How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter

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Winter is coming! And with it also comes a change in your plumbing and a whole host of problems. A leak or a clogged drain can cause an unwanted stink that will cause potential disaster and make your home unlivable. Therefore, you need to winterize your plumbing before the cold season comes into play. Here are the top five tips to help you prepare your plumbing for the winter season and keep it in good shape.

1. Check Your Main Water Shut-Off Valve

Winter can be a challenging time for plumbing. Frozen pipes are a common problem and can lead to burst pipes and water damage. To mitigate this from happening, you should check your main water shut-off valve every month or two throughout the winter to see whether it is working correctly. If the valve is not functioning properly or you notice any sign of corrosion, you should schedule a plumbing company in Petaluma for it to be serviced.

2. Insulate Your Pipes

If you fail to insulate your pipes, they could freeze solid. That can be disastrous and create severe problems as frozen pipes crack and break easily. To avoid this, wrap them with insulation foam or purchase pipe sleeves for better protection and ensure that the insulation is secure. Heat tape is also an incredible option to keep your exposed pipes from freezing if you aren’t equipped with an automatic frost-free faucet. If you do find a frozen pipe, turn off the water immediately and call a plumber company near you as soon as you can.

3. Clear Drains

Over time, your drains can become clogged in cold weather. The common causes of slow or clogged drains could be hair, oil, grease, and soap scum swirling around the stopper mechanism or in your home’s drain pipes. It is critical to keep these pipes clear of this buildup so that it does not reduce water flow or cause clogs later on.

4. Treat Outdoor Faucets

It’s easy to forget your outside faucet when thinking about year-round maintenance. But if that tap freezes and bursts, the damage can be considerable. If you have an outside faucet, turn off the water supply and drain the hose before storing it for the winter. Then apply antifreeze to the outside of your faucet to ensure that it doesn’t freeze and burst while you’re not using it.

5. Inspect for Leaks 

Leaks from faucets, toilets, and water heaters are common in the winter when people crank up the thermostat. And if left unaddressed, leads and drips can lead to massive water bills and even structural damage. That’s why you need to examine your washer connection hoses, faucet supply lines, toilet flappers, and supply line valves for any potential leaks.

If you happen to notice water collecting in the basement or any unusual dampness, call a plumbing company near you immediately to avoid significant damage.

Cold weather can wreck and ruin your pipes and plumbing. Having a professional plumbing company in Petaluma winterize your plumbing system is recommended if you are unsure how to do it yourself. To schedule a service, call us at 707-452-3464.

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