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In Novato, Marin County, and across the entire state of California, utility costs are rising. From January 2021 to September 2023, the cost of electricity increased by 38%. The price of natural gas increased by 24% from November 2021 to November 2022.

It should go without saying that the process of increasing home efficiency is necessary to reduce energy costs. Does your home have any inefficiencies? What reason is there to presume anything? An audit of your home’s energy score (HES) is possible! A Department of Energy-accredited home energy auditor from John Owens Services will use measurements and computations to assign a score to your home, ranging from 1 to 10. The higher the figure, the more economical the dwelling, much like how a car’s miles per gallon are determined.

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How Was the Home Energy Score Created?

The U.S. Department of Energy’s formula for estimating a home’s energy consumption was used to create the energy report program. Every room in your home is measured and assigned a number during an energy audit, with 10 being the maximum efficiency. An energy audit typically receives a rating of about 5. This analysis takes into account both the estimated cost of energy and the quantity of energy utilized in your home. The score offers residents a list of solutions that they can choose to pursue and that they can complete in ten years or less. Assessments can also be used to rate projects according to associated expenses for homeowners.

When to get an HES Score in Novato, California

Energy assessments are a fantastic way to determine how much energy is used in your house and what changes can be made to reduce energy use. It suggests adjustments that will quickly pay for themselves in energy savings, so you can be sure the money will be well spent. These can include energy-efficient items that can control high energy usage, such as heat pump air conditioning systems, that enhance your home’s functionality while consuming less energy. Now is a great time to find out your home’s energy score if you want to explore how much energy you consume and where you may make energy bill savings.

Having an official Home Energy Score on file can help you through the process of selecting which energy-saving upgrades to make and can also be very helpful if you ever decide to sell your house. A potential purchaser is inquiring about every detail of the house. They will be more interested in the home if this aspect is disclosed to them, particularly if the score is higher than that of other homes in the neighborhood.

Your property will be more appealing to potential purchasers due to the improved safety and energy-saving features brought about by this assessment procedure if you prioritize resolving energy-related issues before listing it.

What is a Home Energy Auditor and a Home Energy Score?

Home Energy Score rating chart

Professionals certified by the Department of Energy, known as home energy auditors, will conduct an energy audit at your home. Certified contractors, home inspectors, or experts in the field of providing energy audits to customers are some examples of home energy auditors. In order to score your property based on its energy efficiency, these experts go about your home while doing an energy report, gathering a lot of data along the way.

What is inspected as part of the Home Energy Audit?

The HES includes the following tasks:

  • Calculating the house’s and the foundation’s square footage
  • Examining the size and effectiveness of the energy systems you presently use, such as your space heater, hot water heater, and air conditioner
  • Figuring out how many windows there are and their thickness
  • The thickness of insulation in the crawlspace, walls, and attic
  • Examining the electrical panel
  • Checking the air sealing around penetrations and seams
  • The state of the air ducts

These items are optional:

  • Checking for leaks in your space heating system with a duct blaster (most ducts leak up to 30%)
  • In an hour, utilize the Blower Door Test to see how the air in your home has changed. Air leaks can be greatly exacerbated by leaks that commonly occur in locations such as electrical outlets, above stoves, fireplaces, and even windows. In a house, two air changes per hour is the ideal number; however, five to ten typically occur.

Furthermore, details such as an approximation of the overall energy usage contingent on the type of fuel, operational parameters, and occupant conduct will be provided.

What Do They Do With the Information from Home Energy Audits?

After this assessment, these experts in home energy audits will be able to present you with a personalized list of excellent recommendations for affordable home repairs, an estimate of the annual savings, a return on investment, and an efficiency score ranging from 1 to 10. You will be aware of the energy efficiency of your home and any upgrades you can make to your current appliances and new equipment (such as a high-efficiency furnace or air conditioner) that can increase your home’s energy efficiency rating.

Home energy auditors can also provide property owners a sneak peek at their potential Home Energy Score based on the results of the audit, should they choose to implement the suggested solutions for energy waste. Performing the high-quality, energy-efficient modifications that the test recommends might raise your home’s score from a current 3 to a 7.

Then, we begin arranging for any impending upgrades that will improve your energy usage, enhance your score, save money, and reduce utility expenses. These upgrades can include things like insulation or heat pump water heaters. Estimates for upgrades are part of the audit. John Owens Services may also assist with the installation of equipment, obtaining permits, and any associated rebates.

What Are Common Quality Upgrades Recommended for Energy Efficiency?

  • Insulation upgrades to the attic, basement, or walls.
  • Heat pump water heater
  • Ductwork upgrades
  • Duct sealing
  • Seal can lights and seams in attic
  • Install programmable thermostat

What Do Home Energy Scores Cost in Novato, California?

Depending on the size of your property, the exact cost of a home energy audit will change, but it usually costs $399. You might qualify for cash rebates from BayREN for your energy evaluations. Regarding a Home Energy Assessment, residential customers should always inquire about potential rebates. Any enhancements that are recommended and marketed to homeowners will incur additional fees for the service.

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