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San Rafael Radiant Heating Services

Radiant heating is a popular and energy-efficient way of keeping your home or business comfortable through even the coldest nights. Radiating heat directly into a room through a hydronic heating system is both safe, fast, and incredibly powerful, not to mention renewable because they utilize water as the primary medium for heat transfer. At John Owens Services, we’re proud to offer a full range of radiant heating solutions to handle all of your service needs, including repairs, full replacements, maintenance, and inspections for systems of all different sizes and capacities. We even offer services for all different makes and models of radiant heating equipment so you can come to us with any problem you may have!

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Radiant Heating, Hydronic Heating & Boiler Service from John Owens Services, Inc.

At John Owens Services, Inc., we want to be the name you call for all your radiant heating system needs. Got an urgent issue that needs an immediate fix? We offer same-day service throughout Marin and Sonoma Counties so you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary. Our team responds quickly and comes prepared with the tools and materials needed to conduct most common radiant and hydronic heating repairs on the spot so you can get the urgent fix you’re counting on. It’s this simple, customer-first philosophy that has earned us the respect of our community, and what has kept us going strong since opening for the first time back in 1986.

We provide the following radiant heating services:

  • Boiler Repairs
  • Boiler Replacement
  • Radiant Leak Repair
  • Hydronic Repairs
  • Hydronic Installation
  • Radiant Heating Installation

Radiant Boilers

John Owens has been involved with boilers and radiant heating installation and repair for 40 years. We have performed seasonal maintenance on boilers, and radiant systems in San Rafael for over 20 years. John Owens was very active in the installation of new boilers, radiant floor heating, and hydronic heating in the construction boom years in San Rafael. We continue to install and retrofit boiler and radiant heating systems in San Rafael.

Owning a boiler and radiant system is similar to owning a car. They are dynamic fluid filled, pressurized systems with many moving parts. Annual maintenance is vital to the long life of all boilers and radiant heating systems. Our well-stocked trucks are mobile warehouses in order to promptly service your boiler and radiant heat needs.

Radiant Heating Repairs

Radiant heating systems are generally popular for their incredible reliability and long lifespan. Whereas forced air systems tend to start showing significant signs of wear and tear around as little as ten years or so, radiant heating can last as long as 15 to 20 years before age starts to become a serious factor. However, that doesn’t mean problems can’t emerge before then—heating elements can wear out, leaks can form, and other issues can prevent your home from getting the heat it needs to remain comfortable throughout the year.

The San Rafael radiant heating experts at John Owens Services can fix all of the following radiant heating issues:

  • Lack of consistent heating
  • Thermostat problems
  • Radiator leaks
  • Uneven heating
  • Unexplained energy consumption spikes
  • Tripped circuit breakers

The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

San Rafael
(415) 942-6565
Santa Rosa
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Regular maintenance keeps your home’s systems running well all year long. We’ll help you gain efficiency and save money.



When something breaks down, our team will get to you fast. We’ll find the problem and fix it to get you back to normal.



When it’s time to replace something in your home, we’ll help you get a top quality product that matches your specific needs.
San Rafael
(415) 942-6565
Santa Rosa
(707) 452-3464