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John Owens Services has actively located, cleaned, and repaired Sewers and Drains for over 30 years.

Drains and Sewers

Good working Drains and Sewers are an essential part of any Household Plumbing System. They are as important as the clean water we use to drink and bathe , or the hot water we often take for granted.

Slow running drains, or blocked drains are a real inconvenience. They have a habit of occurring just when guests arrive. Thanksgiving with its abundance of people and food is the busiest drain cleaning day of the year.

Don’t Replace Your Sewer

Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement is the mantra written on the side of our trucks. We much prefer to do maintenance or repair on your sewer or drain system before considering complete replacement. As a company,  we are not in the sewer replacement business. You would not consider replacing your car the first time you went to the shop with a problem. “ Hey! Mr. Jones your starter motor is broken. Sorry for the bad news, I can give you an estimate for a new car”. The same goes for drains and sewers. Maintenance or a localized repair can often solve the problem quickly and effectively. A sales oriented world has created an industry dedicated to replacing our sewers and drains at the first sign of trouble. It defies logic.

Video Sewer & Drain Inspections

Video Sewer and Drain Inspections are very popular. We love high tech equipment that makes finding and solving problems much easier. If a drain or sewer blocks there is always a cause. If it happens more than once it is time to inspect the problem with a sewer or drain video camera. Drain cameras give a complete digital recording of your system. They are used to identify any problems and the exact location and depth of those problems. We use the equipment as a tool to locate and solve a problem. If you are in the sewer replacement business you use the video camera to sell new sewers.

Sewer Replacement Contractors

Sanitary District Lists of Sewer Replacement Contractors. Sewer Lateral Video Inspections are often carried out by the contractors that replace sewers. They are not typically carried out by independent inspectors. A Home Inspector is usually a third party inspector. It would not be independent if he also owned the Construction company he recommends to do the repairs. Sewer Replacement Contractors often use a low “ loss leader price” to attract you to have them produce the video. They may offer to credit you back the video fee when they replace your sewer. We are a company that uses video technology to identify the problem and come up with a solution. Of course, when sewers and drains are 40 plus years old there are situations where we would recommend a sewer replacement. At which point we would refer you to your local sanitary district for a list of recommended replacement specialists. If you receive a quote that you don not trust or you want a Second Opinion. Give us a call. We would prefer to be your First Opinion but we are happy to be your Second Opinion. Call us today to perform a sewer video inspection at a realistic price for an honest opinion 415-450-6707.

Loss Leaders

Loss Leaders In Marin County where the median home price is over one million dollars and plumbers charge $150 an hour, and major rooter companies charge $197.50 an hour beware of the “loss leader specials”.

  1.   $39 or $49 or $89 Main Line Specials are loss leaders to get a highly trained sales person to your house to try and sell you something you don’t really need.
  2.   $100 Video Inspection – credited back when we replace your sewer! The contractor whose crystal ball has already predetermined the outcome of the video inspection.

Maintenance Services Offered

Rooter Service – if you have a sewer in your yard and you have trees. It is highly probable you will have root intrusion. Roots can be trimmed on a bi annual or annual basis with a heavy duty “ Rooter” drain cleaning machine

Hair Build Up – have a plumber clean out the hair build up in all the lavatory, bathtub, and shower drains in one visit. This is a lot less expensive than multiple emergency visits, or using up your valuable time to clear the problems

Grease Build Up – Grease and food waste builds up in kitchen drains over many years. The buildup is greater with a garbage disposal. Conventional drain cleaning machines or chemical drain cleaners only poke a hole through the grease or food. We have a portable hydro jet that scours out years of food build up. Restoring the drain pipe to shiny new condition.

Sewer Repair & Drain Repair

Modern technology allows us to video and locate drain and sewer problems. These problems can often be remedied by a localized spot repair. The problem could be one broken or offset sewer fitting, a corroded elbow on a kitchen sink drain. We are also licensed General Contractors carrying out home repairs. We can easily without requiring subcontractors repair walls, floors, or driveways that we cut open to carry out spot repairs.

( and only then ) Replacement

There will always be situations after a video inspection or continued drain problems that we will recommend replacements. Most Sanitary Districts offer loans or rebates towards sewer lateral replacements. If we get to this point we will steer you in the right direction towards an economic sewer replacement.

Testimonials – Our Clients Have Saved $1000’s!

“I was so impressed by the thorough quality of the service.”

“These guys fit our relatively small repair into their schedule when we were in a pinch. The service is amazing!”

“Over the past two years, we have used John Owens for 4 major projects on two homes.”


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Pricing, Offers, & Coupons (mention these offers/pricing)

1.   Price of video inspection $250 ( with accessible cleanout )

2.   Maintenance hydro jet cleaning of kitchen drain $540 – normally $600 on urgent visit ( with accessible clean out )

3.   Maintenance rooter service $300 – normally $397 on urgent visit ( accessible cleanout up to 100 foot drain )

4.   10% discount on any written quote when you have us as a Second Opinion for drain or sewer repairs


Call the plumbing experts today at (415) 450-6707 for prompt plumbing, sewer, and drain service at a fair price.


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