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John Owens has been providing the best Novato forced air furnace systems repair for over two decades! With over 20 years experience under his belt, John Owens has seen it all when it comes to forced air furnace systems repair and installation. Which is one of the reasons why the residents and businesses of Novato, trust John Owens for their forced air furnace systems repair and installations! See what John’s happy customers have to say!

Signs Your Forced Air Furnace Systems Need Attention

Nobody wants to be caught off guard with their furnace giving out, especially during the months where you use it the most! Fortunately there

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are some signs to be on the look out for. It is always best to be proactive when it comes to repairs for you furnace. Putting off repairs could lead to more extensive damage, more expensive repairs, higher operating costs, and compromise safety conditions. Here are some warning signs to look out for:


  • Age. The older your furnace is the closer you are to it needing repairs or to be replaced. Being proactive about repairs will help you furnace last longer.


  • Over cycling. If you hear your furnace constantly kicking on and off, then it is over cycling. This is a desperate cry for help from your furnace. There are a number of reasons this could be happening. It could be a clogged filter, or even an issue with the thermostat, regardless this is an issue best left to the professionals.


  • It blows cool air. This is an obvious sign your furnace system needs help. There are a number of causes, so you should have a professional thoroughly inspect the unit.


  • An unexpected hike in your utility bill. This is a tell tale sign that something is very wrong with your furnace and should be inspected by a professional.


  • Your furnace makes loud noises. Loud noises are never good, especially when it comes to your furnace. Don’t ignore the issue, have a professional inspect your furnace.


  • Water pooling. If you notice water pooling there could be a clogged condensate line.


  • You smell gas. Anytime you smell gas you should always call a professional. A gas leak can be a detrimental situation that can lead to sickness or even death. This isn’t an area to mess around with. Call a professional right away!


Maintenance Can Help Your Furnace Run Better, Longer, and More Efficiently

When it comes to forced air furnace the best way to keep it running in tip top shape, is to have regular maintenance performed by a professional. Forced air furnace systems should be serviced at least once a year. Like most mechanical systems, over time it will naturally see some wear and tear. This is why routine maintenance is so important. A professional technician will inspect your unit for any breakdowns or inefficiencies. Parts should be inspected, cleaned, lubricated, and replaced if needed. The thermostat will be checked to insure it is working properly. In addition, the service technician will make sure there are no safety concerns, like gas leaks.

Regular maintenance is good for your forced air furnace system because it allows it to run like a suped up machine, free from obstructions and worn out tired parts. This makes it run more efficiently, and more effectively. In addition, the better maintained it is, the less wear and tear and the longer it will last. Just like your car; if you stay up to date on all of your oil changes, you car will last longer vs. if you neglect your cars oil, the engine will seize up.


In the Market for a New Forced Air Furnace System?

The technicians at John Owens Services are well trained and have the knowledge and experience to complete any repair or installation job. Their brand of choice for forced air furnace systems is Trane, but they are also authorized dealers of Day and Night, Rinnai, Payne, Bryant, and Bosch.  When you hire John Owens, know that you are getting the best! One thing that set them apart is their Trucks are like rolling hardware stores, fully stocked with spare parts and tools! This enables them to not only get the job done right the first time, but also saves time!  John Owens takes a lot of pride in offering his customers superior customer service and quality work. In addition, John Owens also offers a 5 years parts and labor warranty in addition to the factory warranty. If you are looking for the best Novato forced air furnace systems repair and installation company contact John Owens today to learn more about your options!


Installing a new forced air furnace system can be a costly event. There are several options out there that can help make the purchase of a new forced air furnace system more affordable. John Owens works with Pace, a government sponsored program that enables homeowners to finance energy efficient upgrade to their home. This up to 20 years long term financing paid through your property tax bill requires only 3% equity in your home to qualify, it gives a tax break, low monthly payments, and energy savings ( not based on credit scores ).

Other conventional financing programs are available.

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