Reasons Your Water Heater isn’t Producing Enough Hot Water


water heater isn't producing enough hot water
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Hot running water is one of the best parts of our modern plumbing system. And something we often take for granted, that is until we run out of hot water. Running out of hot water can be a huge nuisance, not only does it affect your bathing but also your water using appliances. There are several reasons why your water heater isn’t producing enough hot water.


Sediment Buildup

Metal and water simply don’t mix. Sediment buildup or corrosion is one of your waters heaters worst enemies, and the byproduct of minerals in the water. Calcium, and rust are two of the most common, and can cause your water heater to work less effectively and efficiently. As sediment builds up on the bottom of your tank, it can create a barrier between the water and the heats source. Leaving lukewarm water. To prevent this from happening it is important to stay on top of your water heater maintenance. Tank water heaters should be drained and flushed annually to prevent sediment buildup. Some signs you have excessive sediment buildup are:

  1. Discolored hot water.
  2. Loud banging inside the tank when the water heater is engaged.
  3. Visible signs of sediment, like rust outside of the tank.


Broken Dip Tube

The dip tube is the tube that sends water into the tank to be heated. A properly working dip tube disperses cold water to the bottom of the

water heater doesn't produce enough hot water
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tank where it can quickly be heated. A broken dip tube can leave cold water at the top of the tank, where the hot water outlet is located. A dip tube can be replaced, however if you water heater is 10 years old or older, it may simply be time to replace your water heater.


Malfunctioning Heating System

When your water heater doesn’t produce enough hot water, it could also mean there is a breakdown in the heating system itself. This could be with the thermal switch, thermostat, or heating element. Proper diagnosis should be done by a professional.


The older your water heater is the closer you are needing replacement. Traditional tank storage water heaters usually last 10-15 years. If you are in the market to replace your water heater, there are many great options available. For questions about water heater maintenance, water heater repair, or water heater installation contact John Owens Services today!

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