Surprising Ways Your Plumbing Contributes to Your Everyday Health

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Plumbing systems have been around for quite some time. The first plumbing systems were developed by the Roman empire in 6000 BC. These systems consisted of aqueducts and underground sewage systems. They were well ahead of their time.

Thousands of years have passed since the Romans started developing plumbing systems. Though plumbing technology has come a long way since then, the role of plumbing systems remains the same – to remove wastewater from homes and bring fresh water in.

Plumbing Systems Prevent Diseases

Poor sanitation can contribute to waterborne diseases such as typhoid, Hepatitis A, and cholera. Every year, more than seven million people fall ill after drinking contaminated water. Waterborne diseases cause more than 6,600 deaths every year.

In the early 1900s, the lack of proper waste disposal contributed to poor sanitation. As a result, the 1900s witnessed several disease outbreaks. No wonder life expectancy was as low as 30-40 years during the 1900s.

Disease-causing germs, including bacteria and viruses, thrive in contaminated water. If a person comes in contact with contaminated water, they can get infected by deadly microbes.

Many healthcare experts believe that clean drinking water has protected more lives and extended life expectancy more than any medical advancement.

Your plumbing system plays an important role in maintaining sanitary conditions in your home by removing contaminated water from your property. It is designed to prevent contaminated water from mixing with drinking water.

A malfunctioning plumbing system cannot perform this role. An unaddressed plumbing issue can affect the system’s ability to remove wastewater from your home.

Pipes are an integral component of your plumbing system. Pipes can burst or develop leaks. Water from a leaking pipe can become a breeding ground for mold and fungus.

Mold is not just unsightly, it can also cause a number of health issues such as runny eyes, itchy eyes, coughing, redness of the eyes, runny nose, and rash. It can also lead to throat, nose, and lung irritation.

People with asthma or seasonal allergy are at risk of serious complications. In people with asthma or allergy to mold, exposure to it can trigger a flare-up.

Various studies have connected toxic mold exposure to several long-term effects such as memory loss and insomnia. Mold may even contribute to depression and anxiety and lead to weight gain, muscle cramps, and increased sensitivity to light.

When your plumbing system works properly, it removes wastewater, helping prevent mold growth. A properly functioning plumbing system will prevent contaminants from getting into your water supply.

Other Benefits of Plumbing

A properly functioning plumbing system saves several liters of water every day. A tankless water heater will help decrease water consumption and lower your heating cost by ensuring hot water is available when you need it.

Water-efficient plumbing fixtures such as pressure-reducing valves, performance showerheads, high-efficiency toilets, water-saving faucets, and re-circulating hot water systems can help save water without affecting your water pressure.

Water efficiency contributes to energy savings. Less water used = less water heated and less water transported.

Plumbing Maintenance Tips

There are several reasons why plumbing systems develop problems. Age-related deterioration and lack of maintenance can affect plumbing efficiency. An unaddressed plumbing issue can snowball into a major problem, and you may end up with an expensive repair.

Every homeowner should make plumbing maintenance a priority. Periodic maintenance can reduce wear and tear on different plumbing components and even reverse age-related deterioration to a certain extent.

A well-maintained plumbing system functions properly. Regular maintenance will prevent problems before they occur and add years to the service life of your plumbing components.

Inculcate good habits. Think twice before flushing an item down your toilet. Never flush solid waste such as sanitary pads, baby wipes, condoms, and cat litter down your toilet as they can cause nasty clogs.

Damaged and leaky pipes are one of the most common plumbing issues. A leaking pipe can damage your home’s foundation, ceiling, walls, and furniture.

Some common signs of a leaking pipe are stained and damaged walls and/or ceilings, foundation cracks, and high water bills. Have your plumber check your pipes for corrosion and scale buildup. Address problems before things take a turn for the worse.

To prevent hair, soap chips, and other debris from getting into your drain, install mesh drain covers in your shower, sinks, and bath. They will save you the trouble of having to snake your drains frequently.

A leaky faucet will not just contribute to unsanitary and unhygienic conditions, it can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water every year. Inspect your faucets and toilet for leaks. Fix leaky faucets and toilets in a timely manner.

The water heater is one of the most useful household appliances. A tankless water heater provides hot water on demand. Water contains minerals. When the water that flows into your water heater is heated, the minerals get deposited in your water heater’s tank and pipes, affecting the flow rate and your water heater’s heating efficiency.

Water leaking from your water heater can damage your subfloor, walls, and floors and can also lead to mold growth. If you allow water leaking from your water heater to accumulate, it can quickly become a breeding ground for disease-causing germs.

Have your plumber flush and maintain your water heater at least once every year, preferably before the heating season.

No matter how alert and vigilant you are, you might miss some signs of plumbing issues. Have a plumbing company near you in Novato inspect and maintain your plumbing system. Not only will your plumber treat existing problems, but they will also prevent potential problems before they occur, saving you headaches and money.

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