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As long as we’ve had indoor plumbing, we’ve had issues with clogs. Clogs can form in nearly any line that deals with waste, from kitchens to bathrooms to storm and perimeter drains and everything in between. And virtually all clogs share one distinct quality in common: they can be a real hassle to get rid of. However, professional plumbers have the tools and training to make the job faster, more complete, and more dependable.

Today, our plumbers often rely on a process known as “jetting” to resolve drain clog issues. Jetting is the process of using a jet of water under extremely high pressure to blast a clog away and clean the inside of your plumbing line. Do you know how you might use a pressure washer to blast away dirt and grime that has built up on your deck or patio over years of exposure to the elements? Jetting is much the same, only for your drains. Your plumber feeds a specialized pressure washing tool into your drain line that then blasts away at your clog and the walls of your drain line. The water jet scrapes away debris and obliterates blockages, opening the line and getting rid of the nasty clog for good.

Why do we use jetting as our preferred method of clog removal? There are several answers to this question, which you can read more about here.

Jetting Is Effective

To put it simply, no clog removal method is as thorough, effective, or complete as jetting. Jetting not only gets rid of your clog issue but actively prevents further clogs from forming by cleaning the walls of your plumbing to remove debris and stuck-on scum from the walls of your plumbing line. Clean walls give potentially clog-causing substances nothing to grab onto, so they simply continue to flow down the drain and out to your sewer or septic system.

Jetting is also effective at removing just about any type of clog you may have. Clogs come in many different forms, shapes, and sizes, but almost none of them could withstand the sheer force and power of a jet of water under high pressure like a jetting service provides. Everything from organic matter to long-forming buildup quickly is quickly torn apart by a jetting service.

Jetting Is Safe

Jetting is unlike many other types of clog removal services in that it’s entirely safe. It’s safe for you and your home because there are no harmful chemicals or corrosive substances involved. The entire process only utilizes a jet of regular water. No need to worry about any harmful chemical exposure or toxic cleaners entering your drain lines that could come back to cause problems for your loved ones.

Jetting is also safe for your plumbing. As long as your drain lines are in good enough condition, the jetting process does not harm them any further and actually keeps them in good shape so they can continue to serve you for even longer. While jetting could cause damage to drain lines that are already brittle and worn, these lines are ones that are generally better to replace outright anyway, as they can cause significantly more problems for that reason alone.

Jetting Is Eco-Friendly

Because jetting does not depend on any chemicals or corrosive substances, it’s also friendly to the environment. Jetting does not pollute the water table, does not damage environmental structures, and does not add any additional stress or strain to sewage management systems. This makes jetting a truly eco-friendly process for resolving clog issues. If you’re concerned about the environment or the impact your home may have on the world around you, jetting is absolutely the way to go when it comes to solving your clog problems.

Jetting Is Affordable

Finally, jetting is a highly-affordable clog removal method. All you need to have available is access to a water source (usually through an outdoor tap of some sort) and access to a standard electrical plug and your plumber can take care of your clog with ease. That means reduced costs for you in addition to extremely effective and consistent results. If you’ve got a clog, a jetting service can solve it quickly and completely without the heavy burden on your wallet or strain on your budget.

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