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If you have a drain blockage issue, it is a problem you want to resolve immediately. It is especially important to act fast if roots are the source of the problem. But do you have to hire professional rooter services in order to remove roots that have grown into your drain pipes? While there definitely are some DIY solutions when it comes to rooting, it is always recommended that you at least refer to a professional at some point in the process. In this article, we will discuss some options you may have for performing rooter work yourself, but we will give the top ten advantages hiring a professional rooter service has over DIY methods, including long-term savings and effectiveness.

What Rooter Techniques Can You Perform?

Performing sewer line maintenance yourself might allow you to maintain your drain system more frequently if hiring professional maintenance every year is not possible. You will need a lot of equipment, such as an inspection camera, a sewer rooter machine, possibly a hydrojetter, and all the safety gear (gloves, eye protection, a face mask, etc.).

If using drain cleaners, it is advisable to use eco-friendly brands or a baking soda and vinegar alternative that will be easier on your pipes than the harsh chemicals in most liquid drain cleaners.

You will be navigating your sewer system with the video inspection, hydrojetter, and rooter machine, so it is important to be careful and do some research beforehand so that you do not cause damage to the pipes. Be sure to go slow, especially if you are new to working with the sewer line.

While risky, there are a couple benefits to performing rooter services yourself. You will learn a lot about how your sewer system works, so that this essential part of your home will not be a complete mystery and might become more manageable if something goes wrong in the future. You can also feel more confident and independent in managing this very important household need, so you can now take care of making sure your sewer and drain systems are functioning as they should.

Top 10 Professional Rooter Advantages

So why hire a rooter company if it is possible to get the job done yourself? While there are some benefits of rooter services being provided by yourself, there are also professional rooter service perks that are impossible to deny. If you are able to contact a professional rooter service, it is highly recommended that you do so, even if you have the ability to rooter your drains yourself. Even having a professional take a look at your system for a professional inspection is a good way to ensure that your system is operating correctly and that you do not have any brewing issues that will eventually need to be addressed. These are the top ten values you can have from professional rooter service:

1) Improvement to your Drainage System

Clogged drains cause trouble for everyone in the house. Slow drains in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or other indoor drains must be addressed immediately before they worsen. Rooter professionals are able to clear out the blockage so that your drains run smoothly, but they can also clean your drains completely so that all of the buildup is taken care of and you won’t have to deal with another clog for some time. Professional plumbers have the expertise to accurately assess the size of the clog you are dealing with and come up with the best solution.

2) Greater Protection from Home Damage

When blockages in the drain pipe occur, it can lead to much more severe issues than just slow-moving drains. Leaks and sewage backups can happen if the problem is big enough or if it is left unresolved for a period of time. This overflowing water can cause damage to floors, ceilings, and walls in your home, which could lead to mold and rotting and even structure collapse. Professional rooter value is incomparable for protecting your house from these extreme damages.

3) Saves Time and Money

Drain and rooter problems can cause water bills to rise dramatically, and damaged pipes, leaks, and water damage can lead to costly repairs. Having professional rooter services is vital if you want a quick solution that will prevent you from dealing with expensive repairs and possible renovations down the road. Professional rooter cost benefits include having only to pay once for a technician to come and fix the problem, rather than possibly having to spend more and more money and time trying to fix the problem yourself and possibly calling in for extreme repairs and replacements.

4) Safer for the Household

When drain clogs become severe, they are incredibly dangerous for the house and those inside, especially when it comes to possible mold growth, water damage, and sewage backup that can have serious safety dangers. When it comes to rooter professional vs. DIY work, trained plumbers will be able to locate the source of the problem and resolve it more effectively. Trying to unclog drains yourself can be risky since using tools like drain snakes or drain cleaners can be extremely harmful to your drains if not used in the correct way. A trained rooter technician will know how to locate the clog and determine the best method for unclogging it so that further damage is not done.

5) Smoother Drains

When it comes to achieving smooth-running drains once again, professional rooter efficiency is unmatched. You don’t want to have to deal with a drain clog any longer than you have to, which is why you might be anxious to try to take care of the problem immediately by yourself. But professional services will be able to more accurately eradicate the clog with their methods and training. Even if you are able to unclog a drain on your own, professional rooter companies will be able to completely clear and clean your whole drain, so you can enjoy smoother-running drains for a much longer period of time before another clog occurs.

6) Odors Eliminated

One of the most aggravating aspects of clogged drains can be the odors that often arise from the backup in the sewage system. These strong odors can be an indicator of serious backups in the sewer, which means hazardous material could be rising back up into your home. Though odors can sometimes be taken care of through the DIY baking soda and vinegar solution, it is better to call in professionals who will immediately be able to identify the size of the problem and get rid of it right away, so that you do not have to wait and hope the problem goes away while it actually grows worse.

7) Precise Inspections

Professional rooter services can quickly and accurately solve drain clog problems because they can perform more precise inspections in the drain than people are typically able to do on their own. DIY drain solutions require a lot of careful guesswork, whereas professional companies have the equipment and expertise to identify exactly where the clog is and how severe it is. Therefore, they can determine exactly what is required to eliminate the problem.

8) Repair and Replacement Options

When trying to take care of a clog issue on your own, you may not know the severity of what is happening within your pipes. Professional plumbers will be able to identify the extent of the damage fully and have the knowledge of the best methods to take care of the issue. Professionals can offer immediate repair and replacement options that you would most likely not be able to perform on your own without the danger of damaging your system further and increasing the costs.

9) Professional Equipment and Training

One of the best advantages of hiring professional rooter and drain services is that a reputable plumbing company will have the proper training and equipment to deal with your drain issues. You can be assured that rooter professionals will offer services such as hydrojetting that can effectively clear and clean your drain. Hiring a professional company guarantees you will get reliable service and work performed on your drain from licensed technicians and experts in their field.

10) Long-Term Fix

The impact of professional rooter services will remain for months and even years after the work is done. When you clear the clog in your drain, you take care of the immediate issue. The buildup from years of use sticks to the sides of your drain, like grease, food particles, hair, and more. So even if you are able to clear a clog in one of your drains, the solution is not long-term. Professionals not only clear your drain but also give it a thorough cleaning so that you are not only able to have smooth, unclogged drains but they will also remain that way for a long time in the future.

Rooter service importance is obvious since the problems tree roots can cause for your drain system can be extreme and even dangerous. But there can be differences over whether professional or DIY work is the best way to go. There are some benefits to DIY rooter work, like getting to know your system better and having the confidence to perform this very important bit of home maintenance. However, having professionals inspect your pipes to locate the exact area and size of the clog allows for an immediate and effective solution that can then be performed through their trained technique and tools. When it comes to root invasion, there can be a lot of repair and replacement work involved as well, which will be much safer and more cost-effective if performed by professionals.

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