Debunking Four Myths About Water-Based Heating Systems

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Water has a number of unique properties. Water supports life by keeping us hydrated. It helps us clean our homes. It is an important ingredient in cooking. And it even keeps us clean and healthy through regular bathing. Water is also used for manufacturing different materials, and industries of all different shapes and sizes depend on water to operate in some way. However, for many people water is also taking on a new significance: a medium to carry or transfer heat needed to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the coldest days of winter.

Hydronic heating is growing rapidly in popularity, however, there are quite a few myths, misunderstandings, or misconceptions about these systems that we will occasionally encounter. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of these myths and explain the truth about each of them.

Hydronic Heating Is Substantially Risky

This is perhaps the most common myth or worry that we come across from those who are looking into a new type of heating system. For some people, the idea of a blistering hot stream of water traveling through pipes or water lines throughout their homes may sound worrisome. Our response: you depend on hot water for your showers and sinks, do you not? Hydronic heating is exactly the same thing.

Hydronic heating systems are actually tremendously reliable when it comes to leaks. Many of these lines are run in walls, foundations, and in other places that hold the line stable. Of course, any plumbing line will eventually wear out over time, but it’s not uncommon for metal pipes like copper or galvanized steel to last 50 years or more before that risk even becomes prominent.

Hydronic Heating Is Inefficient

This myth comes from the idea that it takes a substantial amount of heat to actually bring water up to temperature. If you’ve ever boiled water on a stove, you know how long it can take to bring even a small pot up to a rolling boil. However, it’s this quality that actually makes water a tremendously efficient heater. Boiler systems are designed to maximize how much heat enters the water during the heating stage, and the fact that the water can retain this heat so well makes it excellent for carrying the heat out to even some of the furthest reaches of your home. Believe it or not, these systems can actually be far more efficient than a forced-air heating system, particularly when you insulate the hot water lines that run between your boiler and your heating elements.

Water-Based Heaters Take Up Too Much Space

Many people have reservations about water-based heating because they don’t want a giant radiator taking up space in their rooms, and they likewise don’t want a huge boiler to have to sit somewhere in their home. Neither of these things is necessary. Boilers can take advantage of hidden heating elements, including hydronic heating grids, radiative floorboards, and plenty of others that take up no space in your room at all. All the while, these systems can actually provide more even heating to the room they’re in by spreading the heat throughout the space rather than focusing it on one single point.

Water Heating Systems Don’t Last Very

While water may be a life-sustaining force, it’s also a force of destruction. Most people think of their water heater and how it needs to be replaced roughly every 10 years or so and immediately think that a boiler system will have a similarly short lifespan. The truth is exactly the opposite. While forced-air furnaces and heat pump systems will generally last around 10 to 15 years, boilers can easily last for 20 to 25 years or more before you’ll need to consider a replacement boiler system. A well-maintained boiler can last even longer as well, ensuring you continue to get the heat you need for decades to come!

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