Proper drain function is important for the way a plumbing system works. When a drain isn’t functioning properly it can cause a lot of stress and mess. Clogged drains are one of the leading plumbing problems around, fortunately most clogged drains are preventable. Here are 3 of the leading causes of damage to your drains.


When it comes to your garbage disposal it isn’t meant to be treated like a garbage can. By putting things that don’t belong down the garbage

disposal you can cause a lot of damage to your drains, which can give way to some unwanted plumbing problems. For best results when using your garbage disposal make sure you are watching what you put down the garbage disposal. Never put: grease, large pieces of food, bone, fibrous food particles, trash, paper, plastic, or glass down the garbage disposal. Be sure to always run the garbage disposal with water and avoid overloading it. Deodorizing your garbage disposal with baking soda, or lemon peel is a good idea for regular maintenance of your garbage disposal. To clean off debris that can build up over time, try through a few ice cubes down every now and then. This will help you garbage disposal work more efficiently.


When it comes to disposal of building supplies and other chemicals, it is a good idea to check how they are to be disposed of properly. One of the leading causes of plumbing problems is improper disposal of building supplies and chemicals. Pouring either down the drain can result in some serious damage to your drains. You don’t want substances like concrete or paint collecting in your drains. If substances like these get caught in your drains, they can harden and collect other debris leading to some pretty major obstructions that can be really difficult to clear. Stay on the safe side and always dispose of building materials and other chemicals the right way. Most cities have facilities set up to properly dispose of such substances. You can contact your city trash service to find out more about how to dispose of building materials and chemicals.


Liquid drain cleaner sound pretty straight forward, right? You’ve got a clog so you reach for the liquid drain cleaner, it’s harmless, right? Wrong! Liquid drain cleaner can often deliver more than you bargained for, in terms of drain cleaning. Unfortunately, liquid drain cleaner usually isn’t all that effective at clearing major obstructions. While it may provide temporary relief, a more serious plumbing problem might be at hand, like tree roots for example. A more efficient way to handle reoccurring drain clogs is to contact a professional plumber to perform video pipe inspection. This is a more effective way to see what is really going on so a more effective method of treatment can be applied. In addition, liquid drain cleaner can be dangerous to handle, harmful to your pipes, and bad for the environment. Remember anything you put down the drain can eventually end up in our water supplies. And, if you are on a septic tank, pouring liquid drain cleaner down the drain could alter the environment in your septic tank and lead to other problems.

Protecting your drains from damage by forming good habits is the best way to prevent plumbing problems. While not all clogs are preventable, many are by taking the right precautions. Are you suffering from clogged drains? Contact us today!


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