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When looking around for information regarding home drain cleaning, you will come across a wide variety of information detailing the easiest and quickest ways to get results that will last. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation going around about how drain cleaning can work. These myths are dangerous, as they can make your drain problem grow even worse and sometimes even cause damage to your system. These quick-fix methods are usually sought out as alternatives to calling a professional plumber, which is harmful since putting off assistance from a plumbing technician can result in an even bigger disaster occurring, which will then cost even more money.

In our article today, we will go over some of the most common plumbing myths and why they are incorrect. Since our drain and plumbing systems are so vital to our everyday lives, it is essential that we know the proper way to take care of them to keep them running as smoothly as possible.

Myth 1: Slow Drains Are Not a Big Deal

Putting off addressing slow drains will only make the problem worse and harder to manage. If you are noticing slow-moving drains in the shower, toilet, sinks, or other places, this is a sign of a clog that is beginning in the drain system. Clogged drains, if left unchecked, can lead to large blockages that can damage the pipe, and there is the danger of sewage backup as well, which can be extremely harmful to your home and health. Any slow drain should be given immediate attention.

Myth 2: The Plunger

A plunger is often the first thought whenever there is a clog. These work great for a small clog every now and then, so long as you are using the correct type of plunger on each appliance, one for the toilet, sink, and so on. However, plunging the same clog that is appearing over and over again will not solve the issue. Furthermore, plunging too quickly or forcefully can push the clog further into the drain pipe, making it much more difficult to locate and remove. If the plunger is not working, calling a licensed plumber should be the next step for every homeowner.

Myth 3: Don’t Worry About Small Leaks

If you are noticing a drip from your sink or other appliance, it should definitely be something to pay attention to. Even a slow drip can waste gallons of water over time, not to mention money. A leak from any appliance is a sign that there is a problem that should be fixed. If you notice a leaky faucet, it is important to begin working to solve the problem right away to save water and money before they are wasted.

Myth 4: Chemical Drain Cleaners

Store-bought drain cleaners may be fast and easy when getting rid of a small clog, but it is recommended to avoid them when you can. If you are lucky, the clogged drain will be remedied if the blockage is small enough, but for larger blockages, liquid drain cleaners will be ineffective and oftentimes cause more harm than good. The toxic chemicals within these drain cleaners are extremely harmful to you if you are not extremely careful when handling them, and they can also cause extreme damage to your system if used repeatedly. There is even the risk of the chemicals sitting within the standing water and causing harm if there is any kind of splashback. Overall, when clogs occur, it is better to go with a natural drain cleaning solution, such as a baking soda and vinegar mix, or to call a professional if the clog is persisting.

Myth 5: Anything Can Go Down a Drain

This is a very dangerous myth because there are only a small number of things that can go down a drain safely. Things like large food particles, trash, and hair should be kept out of the pipes using grated drain covers that can catch debris while you are showering or doing the dishes. Flushable wipes are also not really flushable since, unlike toilet paper, they are a paper product that cannot break down easily once you flush them down the toilet. You should not flush any paper products, aside from toilet paper, down the drains, or else you will risk toilet clogs. Grease is another dangerous item to put down drains because it can solidify and build up very easily, creating a clog in the drain. Once it coats the sides of the drain, it can collect other debris, like soap scum, to create even bigger blockages. Hot water does not eliminate this problem. Hot water may offer temporary relief, but once it moves further into the drain, it will still coat the sides of the pipes and solidify once the water is gone. Overall, it is never a good idea to pour grease down the drain.

Myth 6: Garbage Disposal

When it comes to cleaning your garbage disposal, there are a couple myths about the best maintenance techniques. While lemon peels can be useful in making your garbage disposal smell better, they will not clean it on their own. Also, the citric acid found within lemon peels will actually damage the disposal over time if used over a long period of time. Another myth with garbage disposals is that ice will sharpen the blades. While ice will be helpful in knocking loose a lot of the gunk built up on the blades, it will not sharpen them.

Myth 7: DIY Plumbing is the Same as Professional Plumbing

When it comes to DIY drain cleaning, there are methods, such as using natural ingredients to create home-made drain cleaners, that are effective when implemented into a regular maintenance routine. However, this should not act as a replacement for professional drain and rooter service, which is vital to maintaining your sewer system. Licensed plumbers are able to get an inside look at your drain system with their advanced equipment, and they have the knowledge and training in the field of plumbing to identify and take care of a problem before it can grow worse. A plumber is also the only one who should be performing any repair or replacement job, which is most likely necessary if you have a problem with tree roots invading your pipes.

Myth 8: Regular Drain Cleaning is Too Expensive

One of the most common plumbing myths and a big reason people will not contact professional plumbers is because they think they can save money by trying to fix the problem themselves. Homeowners generally are not trained in plumbing, and therefore, it is risky when they try tackling their home’s plumbing issues themselves. An expert opinion can help many homeowners avoid major problems that could lead to costly repairs. Rooter service from trained plumbers will actually be less expensive in the long run since they will catch warning signs in the plumbing system early on before they grow into bigger issues, and working on your plumbing system yourself could even lead to greater damage if you do not have the proper tools or training for the job, meaning you will have to pay for more expensive repairs in the end.

Save Your Plumbing System from Common Plumbing Myths

From harsh chemicals to grease and non-flushable paper products, protect your home’s plumbing from these myths that have the potential to cause clogs, leaks, and a whole matter of other plumbing problems. Remember that licensed plumbers are the best people to contact to work on your pipes and to unclog drains in your kitchen, bathroom, or other drains. A plumber will have the best solutions for any sewer and plumbing maintenance or repairs. For the well-being of their plumbing, every homeowner should stay knowledgeable about plumbing myths and hire a plumber for regular rooter service to avoid clogs, leaky pipes, and other plumbing mishaps.

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