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Propane Water Heater Install – Sonoma County

In this video, we have another excellent water heater installation in a home out in Sonoma County, California. We are North Bay's expert in plumbing, heating, and air. We service, install, and repair all residential air conditioning, furnaces, ducts, boilers, thermostats, electrical panels, and more!

Smart Electric Eichler Home Install

Here we have a video of a recently completed project out in Upper Lucas Valley in San Rafael. This install was on an Eichler modernist home. The current owners wanted to stay true to the original feel of the home, but bring it to the future by going fully electric. No more Gas! With our team's expertise, we were able to provide just that for them. It looks AMAZING! Got an Eichler home you would like to update too? Give us a call!

Return Grill Enlargement

Replaced a furnace with an air handler in Sonoma County, California. We needed to enlarge the return grill in the attic to make sure that the system had enough air flow.

Plenum Build

Joe was installing new ducts and a furnace for a client and built a plenum right before our eyes! Call today to have Joe or one of our other great technicians come to your house! We also service your water heater, heat pumps, boilers, solar power, and plumbing needs!

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John Owens Services provides maintenance, repair and the replacement of boilers, radiant heating, furnaces, all things plumbing and electrical. Located in Marin with over 25 years of experience.

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