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John Owens in Sebastopol Drain Cleaning

For nearly 40 years, John Owens Services Inc. has been a plumbing business that provides quality, professional plumbing services in Sebastopol, CA, including shower and water heater repair, leak detection, and more, in addition to rooter service. Our local plumbing and drain cleaning specialists provide full-service plumbing maintenance for any plumbing emergency. Our local plumbing company offers residential homeowners with expert drain cleaning services. Blockages in your plumbing might cause costly issues later on that could harm your home and your system. To ensure that your plumbing system is clear of all clogs and slow drains, the team of experienced plumbers at John Owens Services can diagnose and resolve any clogged drain issue in Marin and Sonoma County!

Rootering and cleaning drains can be complicated procedures. Although you may clear a clogged drain independently, thorough and accurate cleaning requires specialized tools and knowledge to ensure the issue does not reappear in your system. Contact the experts at John Owens by phone or using our online form if you want to get in touch with rooter pros you can rely on to complete every drain cleaning and plumbing repair project flawlessly. For 38 years, we have been a plumbing company that has provided Sebastopol and the surrounding area in Marin and Sonoma County with excellent rooter and plumbing service.

Signs of tree root invasion can include slow draining in the bathroom or kitchen. Roots can result in sewage backup and the need for plumbing repair or a plumbing replacement, so it is important to immediately have the best plumbers in your surrounding area on the job. Repair and replacement services are vital in rooting since roots often come in through holes made in the pipes. John Owens is the best option in Sebastopol, CA, and the surrounding locations for customers looking to request plumbers with trustworthy service and expert plumbing knowledge.

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Our Professional Drain Cleaning Services

When it comes to clogged drains, there are many different options to tackle these plumbing issues and save your main drain or main sewer line from the dangers of tree roots. But a professional rooter business will most likely be your best bet. John Owens can offer a wide range of emergency services to homeowners, from unclogging drains to repairing sewers and providing a new plumbing pipe installation. When you contact us for help, a skilled customer care agent will respond to your call right away and send one of our highly skilled plumbers in Sebastopol, CA, to your house to evaluate the issue and offer the best rooter work. In order to keep your pipes clear of debris like roots, grease, food waste, hair, and more, we can provide a variety of solutions and equipment to clear and clean them.

Our rooter service includes the following:

Hydro jetting

The greatest method to ensure long-lasting cleaning and clearing of drains is hydro jetting. This procedure entails cleaning your pipes thoroughly so that there won’t be any blockages for a full year. A plumber will place a flexible cable down into the pipe to blast a powerful stream of water through, clearing away any clog altogether. In addition to a hydrojetter mounted on the truck, our drain cleaning trucks also include smaller jetters. The certified plumbers at John Owens in the Sebastopol area can use any size hydrojetter to blast away any significant debris accumulation, no matter how big the issue, and restore your pipes to like-new condition.


One typical technique for drain cleaning is rootering. Our quality team of expert plumbers can locate and remove any root growth in your pipes that may be generating accumulation by using rooter equipment. Given that a root invasion could seriously harm your system and pipes, rooter service is really crucial. The presence of roots indicates that your pipes have openings where the roots are entering. Rainwater can enter the sewage system through these breaches in your pipes, which increases the risk of sewage treatment facilities overflowing into neighboring streams. If there is significant damage, the plumbers at John Owens can also help with sewer line repair and replacement.

Drain Snake

By breaking apart and extracting blockages that are obstructing the drain, a cable can be used to snake a drain. While buildup can be removed from a drain using this efficient procedure, your drain won’t be completely cleaned. Therefore, if you’re seeking a long-term remedy, this is not the recommended plumbing job. With a store-bought plumbing snake, you can occasionally complete this process on your own as well. However, you must be very careful to follow the particular instructions on how to handle the snake in the drain or risk injuring your pipes.


A plumber can use a flex-shaft sewer machine to clean and cleanse your sewer. It works by inserting a coil into the drain, which spins quickly to remove any obstructions and thoroughly clean the pipe and drain’s walls. If you’re searching for blocked drain cleaning that will enable you to have clear, functional plumbing, this is also an excellent option.

And More!

In Sebastopol, CA, and the surrounding area, we offer a comprehensive range of drain and rooter solutions, such as chemical drain solutions or pipe replacement and repair. Since roots can severely damage your pipes, repairs or a new installation may be required for your system. In addition, we make use of video inspection equipment, which enables us to pinpoint the problem precisely in the drain before using one of our various methods for drain clearing and cleaning in Sonoma County, Marin County, and Sebastopol, CA.

