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When a plumbing disaster strikes the best way to diagnose the problem is with video pipe inspection. Video pipe inspection allows plumbers to see the condition of a plumbing system in real-time, which allows for a more accurate diagnosis. One of the biggest improvements to modern plumbing technology is video pipe inspection because it eliminates a lot of guesswork. It allows for a more accurate, time-saving, less messy, and more affordable plumbing repair job.


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Video pipe inspection has greatly improved the way plumbers diagnose plumbing problems. Gone are the days were floors and walls had to be torn open and trenches had to be dug just to find the issue. This method resulted in a lot of trial and error, and more mess that needed to be cleaned up and repaired as well. Video pipe inspection allows plumbers to get to the root of the problem, without having to tear open the ground or the walls which saves time and money, and allows for accurate plumbing repairs to be made the first time around.


There are many instances where video pipe inspection is needed to properly diagnose the problem. Here are some instances where video pipe inspection can help identify the problem.

Mold – Mold can be a huge problem. For starters, it can destroy surfaces, and it is a health hazard. Aside from the visible signs of mold, there is also the wet earthy smell accompanied by mold. If you don’t see mold, but smell mold, you may have an undetected leak. In this instance, video pipe inspection could be useful in pinpointing where the leak is so that repairs can be made right away.

Saturated Ground In Your Yard – If you notice ground in your yard that is saturated for no apparent reason, there could be an issue with your lateral line. In this instance, video pipe inspection can save you a lot of time searching for the leak.

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Higher Than Usual Water Bill – A higher than usual water bill without explanation, is definitely a cause for concern. There could be a hidden leak somewhere. Video pipe inspection is a great way to see what condition your plumbing is in and identify any leaks.

Slow Drainage – Slow drainage is often caused by a clog usually from foreign objects getting stuck in the drain, or tree roots. If you have recurring clogs or have tried cleaning your drains to no avail, having a video pipe inspection may be a good idea.

Pests – One pay pests like rodents and other vermin can gain access into your home is through your plumbing. There could be a broken pipe that is allowing these critters to gain access. A video pipe inspection could help you identify any weak points in your plumbing where unwanted house guests can gain access to your home.

The Smell Of Sewage – The smell of sewage is always a cause for concern. Not only it is probably one of the most undesirable smells there is, but it could mean a serious plumbing problem. There could be a sewage backup, which is a huge mess, not to mention is a health hazard. In this instance, video pipe inspection is really important to properly diagnose the problem.

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