Rinnai Warranty and Repair

Rinnai authorized products

Rinnai water heaters come standard with a 12-year heat exchanger warranty, and a 5-year parts and labor warranty.

If the parts and labor are covered by Rinnai, there are no trip charges, or charges of any kind.

If labor charges do apply, the fee is $125 to diagnose the problem. However, there is no diagnostic fee on exchanger replacement if it is a standard truck stock exchanger.

We carry all of the popular water heater replacement parts and heat exchanger replacement parts on our trucks.

Repair charge examples:

  • Exterior water heater exchanger (part from Rinnai) $300
  • Interior water heater exchanger (part from Rinnai) $350
  • Non-warranty exterior exchanger (part from Owens) $567
  • Non-warranty interior exchanger (part from Owens) $617
  • Gas valve replacement (truck stock) $188
  • Acid flush water heater, replace flame rod & igniter $150

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