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Healdsburg Heat Pumps Services

Space heating heat pumps are the heating and air conditioning systems of the future in Healdsburg. Sonoma County will be seeing these units replacing traditional furnaces and air conditioning units in your HVAC system. Fossil fuels are fading, home heating and cooling systems are going electric as a result. To help push the adoption of this technology, California and the Federal government have been providing rebates and tax incentives for installation of these efficient heating and air conditioning systems. There are over $10,000 of rebates and incentives available to eligible households in 2023, for installation of a heat pump for space heating. Heat pumps are highly efficient in comparison to their natural gas competitors.   

Due to Healdsburg climates being not extreme, heat pumps are great HVAC units for heating and cooling your home. Heat pump units work most efficiently in temperatures above 40 degrees. Healdsburg on average has lows of about 40 degrees and stays above these temperatures all year round.  

When you need assistance with your heat pump heating and air conditioning system, John Owens Services, Inc. is the best HVAC company in Healdsburg for heat pump maintenance, repair, replacement, or installation. Do not hesitate, call us today for help with your heat pump in Sonoma County. 

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What is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are older technology than you would think, and in fact, similar devices are used in most air conditioners and refrigeration units. To put it simply, heat pumps are electrical devices that get heat from one place and transfer it to another. Heat pump systems can work in either heating or cooling mode to provide you complete climate control in your Healdsburg home! You will get just the right amount of hot and cold air you need all year long. 

A heat pump is a reversible air conditioner. In the summer it extracts heat from the house and dissipates it outdoors. In winter it takes heat from the outside air and distributes the heat inside the house. Heat pumps can function down to five degrees Fahrenheit. They have been popular for over forty years in many areas of the US.    

Get your heat pump and Healdsburg heat services questions answered, Call John Owens Services Inc today to have a professional come to your home and provide free estimates for upgrade opportunities. 

Healdsburg Heat Services

There are times where it is better to do a heat pump replacement than to try to repair an old or broken heat pump. If we think this is the best option for you, we will provide estimates for a heat pump replacement, giving you the pros and cons of both choices. If you do choose heat pump replacement, we will make sure you get an incredible new heat pump that you will be able to trust for years to come. John Owens Services Inc. will work with you to ensure your new heat pump suits all your heating and air conditioning needs. Once you have chosen your new heat pump, we will order it for you from one of our trusted local suppliers and install it.  

We proudly install brands like Mitsubishi, American Standard and Fujitsu. Do you have another brand of heat pump you are interested in? Ask our technician and we can investigate getting that specific unit for you. 

There are lots of rebates available for Heat pumps for space heating in 2023. We are experts in getting you the most money back for your new HVAC installation in Healdsburg. 

Heat Pump Installation in Healdsburg

John Owens Services Inc. will make sure your new heat pump in Healdsburg is installed exactly as the manufacturer intended. Our technician will test each part of your heat pump installation as we go and give a complete test of the entire system at the end. We will not leave until we are sure that your heat pump is working perfectly and heating your home with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Once your unit is functioning, we will show you how to use your new system and the best practices for keeping this system running for many years. Including scheduling regular maintenance.  

Healdsburg Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

John Owens Services, Inc. is the local HVAC company you can trust for the best heat pump maintenance or repair in Healdsburg. Annual maintenance on your heat pump heating and air conditioning system are vital for the long-term health of the unit. Eventually, your heat pump may need repairs in addition to the routine maintenance that we provide.  

Your heat pump repair starts the moment you call our office. We will document the issues with your system and send a trained technician to your home. Upon arrival, your heat pump technician will begin diagnosing your heating and cooling system. They will test each part of the heat pump until they determine the cause of your issue. Our technicians typically can perform most repairs on the same visit with fully stocked trucks! 

Please call us with any questions about your heat pump! John Owens Services Inc would love to help you understand your heating and air conditioning system better and get it working the way you need it to so you can stay warm. 

No matter what type of Healdsburg heat services you need, the heating professionals at John Owens Services, Inc have your Sonoma County home covered. We take pride in making sure you can stay comfortable all year round. 

The John Owens Way

Our philosophy is simple, we always want to maintain equipment to give it the longest life possible. Next, we want to focus on repairing when something goes wrong. Then only as the last choice, we replace equipment when needed. That’s the John Owens Way.

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Regular maintenance keeps your home’s systems running well all year long. We’ll help you gain efficiency and save money.



When something breaks down, our team will get to you fast. We’ll find the problem and fix it to get you back to normal.



When it’s time to replace something in your home, we’ll help you get a top quality product that matches your specific needs.
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