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Because rebate programs provide federal tax credits and other incentives for high-efficiency improvements that reduce our carbon footprint and produce better air quality, residents of Novato and Marin County don’t need to second-guess their decision to upgrade their HVAC systems. John Owens Services, Inc. not only provides space heating, air conditioning, and plumbing upgrades, but it also meets the requirements for all major California rebate programs for residential customers.

We answer questions and help you take advantage of any rebate possibilities in the Novato area that may be available to you. When your completed and approved rebate request is received, we will collect your up-to-date information so you can get your refund. Once the equipment is installed and verified to meet all requirements, you can begin to save costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

Whether you have a system that needs replacing or want to install a new electric appliance, we can help you with any additional rebates available for electric models and natural gas-use products and ensure that every building permit is in place.

Utility Rebate Programs Focus on Home Energy Upgrades

Now, single-family homeowners in Marin County and Novato can upgrade to a more energy-efficient home that uses less heat and water and minimizes greenhouse gas emissions by having less natural gas use. To assist citizens in replacing natural gas appliances and financing efficient home upgrades with renewable sources of fuel, local governments are providing a range of incentives in Sonoma and Marin counties. You can install products such as a heat pump water heater or mini-split system and not only get great energy savings but also receive possible cash rebates.

John Owens Services can assist you in seeing the rebate amount that could be available to you, as well as applying for any rebate program you are eligible for, so you can start saving money!

Fuel Sources

The greatest incentives are often offered by an electric installation; natural gas-powered appliances typically give medium rebates; and propane-powered equipment typically offers the fewest options to receive rebates or tax credits. Generally speaking, electrical solutions result in cheaper daily utility bills. For instance, an electrically powered heat pump’s daily operating costs might range from $.50 to $.95, whereas the costs of natural gas and propane-powered water heaters are $1.00 to $1.70 and $2.00 to $2.70, respectively.

Every year, the price of propane and natural gas rises, contributing to the continuous increase in energy bills. Buying equipment that runs on all electric is advantageous since electricity prices rise at the slowest rate possible. You can also save money on the initial purchase and monthly electricity bill by selecting all electric-powered HVAC equipment that qualifies for the largest rebates or tax credits.

Who Provides These Great Incentives to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Available rebates are time-sensitive and prone to changes in Marin County and Novato. To find out the precise requirements needed to be eligible for savings, visit the website of each program.


BayREN is a program that works with the local governments of the nine counties that make up the Bay Area to minimize carbon emissions in order to promote electrification and domestic energy efficiency. BayREN offers financial incentives to single- or multifamily house owners and small businesses for the installation of energy-efficient equipment. You can receive rewards from them through their program for tasks like upgrading to a high-efficiency heat pump. Furthermore, any electric appliance, including furnaces, air conditioners, insulation, home energy scores, shower heads, and more, is eligible for rebates.

For systems that are installed and powered by propane, BayREN does not provide rebates.

Electrify Marin

Aiming to reduce carbon emissions and promote a safer and healthier environment, Electrify Marin is a program offering financial incentives to Marin County single-family houses that switch over their natural gas appliances for electric ones. Refunds are available from Electrify Marin on a range of electric devices, including water heaters and furnaces.

Manufacturers Rebate Program

A manufacturer’s rebate is a financial incentive that houses receive from the product manufacturer in exchange for installing an energy-saving appliance. From a mini-split to a heat pump system installation, manufacturers provide direct rebates to buyers as a way to maximize the amount of money they save on brand new, efficient systems and appliances.

Tech Clean California

The Tech Clean California rebate program primarily promotes heat pump water heater technology for reducing residential energy use and creating a healthier and safer environment. By offering qualified single-family homeowners a variety of heat pump energy subsidies, this program hopes to increase the accessibility of heat pumps for homes.

Inflation Reduction Act (Federal Tax Credits)

The Inflation Reduction Act, which provides households with federal tax credits for electrification and energy efficiency, was a program passed by the federal government to slow down climate change. For your primary property, you can receive federal tax credits for central heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, duct sealing, mini-split HVAC systems, high-efficiency furnaces, and air conditioners. To determine which heat pumps or other HVAC systems qualify for a tax credit, speak with a federal tax expert when installing or updating your equipment.

Who applies for my rebate?

Our continued goals are to utilize more electric appliances, emit fewer greenhouse gases, and offer homes the most affordable options for improving space heating and indoor air quality. For any task you finish with John Owens Services, we will always check to see if there are any qualified reimbursements for the kind of installation you want done. Once you’ve chosen whatever equipment to install, our team can help you collect the necessary information and submit it to the rebate program you want to be eligible for.

Will a rebate change the price of my install?

For whichever appliance you purchase, installation still requires full payment in advance. You will then be reimbursed for a portion of the system or appliance’s purchase price that you had installed by the rebate program you applied for through a tax credit. You will not only receive this money back, but you will also save money on monthly energy bills and have a more efficient system that won’t need to be changed as often as older, less efficient systems. You can reduce your natural gas consumption and carbon footprint by installing a new electric appliance.

How long until I receive my rebate?

Considering that every rebate plan is different, it depends on which reimbursement you have applied for and when. Refunds to homeowners should arrive 8–12 weeks after the original purchase; however, actual delivery times may vary based on the program and installation duration.

Are there rebates for low-income families?

Some of the aforementioned programs provide rebates for low-income families, while others do not. You can reach out to John Owens Services, and we will assist you in gathering the required information and forwarding it to the appropriate program. Additionally, we will be able to determine which return programs you are eligible for.

Will I have to upgrade my main electric service panel?

Before installing a new electric appliance or swapping out a natural gas appliance for an electricity-powered one, be sure your main electric service panel can support the capacity needed for optimal performance. John Owens Services may send a professional to check your main electric service panel to make sure the installation of your new electric appliance will function with it.

The John Owens Way

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