Heat Pumps

Residents in Petaluma and Sonoma County can now convert to a more efficient house that requires less water and heat. Local governments are offering a variety of incentives to help residents pay for energy-efficient home improvements. Large amounts of water customers use that require a large amount of energy can be reconciled by installing larger-sized heat pump water heaters.

Fuel Sources

An electric-powered installation offers the most incentives; natural gas-powered equipment offers average rebates; and propane-powered equipment usually offers the lowest alternatives for tax credits or rebates. In general, daily utility bills will be lower with electrical solutions. For example, the daily operating costs of a heat pump range from $.50 to $.95, whereas water heaters powered by natural gas and propane cost between $1.00 and $1.70 and $2.00 and $2.70, respectively.

The cost of natural gas and propane is increasing yearly, which adds to the ongoing rise in utility bills. You benefit when you purchase electrically powered equipment because the rate at which electricity prices rise is typically the slowest. Furthermore, by choosing electrically powered HVAC equipment that is eligible for the highest possible rebates or tax credits, you can save money on the cost of the initial purchase and monthly utility bill.

Who Provides These Great Incentives to Electrify in Petaluma and Sonoma County?

The available rebates in Petaluma and Sonoma County are subject to abrupt changes and are time-sensitive. Visit the website of each program to see the specific requirements that will allow you to qualify for savings.


In order to promote electrification and household energy efficiency, BayREN works with the local governments of the nine counties that comprise the Bay Area to reduce carbon emissions. When installing energy-efficient equipment, BayREN provides homeowners and small companies with single- or multifamily homes with money back on certain equipment. Through their program, they can provide you with incentives for things like replacing an older toilet with a high-efficiency toilet. You can also receive rebates for efficient items such as air conditioning, furnaces, insulation, home energy scores, shower heads, and other water efficiency upgrades.

BayREN does not offer rebates for systems that are installed and run on propane.

Sonoma Clean Power

In order to encourage homes in Sonoma and Mendocino counties to install energy-efficient equipment, Sonoma Clean Power provides utility rebates and incentives. Installs like a mini-split air conditioning and heating system, a central air conditioning and heating system, and a heat pump water heater may be covered by their rebate program if qualified. They also provide discounts for solar-powered equipment.

Manufacturers Rebate Program

A manufacturer’s rebate is a monetary payment given to homes by the product manufacturer in return for installing an energy-saving device. Manufacturer rebates are given out directly by the manufacturer to entice buyers to increase their savings on efficient systems and appliances.

Tech Clean California

Heat pump water heater technology is specifically pushed for household energy savings through the Tech Clean California rebate program. Their goal is to make heat pumps more accessible to households by providing a range of heat pump utility rebates to eligible homeowners.

Inflation Reduction Act (Federal Tax Credits)

In order to slow down climate change, the federal government passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which gives households federal tax credits for electrification and energy efficiency. Federal tax credits are available for high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners, duct sealing, mini-split HVAC systems, heat pump water heaters, air sealing, and central heat pumps for your principal residence. You can consult a federal tax professional when installing or replacing your equipment to see which HVAC systems qualify for a tax credit. To apply for these tax incentives, one must be the owner of either a new or existing residence. Landlords and other property owners who do not live in the dwelling are not eligible to get a tax credit back for an installation under the Inflation Reduction Act.

Who applies for my rebate?

Our ongoing objectives are to use more electric appliances, produce less greenhouse gas emissions, and provide households with the most economical solutions for improving indoor air quality and space heating. We will always confirm whether there are any qualifying refunds for the type of installation you want done for each job you complete with John Owens Services. After you’ve decided which equipment to install, our staff may assist you in gathering the required data and submitting it to the rebate program for which you wish to qualify.

Will a rebate change the price of my install?

Installation still requires full payment upfront for any appliance you buy. The rebate program you applied for through a tax credit will then reimburse you for a percentage of the system or appliance’s purchase price that you had installed. In addition to saving money on monthly energy bills and having a more efficient system that won’t need to be replaced as frequently as older, less efficient systems, you will also receive this money back. Installing a new electric appliance can assist you in lowering your carbon footprint and natural gas consumption.

How long until I receive my rebate?

It depends on which refund you have filed for and when, as each rebate scheme is unique. Homeowners should receive their refunds 8–12 weeks after making their purchase; however, actual delivery periods may differ depending on the program and installation time.

Are there rebates for low-income families?

While some of the previously stated programs do not, some do provide reimbursements to low-income families. You can get in contact with John Owens Services, and we will help you collect the necessary data and send it to the relevant program. We will also be able to identify the refund schemes for which you qualify.

Will I have to upgrade my main electric service panel?

Make sure your main electric service panel can sustain the capacity required for optimal operation before installing a new electric appliance or replacing a natural gas appliance with one that runs on electricity. To ensure that the installation of your new electric appliance will work with your main electric service panel, John Owens Services may dispatch a representative to inspect it.

The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

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