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Homes of all different shapes and sizes depend on furnaces to keep them warm throughout winter. Furnaces are one of the oldest types of heating technology, using the age-old principle of burning a fuel source to produce heat that is then forced around your home using a blower fan and air duct system. While most furnaces are extremely reliable, there will come a time where your unit will need repaired due to an unforeseen or routine issue. When that time comes for your home, make sure your problem is handled by the experts at John Owens Services.

Here at John Owens Services, we hold ourselves to a higher standard because we believe in standing out from the rest. When your furnace needs a repair, we come to you in a truck packed with modern tools and materials so we can handle most routine jobs on the spot. When your furnace gives out, we know you want a fast and reliable solution, so we come ready to handle just about anything. In fact, in many cases we can even come to you that very same day so your furnace is down for as little time as possible. We’re friendly and knowledgeable in our trade, and give you the confidence of knowing your home is in good hands. We’re honest, transparent, and respectful, keeping our work area clean and helping you to understand what’s going on every step of the way. To put it simply, nobody treats you like the team at John Owens Services does, and we never settle until you’re completely satisfied.

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We’ve Never Seen a Problem We Can’t Fix

Furnace technology may be able to trace its roots back to the oldest and most ancient of indoor heating systems, but the truth is that your modern furnace is a cutting-edge and complex modern appliance. There are plenty of ways your furnace could break down, and figuring out exactly what happened can be difficult if you don’t have training or experience. At John Owens Services, experienced furnace repairs are what we specialize in, and we make sure to find the source of your problem in order to provide you with a repair that lasts.

Our crew is equipped to help with all types of furnace issues, including:

  • Broken heating elements
  • Faulty gas connections
  • Electrical problems
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Strange sounds or smells
  • Thermostat problems
  • No warm air

We offer repair services for all types of furnaces, including both new, modern units and older models that may be approaching the end of their life. We also have the tools and components to handle most basic repairs with all makes and models, so you can come to us for all types of furnace repair services, regardless of what system you have.

Furnace Maintenance Services

While it’s helpful to have a team you can rely on for repairs, we understand that you’d rather not have to call for repairs at all. At John Owens Services, we offer high-quality, professional furnace maintenance services that help you avoid the hassle of an unwanted breakdown. A well-maintained furnace is a reliable furnace, and we make sure every part of your system is functioning properly so you can have dependable and consistent heating all season long. You’ll also extend the longevity of your heater and give yourself several extra years of life from your system, further maximizing your investment in your home comfort!

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