Why Rooter Plumbing Services Are Vital to Your Plumbing System

It’s crucial to have regular rooter and drain cleaning services to avoid harmful clogs that can be brought on by accumulations of soap scum, paper, food, hair, grease, and other materials. A professional plumber from a reputable plumbing service may perform hydro jetting every two to three years, which can be a fantastic method to make sure your drain system is kept in good condition and won’t need to be repaired frequently because of or lead to indoor water damage from sewage backups.

Regular drain issues may result in sewage line damage, which may cause damage to the driveway, house, or yard. Emergency plumbing services should not be postponed because of this. A licensed plumber should be called in right away to address any leaks or clogs to prevent them from becoming bigger problems. Repeated clogs indicate a serious plumbing problem that needs to be fixed with a service like hydro jetting or rootering provided by professionals in the business. Plumbing repairs may need to be made by a professional plumbing company if there is significant damage.

Do I Need Emergency Service For My Sebastopol Home's Pipes or Clogged Drain?

Does your clogged drain or sewer require cleaning? Unless the blockage is so bad that it is causing damage or is completely unusable, it can be difficult to decide when to call for plumbing assistance to fix the issue.

We provide the following advice to Sebastopol area homeowners:

Backlogs that never go away? This shouldn’t happen, and you still need professional help even if you can temporarily remove the obstruction each time. You might require a repair or a thorough cleaning to address the recurring obstruction problem.

  • If the problem persists after you try the easy repairs that usually work, call a plumber. For any plumbing emergency in your home, contact licensed experts.
  • If you are experiencing multiple obstructions that need to be cleared at once, it is certainly time to engage in professional rooter cleaning.
  • Trust your instincts. If you think your drains need cleaning, our firm will inspect them and assist you with any plumbing issues you may have. After all, you are the resident authority on your house!

Sebastopol, CA Plumbing does not clog itself!  With video inspection instruments and pipe tracing, specialists can identify obstructions and buildups. In addition to fixing the problem or getting to the root of it, our plumbing services will assist you in determining its origin so you may avoid costly repair bills, recurring clogs, and further cleaning. We will offer reasonable pricing for whichever service works best for you.

What Kind of Service Do I Need?

Our plumbing staff in Sebastopol is prepared to deal with any drain problems that may emerge.

  • Sewage blockages
  • Obstructions in a drain
  • A broken or collapsed sewage line
  • Invasion by tree roots or other issues that call for a rooter service
  • Slow-draining sinks, baths, toilets, and showers

Can I Avoid Frequent Cleaning?

Regular maintenance is the greatest approach to keep your Sebastopol plumbing system from needing to be saved frequently. Maintenance services provided by John Owens include:

Hair buildup Removal: Problematic situations can arise from hair that accumulates slowly. Our plumbers will fully inspect and diagnose your entire plumbing system in a single visit.

Grease buildup Removal: Add a tiny bit of waste building to your system each time you wash your pots and pans after cooking. You could make this buildup worse by utilizing your garbage disposal. Conventional cleansers are only able to remove part of this. Schedule a time with John Owens to have the accumulation removed using a high-powered hydro-jet, so they appear brand new.

Roto-Rooter: Is the chemical cleanser not effective? There may be roots developing in your sewers. The Sebastopol, California, plumbers at John Owens provide hydro jetting and other rooter services for residential roto rooters, which can prevent root intrusion and protect your sewers.


What Causes Blockages?

Grease Buildup: If food waste is disposed of in the home using a garbage disposal, the accumulation of food waste may worsen. Make an appointment for a John Owens Services specialist to hydro-jet your Sebastopol rooters, remove any obstructions, and thoroughly clean your system!

Roots: To reduce root invasions, John Owens offers skilled roto rooter service specialists. After rooter hydrojetting is completed, if the intrusion still results in leaks, the line might need to be fixed.

Hair Buildup: Hair accumulates in areas such as the shower and can lead to several blocked drains in your home. In only one visit, our plumbers will remove the hair clogging your shower, bathtub, and sink.

Paper Goods, Wipes and Feminine Products: Clogged drains can be caused by common objects that easily become lodged in bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. A lot of items falsely claim to be “flushable”. Wipes have the potential to result in significant sewage backups, which could lead to a plumbing catastrophe. It is best to dispose of feminine products rather than flush them.

Signs of Sebastopol plumbing Issues

  • Equipment in your kitchen or bathroom emits strange odors
  • The toilet begins to bubble
  • There is water seeping from the toilet’s base
  • Slow-moving bathroom or kitchen drains

What Are The Benefits Of Rooter Cleaning to my system?

  • It provides a long-term remedy for an emergency that cannot be fixed with chemicals and a plunger, as well as solves a reoccurring problem.
  • Gets rid of smells that shouldn’t be there.
  • By using video inspection, problems like leaks, cracks, and obstructions can be found before more expensive fixes like sink or toilet replacements are done. This enables us to quickly repair your plumbing or identify any possible replacements.

The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

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