I knew I had a bit of an unusual water heater problem in an old old house I use for my office, so when I talked to John Owens Services folks on the phone, I had some trepidations. The two or three different dispatch people who answered the phone were calm and pretty knowledgeable. When they didn’t know, they would confer with someone in their office and get an answer. Their computerized dispatch system sent a text to me 10 minutes before his arrival and had a picture of the technician, which I thought was a reassuring and friendly touch. Thus when technician Randy arrived, I knew him on sight. I was amazed at how this small detail got the interaction off to a good start. I knew beforehand that the part needed would likely be a special order with an unknown delay. Randy said he could try a workaround that might work if I was willing. He was very clear about costs, gave a quote and answered a couple of questions I had. The workaround worked, and the house was immediately back in business with hot water! It cost exactly what he said, and he was done ahead of time. Well done, Randy! You are a valuable asset to your company. We definitely will be calling the John Owens Gang for future projects (radiant or solar heating?) at our home, as well.


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