A properly functioning plumbing system is a must in order or a restaurant to run smoothly. Think about the amount of time and effort put in to putting out good quality food. Any obstruction in the function of the plumbing system can cause breakdowns and inefficiencies in the kitchen, which ultimately supports your business. In addition, the more customers you have the more customers you will have using the restrooms, it is important to make sure that things are working properly. Here are some plumbing tips for restaurants.

Maintain Grease Traps

Regular maintenance for grease traps is one of the biggest plumbing tips for restaurants. For starters grease and plumbing systems do not mix. Grease buildup over time can form masses that collect other debris which can lead to a major plumbing problem. A clog caused by grease can cause backflow issues, which in an area that is designed to prepare food, this is the last thing you want. To keep things running smoothly have your grease traps cleaned often to prevent buildup and rancid oil. In addition, keep your kitchen safe by cleaning grease traps on a regular basis to prevent fires.

Leak Detection

Leak detection is also another important plumbing tip for restaurants. Leaks can be costly over time, not to mention can damage the surrounding area. When you run a business, it is important to keep overhead low. Part of doing that is to make sure all systems in place are working correctly and efficiently.

Watch for Drainage Problems

Drainage problems can elude to a more serious plumbing problem. Which is why watching for drainage problems is another important plumbing

tip for restaurants. Be proactive when it comes to slow drainage, and have your drains cleaned. This can help prevent a more serious plumbing problem.

Regular Drain Cleaning

Regular drain cleaning is a must when you own a restaurant. Keep things running smoothly with ongoing, regular drain cleaning. In addition, your bar and drink station drains should also be cleaned on a regular basis, as soda, juice, and alcohol all contain sugar which can buildup in drains and lead to slow drainage and a bad smell. Avoid this by pouring hot water down soda fountain drains, and in your well drain.

Use a Filter for Drains

One of the biggest plumbing tips for restaurants is to utilize filters for drains. This helps you watch what goes down the drain. By watching what goes down the drain you can avoid all kinds of plumbing problems.  Food particles and trash should never go down the drain to prevent clogs.

A well-working plumbing system is crucial for your business. One of the best things you can do to keep things running smoothly is to schedule regular drain cleaning with a professional plumber. To learn more about regular maintenance or for more plumbing tips for restaurants contact John Owens Services today!


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