Tankless water heaters are great! They are great for the environment, cost less to operate, they last longer, are easier to repair, and take up less space! There are a lot of reason why homeowners are switching to tankless water heaters. One huge selling point for tankless water heaters is that they are low maintenance, and they are low maintenance. However, no matter how low maintenance they are it is still important to stay on top of the maintenance. Water heater maintenance isn’t really on the forefront of everyone’s to-do list, and so a lot of homeowners forgo the regular maintenance on the water heaters only to be faced with an issue that could have been prevented by regular maintenance. So what kind of maintenance do tankless water heaters need?

Annual Water Heater Flush

Once a year all water heaters alike should be flushed. For tankless water heaters, it involves shutting off the power, removing the purge port caps, and attaching hoses to the valves to flush and drain the water heater. Each manufacturer has different guidelines that should be adhered to.

Remove Water Heater Limescale Buildup

Limescale can affect the efficiency, and effectiveness of the tankless water heater. Excessive mineral deposits can cause your unit to work harder than usual to keep up with demand, which can eventually lead to breakdown and failure of the system. As part of the regular maintenance for your tankless water heater, the heat exchange should be cleaned and descaled to prevent any issues.

Clean Water Heater Filter

The filter should also be cleaned at least once a year. This helps you water heater run more efficiently and helps reduce the amount of sediment in the water.

Check Water Heater Temperature

Tankless water heaters should not have a temperature over 120° F. Excessive heat from your water heater is not only dangerous but can exacerbate the growth of limescale on the mechanical parts of your water heater.

How Often Do Water Heaters Need to Be Maintained?

How often tankless water heaters need to be serviced depends on the area that you live in and the hardness of the water. The harder the water, the more frequently it is recommended. A water softener can help reduce the amount of sediment in your water. Which will reduce mineral deposits on your water heater, appliances, plumbing fixtures, clothing, and dishes. To learn more about what kind of maintenance tankless water heaters need or to schedule your service contact John Owens today!


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