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John Owens Services has been providing radiant heating services since 1986. John has 40 years experience repairing and installing boilers, radiant floors, panel radiators, and all things hydronic. John Owens Services are the radiant heating problem solvers. We solve problems where others have failed, or have not diagnosed the problem correctly.  Call today for great, reliable, and fast service.  (707) 456-7909

We are a small efficient family run business providing exceptional services at fair prices.  We have repaired, maintained, and installed  radiant heating, boilers, and water heaters in Marin County since 1986, and know bringing these same services to Sonoma County.

We believe in solving your water heater and radiant heat problems on the first visit.  Call today: 707-456-7909

Our  Sonoma County service technicians drive trucks fully stocked with the most important parts.  You have probably already noticed our red and yellow trucks on the roads in PetalumaSanta RosaPenngroveRohnert Park, and other areas of Sonoma County.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating systems in the San Francisco Bay Area were first installed in Eichler homes. Radiant floors using water filled piping within the concrete slab were ideal for the open plan, non visible, modern look of Eichler homes. These were the early pioneering days of radiant floor heating. John Owens Services maintains and repairs radiant floors in Eichler homes in San Rafael. In the late 1980’s there was a rebirth of radiant floor heating. Radiant floors became popular in the open plan, or larger custom homes built in many parts of Marin County. Since the 1980’s the materials, boilers, manifolds, and tubing have been refined. Today’s radiant floor heating systems are well made, accurately engineered, and very reliable. Radiant floor heating is now common in custom homes, condominiums, apartments, small homes, second units, office buildings, universities, and commercial factories.

repairing and installing boilers, radiant floors, panel radiators, and all things hydronic.

There is even radiant heating in the floor of the elephant house at San Francisco zoo.

Panel Radiators and Baseboard Heat

When it is not practical to retrofit a home with radiant floor heating another option is to install panel radiators (the most common room heaters in Europe), or hydronic baseboards. Both are great alternatives to radiant floor heating. Both types of heat are hydronic (they use liquid filled pipes to circulate the heat) and can often be retrofitted with no changes or damage to the home. Each room or panel radiator can be controlled (zoned heating) individually if desired.

Boilers – The Effective Heat Source For Radiant Heating

The most efficient and effective way to heat radiant or hydronic heating is by using a high efficiency boiler. Gas boilers now achieve 96% efficiency. Therefore only 4% of the gas is wasted during the heating process. Most of the old boilers are running at 50% efficiency with 50% of the valuable energy being wasted going up the exhaust. Radiant heat can be fueled by electricity, gas, solar, or by a hybrid of different fuel sources.

Annual Maintenance of Radiant, Boilers, and Hydronic Heat

Owning a boiler is like owning a car. It requires regularly scheduled maintenance to keep the boiler running safely and efficiently. Radiant heat and especially boilers require annual maintenance due to their being liquid filled, pressurized systems that have multiple components working in unison. Along with the fuel savings high efficiency boilers afford comes the need for combustion analysis. On an annual basis we connect high efficiency boilers to a fuel gas combustion analyzer (portable smog machine). Failure to check or tune the combustion of high efficiency boilers can result in expensive breakdowns, extra cost of stripping the unit to clean it, and under certain circumstances boiler failure. All boiler manufacturers recommend regular service in their installation instructions.

Maintenance, repair, replacement of radiant heat, hydronic heat, and boilers are the corner stone of John Owens Services. We have performed annual boiler maintenance for a core group of customers for over 20 years. We carry the best inventory of radiant floor heating parts of any Bay Area Company.

We repair and replace all popular brands of boilers including:


  • Triangle Tube
  • HTP
  • Munchkin
  • Burnham
  • Teledyne Laars
  • Lochinvar
  • Peerless
  • Crown
  • A.O. Smith

Call the experts today at 707-456-7909 for prompt boiler, radiant, and hydronic service at a fair price.

John Owens Services Sonoma County

Call the experts today at 707-456-7909 for prompt boiler, radiant, and hydronic service at a fair price.

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Located in Marin County, John Owens Services, Inc. has 30 years experience in licensed repair and replacement of boilers, radiant heating, HVAC, electrical, furnaces, plumbing, and is an authorized service provider of Rinnai products.





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