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San Anselmo ductless systemsJohn Owens is proud to offer superior service at a reasonable price! For over 20 years, John Owens has been helping the residents and businesses of San Anselmo, with all of their ductless systems repairs, servicing, and installations! John Owens offers is the number one rated San Anselmo ductless systems servicing company! But you don’t just get to be the best San Anselmo ductless systems company for nothing! It takes experience, knowledge, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service! See why John’s customers love him so much!

With over 20 years experience servicing and installing ductless systems, John Owens knows a thing or two about them. With John Owens, you can rest assured the job will be completed correctly the first time! Each team member at John Owens has undergone extensive training and education programs. In addition, all technicians are thoroughly screened, and licensed and insured. This way, you know you are truly getting the best San Anselmo ductless systems service!

Why Go Ductless

There are several reasons why ductless systems are great. Households that stand to gain the most out of going ductless include: green homes, and older homes that are being retrofitted. Here are some reasons why ductless systems are a good choice:

No Ducts – Since a ductless system is exactly what it sounds like, there are no ducts. No ducts to clean or maintain! This can help reduce the amount of annual maintenance!

Non – Invasive – Again since, there are no ducts, Ductless systems are less invasive to install!

Affordable to Operate – Ductless systems can more more affordable to operate, than traditional systems, because since each room is equipped with it’s own unit, you can pick and choose which rooms of the house you want to maintain the temperature of. You no longer have to waste energy maintaining the temperature of rooms that are not occupied.

Improved Air Quality – Ductless systems can help improve the air quality of your home. For starters, since there are no ducts, there is less space for dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and other debris to collect. This is a huge downfall of ductwork, they tend to collect allergens over time and continually circulate air through the allergen laden ductwork.

Ductless systems work on heat pump technology. An indoor unit is either mounted to the wall, ceiling, or floor. This unit is then connected with refrigerant tubing to an outdoor condensing unit.ductless systems Because of the refrigerant gas used with ductless systems, it is important to make sure that only a qualified professional services, repairs, or installs the system. The EPA has deemed refrigerant gas to be a hazard to the environment, so  proper training is required to safely and effectively handle and dispose of refrigerant gas. John Owens Service has be EPA refrigerant gas certified since 1994, and has maintained a zero violation record for over 20 years! With John Owens you are in good hands! Yet another reason why John Owens is the best and more trusted San Anselmo ductless systems servicing company! Contact John Owens today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.


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