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You most likely know all of the signs of a blocked drain in your home. But how do you know when the problem is due to roots? If your drain clogs are due to roots, you will need to call for rooter services that can eradicate the root intrusion and make any necessary repairs to your system, since the presence of roots in the pipes usually means there are holes in the pipes where they came in. But these services also tackle basic drain clearing and cleaning.

So when should you call for these services? Today, we will give you a rooter emergency guide and provide you with crucial information on recognizing a rooter emergency. We will also advise you on what steps to take once you have identified the emergency, including how to prepare for a visit from a rooter specialist.

Signs of Root Problems

These are the common signs of root problems in your pipes. If you are experiencing any of these, it is best to contact a rooter professional right away.

  1. Multiple Slow Drains and Clogs

If you are noticing clogs in more than one drain or various slow-moving drains, this is a sign there is a clog within the main system rather than in just one drain. You want to take care of this problem immediately, since continued buildup will only worsen the clog until a massive blockage is created. Urgent rooter service from a professional will be required if it is a main-line issue that cannot be resolved through methods such as chemical drain cleaners or plungers.

  1. Gurgling Noises

Strange noises coming from the plumbing fixtures in your home are a sign of a clogged drain line. Much like with clogs and slow drains, hearing these noises coming from multiple fixtures is most likely due to a much bigger issue than a singular clogged drain. Immediate rooter help from trained plumbers is the best way to identify and take care of the problem quickly before it grows worse.

  1. Wastewater Backup

Wastewater flooding back up through your drains when using another fixture is a big indicator of a serious clog in the drain system. Sewage backup is a very dangerous occurrence since the hazardous waste can flood into and cause damage to your home, as well as being extremely unsafe for your health. Immediate rooter help from qualified plumbers is mandatory in this case to get a solution to the issue as quickly as possible.

What to Expect from Rooter Services

So what will be involved with an emergency rooter response? A professional rooter company will be trained and equipped for handling rooter issues at your home. After you call and request service, they will arrive with fully-stocked trucks, ready to inspect, locate, and remedy the source of your drain line problem.


Here are some rooter emergency tips to keep in mind before the professionals arrive: First, clear the areas around where the plumbers will be working. This will most likely be wherever the access point to the main sewer line is. You will want to make sure there is plenty of room for the plumber’s equipment and that none of your personal items will be accidentally damaged. The other thing you will want to do is remove any sewage waste that you can, preferably by a professional, so that it is easier for the plumber to gain access to the plumbing.

Clog Location

The first thing that will happen with emergency rooter services is that the plumber will use inspection equipment in order to locate the exact position of the clog within the pipe. This will also allow them to see the exact size of the blockage. They will also do a quick inspection of the plumbing fixtures as well as test them to observe the drain issues.

Root Removal

Once they have the location and size of the clog, the plumbers will go to work removing the offending roots from the pipe. They do this through methods such as drain snaking, hydrojetting, and rooter machines. Rooter machines are the most common tools for the job because they are so effective at rapidly breaking apart and clearing away large root clogs. Hydrojetting is also a strong technique because it can blast away the buildup as well as clean the sides of the pipe from hard debris.


Pipes will most likely be damaged by root intrusion since roots will break through the pipe in order to access the moisture within. In this case, pipe repair, and sometimes replacement, will be necessary. Sometimes, it can be as simple as repairing a section of pipe that is cracked or corroded, but sometimes sewer line replacement will be required. Traditional sewer line replacement, which involves excavation, will be necessary if the pipes are sagging or collapsed. But trenchless sewer line replacement, a much quicker and non-invasive process, can be done if the foundation of the pipes is still significantly intact. This involves simply creating holes on opposite ends of the existing pipe and then inserting the new pipe or lining through them, making a new, stronger layer of protection against further root invasion.

Rooter emergency preparedness is important since root invasion in drain pipes can be a common occurrence, especially if you do not have regular professional drain maintenance or your current piping material is weaker against roots. Always remember that though there are some DIY methods that can be implemented when it comes to taking care of your drain system’s health, our rooter emergency advice is that it is best to contact a professional rooter company when it comes to the issue of roots in the main sewer line. This involves a lot of work with complicated sewer pipes that can be dangerous to tamper with if you do not have the proper training and tools.

John Owens Services has been a professional rooter business for nearly 40 years. We have a record of excellent rooter crisis management on every job, as well as always providing long-lasting rooter quick fixes that can resolve any drain emergency. If you are looking for guaranteed professional work that will help your drains remain in prime condition for years to come, contact John Owens today!

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