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About BayREN

The Bay Area Regional Community Network or BayREN is a collaboration between the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties. It is led by the Association of Bay Area Governments or ABAG. BayREN runs various region-wide energy efficiency programs and offers a wide range of services and resources directed towards the general public.

The primary purpose is to promote energy efficiency in buildings, build government capacity and reduce carbon emissions. The California Public Utilities Commission funds BayREN. It also regularly receives grants and funding from member agencies, state and federal agencies, and foundations.

BayREN draws on the expertise of ABAG members and assists them in evaluating and improving compliance with California’s energy code. BayREN also helps single-family rental owners, property owners, and businesses get technical assistance and financial resources to choose the best approach to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.

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BayREN Governance

BayREN is governed through the Coordinating Circle. The Coordinating Circle includes representatives from ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments) and all the nine Bay Area counties. Every BayREN member agency designates one voting member to the Coordinating Circle.


To date, BayREN has saved almost four trillion BTUs of energy. It has generated more than 1,200 jobs and upgraded more than 47,000 housing units. BayREN has helped property owners save more than $85 million on utilities and has avoided more than 16 million tons of carbon. More than 12,000 energy advisors refer to this program.

Rebates by BayREN

BayREN offers a slew of incentives to homeowners upgrading to energy-efficient homes. These incentive programs offer several benefits for households.

Owners of eligible properties get assistance to reduce their energy use and improve comfort and indoor air quality in their homes. In addition to saving you money, energy efficiency upgrades can increase property value.

Only properties constructed in 2001 or earlier are eligible. Rebates are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order to claim BayREN rebates, property owners must complete eligible improvements with a BayREN Participating Contractor.

The maximum amount of rebate an eligible customer can claim is $5,000*. You can visit or contact a BayREN Energy Advisor to determine whether you qualify for these benefits.

*To be eligible, a customer must not previously receive a rebate for the same equipment under more than one energy-efficiency program offering financial assistance (in the form of rebates) funded with PG&E ratepayer dollars in the last three years for operation and maintenance measures and the last eight years for building shell and water heating measures.


Eligible Program Measures and Rebate Amounts

Measure Rebate
O & M (Operation and Maintenance) Measures
Smart Thermostat (must be an ENERGY STAR product) $150
Duct sealing (should be less than/or equal to 10 percent total leakage) -(ducts or furnace/an FAU located in the garage/an air handler does not qualify) $200
Duct replacement (should be less than/equal to 5 percent of the total leakage) $800
Building Shell Measures
Attic insulation more than/equal to R-44 (attic air sealing included) $0.75/sq.ft. (maximum – $1,000 per home)
Wall insulation -R-value more than/equal to 13 (for 2*4 framings) or R-value more than/equal to 19 (for 2*6 framings) $2/sq.ft. (maximum – $1,000 per home)
Heating and Cooling Measures
Central gas furnace (only high efficiency units with more than/ equal to 95 percent AFUE with variable speed motor, should be a replacement unit) $300
High efficiency split central air conditioner (SEER more than/equal to 17 High efficiency packaged central air conditioner (SEER more than/equal to 16) (only eligible if the unit replaces entire load associated with the existing system) $800
High efficiency heat pump (SEER more than/equal to 17 or 9.4 HSPF) (must replace entire load associated with the existing unit) $1,000
Water Heating Measures
water heater ( For high efficiency storage gas medium usage units- UEF should be more than/equal to 0.64) (if it’s a high efficiency high usage storage unit its UEF rating should be more than /equal to 0.68) (if it is an instantaneous water heater, its UEF rating should be more than/equal to 0.87) $400
Heat pump water heaters (units with UEF rating equal to/more than 3.1 qualify) $1,000
Bonus Rebates
Combine at least one Building Shell measure with a Heating or Cooling measure (both measures must be completed at the same time) $500
Building air sealing-must account for more $150
than/equal to 30 percent of the total leakage reduction (must be combined with another measure. A standalone building shell measure must pass blower test-in and test-out to qualify)
Combustion Appliance Safety or CAS test-out (cannot be used as a standalone rebate. Only one per service address allowed ) $150
Electrification Appliance Measures (in order to qualify for the incentive, the PG&E account holder must submit a rebate application, photographs of the installed equipment and proof that they are already using an equipment)
Induction electric range (hybrids do not qualify) or cooktop (should be used for replacing the existing cooktop) $300
Heat pump clothes dryer -CEF more than/equal to 4.50 (must be an ENERGY STAR appliance) $300

The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

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Regular maintenance keeps your home’s systems running well all year long. We’ll help you gain efficiency and save money.



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