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A boiler either produces hot water or steam. There are several benefits of boilers. They are usually more efficient than forced-air systems and do not need vents. This prevents mold, dirt, dust and other allergens and contaminants from getting sucked into the system and circulated in homes.

Like every other household appliance, your boiler could develop problems. A malfunctioning boiler is a big inconvenience. It is very annoying to turn your shower on a chilly winter morning only to find out that your shower water is cold as ice.

Here are a few things to try if your boiler has an issue and stops working, or fails to heat your water properly.

Check Your Thermostat

First and foremost, check your thermostat to see if it is working properly and is set above room temperature. Check the batteries and wiring. Make sure you are using the right thermostat settings.

Inspect the Circulator Pump

The circulating pump is an integral part of a boiler. Its role is to circulate the hot water around the system. Carefully touch your boiler’s circulating pump to see if it is warm. If the pump is not running and is cool, inspect the circuit breaker for your boiler.

Check Your Boiler’s Temperature/Pressure Gauge  

Most gauges have a red line. When a boiler functions properly, the temperature/pressure is greater than zero, but below the red line.

If your boiler’s temperature and pressure are normal, there may be air inside it. This is a common issue with older models with manual air eliminators. If you have a manual air eliminator, replace it with a newer automatic float-type air eliminator.

Check for Overheating and Noise

If your system overheats or produces weird noises, the air circulation in the main circuit might not be adequate or there could be a foreign object obstructing the piping system.

Check the Motor Temperature

If your boiler’s motor is too warm to the touch, check the pump, the capacitor, and the motor to see if they are working properly. If the motor is cool to the touch, the thermostat or the circulator relay may have run into a problem.

Inspect the Main/Pilot Burners

The pilot burners must ignite when the damper is open or when the inducer fan is operating. If the pilot light does not come on, check to see if the vent pipe is obstructed.

If the pilot light comes on but does not stay lit, clean the pilot assembly and/or the flame sensor. The thermocouple and/or the boiler control may also need to be replaced.

If the pilot light is on, but the main burners do not come on, the burner control and/or the gas valve may need to be replaced.

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