An excellent experience replacing the A/C unit and furnace at my rental property. The company I’ve used for twenty years that installed the old equipment and maintained it annually gave me a bid that was very high. I did some research, asked around and John Owen came highly recommended – now I understand why. Everyone in his office was friendly, helpful and super-understanding about coordinating the work with the tenants. They handled everything including the scheduling of the systems test and permit inspections. I have learned that going with the long-established, Marin family dynasty companies can mean hyper-inflated pricing, at least in my case it almost did. Instead, John Owen installed the same exact equipment that the other company proposed at a price that was SIGNIFICANTLY (bold and underlined) better. Heating and cooling equipment that’s not working is a real hassle, but I strongly urge you not to panic and go with the first bid you get from a big name company, and at very least get a second opinion from John Owen. I am walking away from two pre-paid annual maintenance plans with the other guys, from now on John Owen Services is the only HVAC company I’ll work with. Great people, great communication, great workmanship, great pricing.


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