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Plumbing leaks are a big issue in residential buildings around the country. The truth is that the issue is far more pervasive than is commonly thought. Every day, at least ninety gallons of water are lost due to leaks from drains and sewers in nearly ten percent of US homes. With this level wasted each year, a 25-gallon washing machine could accomplish more than 1,300 loads of laundry.

Because of this, every year the United States wastes more than one trillion gallons of water—enough to sustain eleven million families. What was the cost of the plumbing leaks? Regretfully, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates the total to be in the billions of dollars, with hundreds of millions of dollars going for the yearly remediation of water damage.

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For homes and small businesses in San Anselmo, California, and Marin County, the certified local plumbers at John Owens Services will provide accurate, prompt, and fairly priced leak detection services, along with maintenance, water leak repair, and reconstruction, with transparent pricing. When it comes to fixing a leak, there’s a considerable difference between doing it yourself and hiring an expert. Our objective is for each San Anselmo customer’s residence to last as long as possible and for them to not be among those whose proportion of expensive water loss is highest. During our leak searches, our team of friendly professionals will come equipped with the most advanced skills, technology, and techniques available in our sector. We offer the courtesy of keeping a clean work area on every property we work on, leaving you with the peace of an efficient and effectively-performed job.

Signs a Plumbing Leak is Present

A slab leak, a leaky pipe, or a water heater could wet your walls or flooring, which could result in the spread of mildew and damage—both of which can be hazardous in small areas. A leak can come from a variety of sources, including sewage systems, and is frequently undetectable until it has caused significant damage. Whether a leak comes from a slab or a sewer, our reliable local plumbers can find and repair it before it causes significant damage. We may provide guidance for questions on upkeep, repairs, and replacements, as well as carry out comprehensive searches to identify the problem’s origin.

What are the common signs of a plumbing leak?

  • Your water bill has unexpectedly gone up
  • Growth of mold and mildew or an offensive smell
  • The sound of trickling, especially in the absence of a running faucet
  • Water accumulation in unexpected places of your home
  • Wet carpet
  • A few gardens with damp patches
  • Low water pressure

If a homeowner suspects they may have a leak or has seen a blatant indication of one in a sewer, pipe, or otherwise, they should not wait to call San Anselmo, California, experts. By acting quickly if you’ve noticed signs of a leak, you can deal with a leak quickly and prevent damage such as plumbing unit damage or breaks in the windows, ceilings, or floors. Speak with an experienced plumber like John Owens, who can guarantee San Anselmo homeowners first-rate leak detection services at fair prices, to help you avoid expensive repairs.

How can a leak be detected by a professional plumber in San Anselmo, California?

Tracer gas leak detection

Gas leaks can be located using tracer gases. One approach to keeping an eye on the helium levels outside the house is to add helium to the water. Any regions above a leak will display any elevated helium that has been discovered. This tells us the location of the leak. For this kind of leak detection work, a plumber can additionally use a hydrogen/nitrogen mixture and a device known as a sniffer test, which uses a handheld probe filled with a tracer gas and moves it about an area to determine whether the concentration of the gas is higher than typical.

Acoustic sound leak detection

Effective sensors are used by an acoustic detection device to find any aural indication of a gas or liquid leak. Acoustic leak detection tools can identify any sounds coming from a pressurized system that might be a sign of a gas or plumbing leak. It can detect a leak early on, which makes it quite beneficial. Since a leak cannot be detected by the human ear, it is important to use tools that can identify and evaluate the sound of any suspected leak. This will help ensure that our business can locate and fix any breaches efficiently.

Shut-off valve leak detection

A shut-off valve is able to detect a leak by monitoring the water flow through your pipes and identifying any area where water gathers on the ground. The valve can cut off the water supply to your home in order to stop the leak before it gets out of control if it notices abnormal flow or moisture accumulation on the floor.

What Leak Maintenance Upgrades Can Be Installed?

One of two types of leak detection equipment improvements is found in most homes. These systems connect to smart devices to alert you to potential leak issues from a sewer, pipe, or other source. You also have the option to install a Moen Flo whole-home monitoring system in addition to your water supply. This monitors the water flow and cuts it off if it senses excessive or ongoing usage.

Before a home is insured, it may be necessary to install a shut-off valve or another type of leak detection. The moisture sensor can be integrated with the whole-house flow system as well. If you install these leak-detecting gadgets in your San Anselmo residence, you may save money on repairs and insurance since you will not need to fix or replace appliances or structures damaged by the leak.

What’s Involved in San Anselmo Leak Detection Services?

Because our leak detection business values delivering exceptional customer service and a job well done, our plumbing company goes above and beyond to make sure that our local plumbing business fulfills the standards of every project. We use thermal and radiant imaging cameras on every project so that our cutting-edge plumbers in San Anselmo, California, and Marin County can quickly identify and investigate the source of the leak. Dye tests might work for quick solutions in certain situations, but other times you need to test the air pressure in the pipes in your plumbing system to make sure the root problem doesn’t rise and become worse and lead to an expensive repair job.

Our local plumbing business can perform a job at any location, including:

  • Hot water pipes
  • Wall water lines
  • Slab water lines
  • Attic lines
  • Faucet & fixture lines (water heater, kitchen or bathroom sink, etc.)

Among the plumbing leaks our service can identify are:

  • Leaking through pipes for radiant heating
  • Seepage beneath slabs of concrete
  • Leaky yard piping
  • The water supply line is leaking

Suspect a plumbing or gas leak in your San Anselmo residence?

To safeguard your home or provide a clean repair, schedule a gas or water leak detection service with John Owens. With our skilled gas and water leak detection and repairs in San Anselmo, Novato, Santa Rosa, San Rafael, and more, our plumbing company can help customers save money on their water bills and avoid significant damage to their homes. To stop any serious damage, call or message the John Owens plumbers in San Anselmo as soon as you notice a leak. Take advantage of our amazing deals and schedule one of our system inspections to identify and seal any leak coming from your drains, sewer, water heater, or anywhere else. We have you covered with our skilled San Anselmo gas and water leak detection service experts! Get in touch with us today, by phone or online, to find out more about our efficient, punctual, and helpful service.

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