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Heat pumps work as excellent energy-efficient, cost-effective heating and air conditioning systems that can offer your home maximum comfort year-round. But in order to achieve this level of efficiency and comfort, it is important to know how to operate your heat pump system in a way that will help it achieve peak efficiency. These are all the tips that can help you get the most out of your heat pump’s operation.

What To Avoid in Heat Pump Operation

When it comes to operating your heat pump, there are certain things you will want to avoid doing to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible to achieve a desirable level of heat or cool and increase your energy savings. These are the things that you should avoid when operating your heat pump in order to gain the full capacity of its features:

Auto Mode

Though auto mode may seem like an ideal way to easily maintain a comfortable temperature with heat pumps, it can result in the system randomly switching between heating and cooling modes in order to maintain the set temperature regardless of other factors that might be affecting the cooling and heating in the house, such as when a stove or oven is running. It is best to set the thermostat at either “heat” or “cool” mode. This way, you can then adjust the settings as the seasons change and the indoor temperature changes.

Frequent Temperature Changes In Your Heated Or Cooled Air

Once you set your heat pump thermostat to the desired temperature, it is best to leave it at that set point. Heat pumps will be most effective if you leave them at a steady temperature rather than changing it for short periods of time, like when you go to sleep or leave the house, as you might with other heating systems, because they will have to use more energy to try to reach the desired temperature again. You may have to set temperatures slightly higher than with a normal furnace in order to achieve the right setting for your home because of how the heat pump units are placed in the house. It is also important to make sure that your heat pump is paired with your thermostat so it can run the auxiliary heat at the same time to maximize comfort.

Competing Systems

Make sure that your existing heating system, whether it is a gas furnace, an electric furnace, electric baseboards, etc., is not on and competing with your heat pump. Make your existing heating system a backup heating system by turning down the thermostat by at least 5 or 10 degrees lower than the heat pump setting. This way, your heat pump is the primary heating source, keeping your system energy efficient. Making it so that you only have to use your backup heat source when more heat is absolutely required for your home will increase your energy savings over time.

Practices To Implement With Heat Pumps

It is important to optimize your fan speed so that it is just right for you. You can start by putting it on auto, and then setting a fixed speed based on your comfort needs. The fan speed will increase air flow as well as heat distribution, the higher you set it. You will also want to make sure you maintain good air flow from your unit by making sure it is facing an open space in the room and directed towards the furthest point from the indoor unit with minimal obstructions.

In the summer, there are a few different modes to set your heat pump to in order to achieve maximum comfort in the cooling season. Make use of the summer heat pump settings that include: the “fan,” which is the lowest energy-using level and can take the edge off a warm day; the “dry” mode, which can reduce humidity; and the “cool” mode, which will lower the temperature of the house and offer cooled air on a particularly hot day.

Heat Pump Maintenance Tips

One of the most important things that extends the life and productivity of heat pumps, as well as any and all HVAC systems, is keeping up with regular maintenance. This can include many different things for different heat pumps, but these are some of the top maintenance tips for most heat pumps:

Keep Outdoor Unit Clear

Since it is exposed to the elements, it is likely that your outdoor unit might become filled with things like leaves, small branches, and other outside debris. Make sure that you are clearing away anything stuck in the vents and outside coil that could be restricting air flow. A heat pump takes the outside air temperature and transfers it inside, so if the vents outside are blocked with debris, it will not be able to easily access the outdoor temperature and bring it back inside, forcing your heat pump to use more energy. The only time you won’t have to worry is when there is snow or ice collecting on the unit during cold weather, since there is an automatic defrost cycle that will take care of it.

Clean the Filters

Replacing and cleaning the filters are also important for maintaining good airflow when heating and cooling. You can tell when filters in heat pumps need to be replaced or cleaned if you see they are either visibly dirty or an indicator light turns on. Many homeowners will find that energy is wasted from heating and air conditioning systems, putting in a greater amount of effort trying to reach the set temperature on the thermostat through clogged duct filters. This is especially important to do if you have pets, since pet hair can build up in your air filters significantly if not regularly cleaned.

Professional Care

Hiring a qualified professional to perform yearly maintenance on your heat pump is a great way to ensure you are comfortable year-round. John Owens Services is an HVAC contractor who performs thorough and expert service on all heating systems, from air source heat pumps to natural gas or propane furnaces. You can save money on expensive repairs and even extend the life of your system by having professional heat pump service performed to make sure that all heating equipment runs at peak performance and that you can catch any problems early before they grow into expensive repairs. It is best to do this before winter and summer, when you will begin to use your system regularly after an extended period of non-use.

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