HVAC Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bill This Summer

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HVAC systems have to put in more effort than usual to keep homes cool and livable during summer. When your HVAC goes into overdrive, it consumes too much energy. With summer upon us, you need to make sure your HVAC is in prime condition.

There are a number of ways to lower your HVAC energy consumption. Here are a few simple tips to keep your power bills down.

Change Filters Regularly

Every HVAC has at least one filter (some systems utilize multiple filters). The filter of an HVAC system is designed to trap common contaminants, such as pollen, dust particles, and dander in the air.

Filters get clogged over time. Systems with clogged filters have to work harder than usual to maintain indoor air quality, humidity, and temperature. It is not uncommon for families using HVAC systems with clogged filters to receive exorbitantly high energy bills.

And this is not all. HVAC systems with dirty filters are unable to cool evenly or fail to cool adequately. To avoid these problems, change your filters regularly. While many manufacturers recommend changing filters every 90 days, consider performing the exercise more frequently (monthly) if your HVAC runs for extended periods or you have elders, pets, or kids at home.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you are still using a traditional, non-programmable (manual) thermostat, now is the time to switch to a programmable one. Programmable thermostats are designed to help users control their air conditioning systems.

The recommended base temperature during summer is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. To reduce your cooling costs, set the temperature 7-10 degrees Fahrenheitmore when you are not home. If at night, you sleep soundly in a warm room, set the temperature four degrees Fahrenheit more than the daytime setting.

When your HVAC in Sonoma County is not overworked, it draws less energy, which is good for its health and your pocket. Studies show that when used correctly, a programmable thermostat can help users save 10-30 percent on their heating and cooling bills.

Clean Supply Vents and Registers

Dust particles tend to accumulate in and around supply vents and registers during the heating season. It does not matter whether your home has separate supply grills for heating and cooling, consider vacuuming your vents and registering a sacrosanct rule.

Unused AC vents covered in the heating season must be removed. Remember, clean ducts equal more efficient AC. To prevent your AC from turning into a power-hungry monster, have its ducts cleaned by an HVAC expert.

Close Curtains, Blinds, and Shades

To prevent solar heat gain, remember to keep your curtains, blinds, and shades drawn during the day. When completely drawn, a highly reflective curtain can decrease heat gain by up to 45 percent. If possible, use light-colored treatments.

To prevent outdoor heat from radiating inside your home, hang shades close to window panes. Opt for insulated and reflective shades. When your home is cooler, your AC will have to put in lesser efforts to achieve the desired results.

Operate Your System at Optimum and Stable Temperatures

Many systems have optimum temperature ranges. Operating your system at its optimum temperature range is one of the simplest ways to ensure it works efficiently. If you do not know your system’s optimum temperature range, go through your owner’s manual or consult your HVAC technician.

Avoid adjusting temperature settings too frequently or turning the AC way down on a hot summer afternoon as this can make your AC work harder than normal.

Use Ceiling Fans

Install ceiling fans throughout your home. Because hot air rises, switch on your fans to generate a gentle breeze to cool the rooms swiftly. This will ease the burden on your system, allowing it to operate efficiently.

Install or Seal Windows

It is estimated that an average home loses around 30 percent of its heating and cooling energy through leaks around windows. Poorly sealed windows lose air. When the temperature rises, the HVAC system is forced to put in more effort to ‘cool things down. To prevent this from happening, caulk leaks or cracks and weather-strip your windows.

If, however, your windows are too old, they might not be energy efficient. Consider replacing them with new, energy-efficient windows. If you are worried about installation costs, let us tell you that there are substantial long-term benefits of energy-efficient windows, as you will save on both heating and cooling costs.

Keep Up with Routine Maintenance

This is a no-brainer. Like all other devices, air conditioning systems need periodic maintenance. Have your system inspected and maintained by your technician semiannually. Regular maintenance allows your technician to track your system’s health.

During a maintenance session, a technician conducts various tests. They look for different issues and fix them before they snowball into major concerns. Some common tasks performed by an HVAC technician during a maintenance session are:

  • Filter and fin cleaning
  • Drain cleaning. The expert also looks for and fixes leaks
  • Checking and topping up coolant
  • Condenser and evaporator fan cleaning
  • Overall system inspection

Regularly maintained systems operate efficiently and also have long service lives.

Keep Your Floor and Wall Vents Clean

Dirt and dust particles can get sucked into an AC system. When this happens, the system’s efficiency takes a hit. To prevent this from happening, clean your floor and wall vents frequently. Vacuum at least once every week. Families with pets must seriously consider having their ductwork inspected and cleaned regularly.

Insulate Your Walls and Attic

Heat loss in an average home does not occur just through windows. Attics, crawlspaces, and walls lose air too. Having your home professionally insulated will improve its energy efficiency.

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